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"Andy, we're going to the movies." said Matt.
"Can I come along?" he asked, "They got a new movie out, 'Rebel Cop!'
"No Andy." says Joey, "Rebel Cop's a PG-13 movie."
"Why are you seeing it?" he asked.
"The lifeguard babes!" they said as they drooled.
"Andy, bed by 9, chores done, no patroling as Super Cool Andy & no drums!" ordered Joey as they left. Andy was depressed.
After doing his chores, Andy grabbed his house key & took off gliding on a skateboard. He rode over to buy a bag of corn chips.
Then he glided over to the park.
At the park, Andy noticed something new @ the park, a wishing well. As he was about to throw his nickel in the well, a bum came up to him & said,
"This wishing well grants wishes with goodness in their hearts.
Whatever you desire will last for a day. Make a wish."
"Get a life, bum!" he said as he left. Andy thought real hard & made a wish.
"I wish I was a grown up teenager & my brothers are children."
Then he threw his nickel in the well.
Back @ the penthouse, Joey & Matt came home.
Joey looked for Andy to find him all tucked in, fast asleep in bed. But they didn't know Andy's sleeping nude. The reason, he didn't want to tear his pajamas if his wish came true.
Darkness fell on the town as strange thunder & lightning occurred by the penthouse!
When Andy turned over, he fell out of his bed with a loud plop!
"Ouch!" he said realizing that's not his voice. Then he looked @ himself. His body looked like a teenager with his body, muscles & voice changed.
"Yeah!" he whispered as he danced, "I'm a grown up, a teenager, a heartthrob!"
Then Andy sneaked into Joey's bedroom & borrowed some clothes to wear. He even got some briefs in his drawer. When he looked in the bathroom mirror, he said,
The next morning, when Joey & Matt woke up, they screamed! They came out of the bedroom with baggy clothes because Joey & Matt turned into children!
"Where are you Aunt Nell?" asked Matt.
"Wrong picture." said Joey as he saw a stranger in his clothes eating waffles.
"What have you done with Andy?" cried Joe.
"Believe it or not, I'm him!" he said, "I really like your underwear, Joey!"
"How did this happen?" asked Matt as Joey punched Andy.
Andy explained to the children that he made a wish to be a teenager for a day. Just then the SC Phone rang. Andy grabbed the phone & answered in a Joey voice,

Andy got out a trunk, opened it & there were junior sized SC Joe & Matt costumes & a grown up SC Andy outfit.

"What happened? Did a villain transform your ages?"
"No sarge." said SC Joe, "SC Andy made a wish on the wishing well."
"Joey & I are the kids & Andy's the teenager." said SC Matt.
"What's the assignment sarge?" asked SC Andy.

Back home, Andy tucked Joey & Matt in bed.
"Why do we have to sleep naked?" asked Joey.
"You want your pajamas torn?" asked Andy, "Go to sleep!"
Andy slept on the sofa that night. Again when they were fast asleep, thunder & lightning occurred around the penthouse. And it was raining as well.
The next morning, our super heroes were back to normal. They were having breakfast talking about yesterday.
"Joey," said Andy, "I realize that being a grown-up's not that easy. Learning to be responsible & taking care of kids, I rather wait & remain a kid for a while. I'm sorry I went to see Rebel Cop."
"Andy," said Joey, "We're sorry we gave you a hard time @ Astro Globe. How about we go back to Astro Globe, my treat!"
"Cool!" said Matt.
"I'm glad I'm a kid." quipped Andy, "I'm too little to ride the roller coaster!"
They all laughed.

In blokes, the penis can do its erection thing in as little as 3 seconds, swelling up to an average length of 16-and-a-half centimetres, and 11-and-a-half centimetres around. But this is nothing compared to the 45-centimetre-long penis of the boar, the 75 centimetres of a stallion, or the 2-and-a-half-metre-long penis of the blue whale.
During sexual excitement in the human female, the breasts can swell in size by 30%, while the nipples can swell up in size by 6 millimetres. This process can be extremely noticeable, not to mention surprisingly fast. So, do nipples have the erectile tissue you find in the penis and the clitoris? Some anatomy books say, "underneath the nipple and areola, there are bundles of smooth muscle fibres in the connective tissue, and also along the length of the milk ducts. These muscle fibres help make the nipple become erect, in response to various stimuli".
So there you have it - swelling in nipples is caused by muscles. Or is it?

Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero
- "To Become an Adult", S1Ep3, 7/20/12, FUNimation.
Because of Akatsuki's antics, the student council has threatened to send Kuzuha back to elementary school unless she spies on him. She is worried about being forced to enroll in a school with students much older than her, and Akatsuki cheers her up. The students are attacked by an overpowered cockatrice.

- (AR + AP) Sket Dance Anime, Episode 23:
The whole episode deals with one of the protagonists and a recurring character (both female) drinking a potion and regressing to what looks like 3-5 year olds. Later in the episode 2 other female characters regress. Then at the end all 4 get some AP, but something goes wrong and they age to about 27 year olds (10 extra years). The AP is pretty good, you get to watch their breasts develop and it isn't a poof - (Kevin Generic)

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