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"What! A little girl?" Gary gasped.
"I'm not always a little girl," she said slowly.
Leroy and Zack watched in awe as the girl's spunky appearance changed. She grew taller and older before their eyes.
The brown hair became darker. There were cracking sounds from her shoes. The small girl was bigger now. She seemed about 12. She was still dressed in her kid clothes, now straining against her enlarged body, the seams groaning against the substantial pressure. The outlines of beginning breasts pushed hard against the front of her shirt.
She spoke in a deeper voice now. "Wanna do me?"
"WHAAAAAAT???" the boys cried out in unison. "NOOOOO!!!"
"Then watch this." She began to grow again.

An old fairy tale story about a girl who wanted to be older, granted her wish by a ball of magical twine. one pull, and the year would pass. another pull, a decade would pass. Filled with excitement, she tugged and tugged until she was suddenly old.

She was a pretty blonde freshman whose leotard had apparently been lying around long enough to become several sizes too small for her.
With a huge and sudden tearing sound, the leotard split all the way up the back from the crotch. The leotard was sleeveless, and had, instead, shoulder straps, so that the weight of the garment itself pulled the thin straps off of her shoulders, and left her standing with a basically useless leotard down around her knees.
It took her a quarter of a minute to pull the stocking portion over her thighs and to try to slip the straps back over her shoulders.
In her understandable eagerness for concealment, she broke the left strap and was only able to replace the right. The now much looser leotard, which covered nothing anyway, slipped silently once more to the floor, bunching now around her ankles. The stocking portion barely even existed by this time.

Running Antelope heard a simple pop.  He saw the top button of his pants fly into the wind.

"Oh, great!" he exclaimed.

"Those pants have had it!" said Red Dawn, laughing hard. She pointed to Running Antelope's pants. They were skin-tight and way above his ankles.

"You look like you are ready for the spring floods!" she teased. "What about you?" Running Antelope teased back. He grinned and pointed to Red Dawn's dress. She had worn it all winter. The buttons were about to pop off it, as well.

Red Dawn sucked in her stomach and rolled her eyes.
"Well, we have outgrown our winter clothes. They are getting tight," she replied.

"And hot!" added Running Antelope.

"we have to have bigger clothes to wear," said
Red Dawn, tugging at the hem of her frayed dress.

Q: Can i wish to be older (P.S I'm 9 and i wanna be 13 and i have a gmail and a twitter and a facebook account).
A: Yes, but it may take a few years for the wish

I'm reading a book on energy drinks, and it talks about the pharmaceutical effects, and one bit seemed relevant to writing AR stories.
It turns out that children and young teens metabolize caffeine at a considerably slower rate than adults, which means the effects take longer to start, but also last much longer. Combined with a sugar rush, this explains why a single dark chocolate bar can keep a kid lively all day. Plus children's small size means they need less caffeine to get a buzz. Thus, it is a really bad idea to give a child a large energy drink, or let them have multiple energy drinks, as it's too easy for them to get a caffeine overdose.
So, an ARed person might find themselves trying to consume coffee (or an energy drink) and find themselves much more wired than they had anticipated. Plus, children's taste buds are much more sensitive to the bitterness of coffee. Even dark chocolate is suddenly way more exciting than usual. Meanwhile, an APed child might find themselves disappointed when a candy bar doesn't give the same energy it used to - (SKJAM)

Stranger in a Strange Land
- (mental control) ...good book, but warped, very warped universe... too much "magic" for science fiction.
That's a general problem with Heinlein. Although most of the time it's a different kind of magical thinking.
Meh. I can understand aliens being able to teleport as unexplained science.
The morphing of regular humans (ie practically modern) into creatures able to control things (age, telepathy, etc) with willpower alone was a bit too much.

The child took a step closer. As she moved with perfect poise, her expression never changed. Each step taken was languid, methodical, and with each step, the child's clothing strained more and more until the fabric tore from her lengthening body as her hips evolved to form a curvaceous slant that tapered into long, slender legs. Mounds of fleshy orbs swelled unstoppably through the disintegrating ruins of her tearing clothes where her chest was once the flattened signature of prepubescent childhood. Taller and taller she grew, until a 17 year old young woman stopped before me, now clad only in her magnificent nakedness.

Pajamas and sneakers, indeed! The kid is growing like mad. We think she actually had a growth spurt last week (which I somehow thought ended in babyhood, but it turns out no.) She slept for what seems like days, felt a little warm, ate little, and then her toes burst through the tops of her sneakers and all of her jammies started riding up over her bellybutton. I'm not even exaggerating.

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