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A preteen girl walked up to them. Jean had managed to grow herself up to age ten, but no further.
"It might be some time before I can do that again", the girl groaned. "Age changing is a difficult skill to learn." She closed her eyes and tried to stretch herself. For a moment she did enlarge noticeably, her arms sliding out of her sleeves, the top front of her shirt beginning to curve in a way that caused twitches in the boys' pants, but then she shrank back.
A teenaged Calhoun walked up. "God I feel like a cow with these boobs.", Melanie groaned as she looked at her inflated chest again. The few shreds of fabric still covering these orbs only made their sight more arousing. She had aged herself into a buxom adult... by her own decision this was going to be permanent.
"I love you Cheri.", Fred said as he kissed her bare shoulders where they had broken through her shirt as they had widened.
Melanie nodded, "Compared to twenty minutes ago, I look like a stripper. How are my friends supposed to treat me when I have changed so fast? They won't be able to take me seriously for a while."
Fred reached around and cupped her from behind, "I sure take this body seriously."

Jean frowned as she looked around her room for an outfit. All of her old ones were fitted for the tall, rather buxom adult she'd been...not for the preteen she now found herself as.
She fell to her knees sobbing. This was just another twist of the knife it seemed....for her to lose everything and become a child again. Now she was a kid and her marriage to Scott seemed doomed.
"Seems you need to fill out your swimsuits better", Michelle said.
Before Jean could say anything she felt herself growing taller, her breasts swelling, her hips widening back to their generously curved childbearing shape, her body maturing a decade in moments. Her clothes strained mightily and then began to tear all over with loud pops and ripping sounds, as buttons clattered on the floor. She grunted with a sound that turned into an almost orgasmic shriek as the seams of her sleeves exploded over her lengthening arms.
She looked down at her restored limbs, and the joy she felt was so strong.
Scott ran into the room.
"Jean what is...", Anthony started to say until he saw the now naked woman restored to her true age. There were seconds of pregnant silence. "I need to shave my legs," she sighed.

Francine watched in horror as the cat completely melted into her. The six year old cringed as she felt herself starting to change. A long black feline tail grew out of her rear, and black fur started growing on her arms and legs, as her feet reshaped into foot-paws, and her hands into hand-paws, both with retractable claws. However, her hand-paws retained her opposable thumbs, so her hands were still somewhat usable.

She was in shock now, and could only stare at her enlarging appendages. Suddenly, she yowled in pain, a very feline yowl, as her teeth started to reshape, becoming sharper feline ones, and whiskers sprouted from her face, as her nose reshaped slightly. A burning pain in her eyes caused her to close them, and when she opened them again, she had slit-pupil feline-like eyes. She panicked for a moment, as her ears melted, and she was temporarily deaf until her new black-furred, pointed ears poked through her hair.

Her metamorphosis was not complete, however, as she started to grow, rapidly aging from a child to a teenager. She moaned softly as she grew, her moan taking on a sultry purr to it. Her womanly curves developed, and overdeveloped, as they went to extremes.

She found she was able to move again. She looked herself over and collapsed on the ground, burying her face in her hands, crying softly. Drew approached her slowly and sat down next to her, hugging her gently, and she found herself starting to breathe regularly. Drew blinked at that, then sighed, She looked up at him with tear-filled eyes. Drew nodded gently, and hugged her softly. She purred again, and slowly drifted off to sleep, the stress of her transformation having tired her out.

Drew made her bed for her, and gently set her down in it, "Sleep well..."

Empowerment..or Enslavement?
-Chapter One-

She blinked and her eyes opened...BRIGHT! Her arm raised to shield her eyes as they narrowed.. only to widen at the length of her mostly bare arms.
She blinked..something was WRONG! Her sleeves had torn all along their length and they were much too short.
The light still bothered her, despite her eyes having adjusted to the brightness...odd... She scowled softly.. She had this urge to be covered in darkness..Why must she be cast in such light? The urge still there but the sight and feels of her body..
She appeared to be roughly 12 years of age.. Newly budding breasts had torn holes in the front of her straining shirt, that now rose well over a slim waist.
-How could this be?- When she..fell asleep..She had the body and mind of a 6 year old...-OMG!- had she been in a coma for 6 years?! ...-No..- ...Something told her..she had only been asleep for a very short while..She sat there..attempting to make sense of everything - What Happened?!- She tried desperately to gather her memories...
"W..Whaa"..She jumped at her own voice..Why was it so high pitched? Well, at least one good sign..she at least remembered her name.
"Glad to see you thrived on the cell acceleration process, Zoey. These growth chambers affect all children differently. We don't even know how the process works, exactly."
Peter? was close to 18.. he wasn't truly a boy anymore..stepped into Zoey's view, as did the other two. All their clothes had been ruined by their own growth spurts. They had become torn and impossibly tight shreds clinging to their now muscled bodies.
Zoey blushed slightly..She'd thought of them as annoying boys they were..well..handsome.
Your body could easily handle the accelerated cell growth, but we decided to only take you halfway up for now. The process can be completed at any time."
"But..If I was only in a coma for minutes.. I grew so much?"

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