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Poem by Algirdas Zolynas


I touch your belly half asleep. It is still there. I dream: A railroad track on a green field, workmen dismantling it, tie by tie, loading the long rusted iron onto trucks. it is hot, the men sweat. Suddenly, grass pushes up through the gravel, fast, like a speeded-up movie. The workmen grow smaller, their clothes slip off their bodies and fall like shadows at their feet. The sun turns green. The naked children join hands and run in a circle, grass up to their hips. They break the circle and begin to leapfrog, one over the other, one over the other. Where they have been, the grass waves and closes.

From: Serena and Darien... together? No WAY!
By: Mako-chan
Part: eight

He sighed, "Aw, Meatball Head!" he said, pointing to the sign, "It's rated 
'R', and they'll never let you in... not wearing a Crossroads Junior High 
uniform, any way!" he laughed.
	Catherine scowled, she had forgotten about her clothes... unless, "Well, just 
so you know, Joseph, when I wear other clothes people mistake me for 
eighteen year old!"
	"So what?" he chuckled, "it's not like you have a change of clothes with 
you, Meatball Head."
	Catherine grinned superiorly, "As a matter of fact, Joseph, I DO have a 
change of clothes. I'll go into the ladies room and you buy the tickets. I'm 
SURE they'll let me in wearing something else!"
	Joseph rolled his eyes, "And WHERE are these spare clothes, Catherine? In your 
purse?" he grunted, gesturing to the tiny handbag she was carrying around, 
"What did you do, fold it REALLY, REALLY tiny?" he asked.
	Catherine was about to say something VERY stupid, but she cut herself short and said, 
"as a matter of fact, YES, I DID fold it into little squares. I'll be right out." 
She handed him a twenty and he rolled his eyes. 
Catherine was being really dumb about this whole 
thing, wouldn't she rather see something like Mystery Men?
	He sighed and stood in line, waiting to pay for the two tickets. He 
would've protested farther, but the fact was he was afraid. If he said 
anything else, maybe Catherine wouldn't like him as much, and he'd hate to lose 
his Meatball Head, not just now when he'd found her.

Catherine scowled as she looked in the mirror. She looked about two years younger than she was in the dumb uniform, and she'd always hated having to wear them. (Although it DID save her time in the morning, she at least didn't have to pick out her clothes!) "Well this look's going to change, and in a hurry!" she grumbled. Checking all the stalls around her, and making sure that the door was firmly locked, she concentrated, willing herself to age into... a snappy eighteen year old!" Catherine felt the last of the transformation (for once a FAIRLY quick one) and she checked herself out in the mirror. She still had her normal hairstyle, just a bit longer and slightly messed up by the aging, only her body now strained against her tank top and obscenely tight shorts that showed off her long legs. Her toes had grown way past the front of her sandals. Catherine looked up ... She was noticeably taller! She was aroused, yet she HOPED no one would notice. Especially Joseph, she didn't need him asking why she suddenly grew four inches. Later, she had some ideas to make him notice in a way he would never ever forget. Her clothes had been fairly modest, but NO ONE would mistake her for a Junior High School girl now. She walked coolly out to where Joseph was waiting for her. When he saw her, he dropped his popcorn. Needless to say, Catherine was MORE than thrilled about his reaction. "Wh, What?" he croaked. Catherine rolled her eyes, "Never seen a grown-up girl before? We should go," she growled. Joseph managed a nod and they walked through the turn style where the ticket taker was collecting tickets. Catherine looked up as they were strolling to the theater to see Joseph giving her funny looks. Catherine THEN noticed that she was way past his shoulder now. She smiled weakly, "I'm wearing platforms?" she said, her nipples painfully hard. Joseph seemed satisfied with the excuse, but he still looked at her funny. Catherine just smiled softly at him and tried to ignore the stare during the movie.

The age-shifter boy sat as Carole tickled the cloth at his groin, and marveled at the pressure of his youthful vigor against the straining garment... She stroked the swelling bulge of his genitals very gently, and smiled up at the boy's face. "Are you getting too excited little one?" she asked sarcastically, as her fingers tickled the boy's erection growing inside his pants. "Yes! I can feel you Robert,.. You are such a naughty boy?" She ignored the sound of his shoes bursting apart and the back of his shirt tearing as his shoulders widened.
The pants ripped open to reveal the straight shaft of his expanding cock raising a huge tent against the stretchable fabric of his underpants. A moment later these exploded too, and his erection slammed against his now teenaged belly.
The front of his pants had been completely destroyed, revealing all of his private parts. The women stared at his still hairless young body, before transferring him struggling onto the adjustable steel framework secured to the floor of the testing room. It was designed to move rapidly with his aging body so the sliders and bars wouldn't bend or break off.

Paula found the mixture of shyness and excitement intoxicating. She could see the age-shifter boy's beginning erection outlined by the straining fabric of his shorts. Paula bet it would take little effort to get that erection out into the open where it belonged. She licked her lip and undid the top button of her shirt.
But... was he an inch or so taller? She pretended not to notice.
The boy shifted in his seat, almost thrusting his hips forward. The fabric of his shorts was now so strained it really did look as if it would rip, despite his efforts to delay the process. The pressure of the boy's erection had bunched the shorts up to the very top of his thighs - they glowed a lustrous soft pink against the rich leather of the seat.
She saw that the boy was flushing deeply - he desperately tried to pull his shorts down to hide his growing penis - but to no avail.
This was cheating off course. She could tell he had already become a year or two older.
Continuing to look directly at Paula, the boy allowed his penis to swell against the clasp button and the zipper of the shorts. Getting boy shorts to burst by the power of an erection alone was not easy, no matter how hard the member, but the first rips soon appeared at the sides.
Paula was pleased to see the boy continued to look steadily at her as his shorts were finally destroyed by his erection, torn fabric tumbling around his feet. Now he looked to be about 13. The exposed hair left no doubt.
Then he stepped closer, still growing taller. The boy bent down with his eyes aimed up at Paula's face.
- (PE group)

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