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Lemonade Punch#2: Hinako's Lesson started 12/20/95

Dorothy was about to put away her crayons when she began to grow. Her chest blossomed and expanded, nearly bursting out of the front of her tiny dress. Dorothy grew taller and her legs filled out as her bottom rounded. Her curves became much more evident as the child's dress tried, and failed, to contain them... it gave way, stretching over what it could and retreating over what it could not possibly cover.
"What!?!", she said aloud.

Dorothy made sure her long brown hair was secure up and checked herself in the mirror. She dropped her towel and slid into the soapy, hot water contemplating the phenomena that had just reoccurred a few moments ago. She had been thinking about her earlier encounter that day when, without warning or reason, she aged into an adult. After racking her brains trying to figure out why such a thing would happen she decided to relax with a hot bath and figure it out later. As she let the warmth sweep over her she thought about her age changing ability. She was sometimes aroused when she transformed so she really didn't think about how it felt but now that it happened while she was alone, she could reflect on it. The process of going through puberty in less than a minute felt weird, of course, but it felt really good too. Growing so fast felt like the stretch everyone does in the morning, only better. The haze in her mind cleared, she grew physically more powerful and thus felt more confident, and her senses amplified. The sudden burst of hormones especially amplified her sexuality, which was one of the reasons for her clothes bursting experiments. Her normal outfit made from the stretchiest materials available was both practical and sensual for her. It provided enough modesty in both forms, but had a bonus while she transformed. She could never wear a bra. It would never fit at both times so her nipples pushed out against the material as she grew. This stiffening sometimes caused them to grow right through the front fabric. Like with condoms, bursting was sometimes inevitable. She wore small cotton panties when she aged herself. It would be easy to find stretchy panties but she enjoyed feeling the cloth bunch squeeze between her ass cheeks while the front stretched tightly across her front, cupping it. Best of all was the explosive ripping that sometimes rewarded her exertions.

Nipples harden,
Dress gets tighter,
Body changing,
Stretching, growing,
New hair, new curves,
Acne showing.
Clothing straining,
Fabric tearing,
New breasts break free.
Changed view,
Older girl
Half nude now,
Thoughts awhirl;
Adult emerging,
Super tall.
A mother's tears,
A father's fears,
Changes fought,
Sadness, madness,
Smiles wide.
Full of love,
Full of pride;
We accept,
Next step.

fan characters
Chakona Space
- (furry) c2003 web story setting.
- Shadowcrest is only 12 or 13 when she is "processed". Restored from her wounds, she now looks like a 20 y.o. animal.
- Leanna and most other artificially-grown slaves wind up suffering accelerated age.