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"Dayzed and Konfewzed"

Started by Joe and Dorrie

Melissa woke up with cold feet.
	It was early Sunday morning and the sun was just rising. She must have 
slid down in the bed during the night. She could feel the edge of the mattress. 
Melissa scooted back up
	Her head smacked into her headboard.
	She sat bolt upright, fully awake now.
	The sleeve seams of both arms of her pajama top had torn. Oh this was 
just great.....Mama must have shrunk her PJ's in the wash. they felt 
awfully.....snug. She looked down at herself.
	THOSE hadn't been there last night!
	Melissa got out of bed slowly.
	She had torn the seat COMPLETELY  out of her bottoms. This was 
starting to get surreal. And drafty too.
	She snuck quietly into the bathroom and looked at herself in the full-
length mirror. The shreds of her sleeping attire only helped to highlight the fact 
that she had gone from a twelve year old who looked a drop-dead 
gorgeous young woman.
	Melissa showered and then snuck quietly into her mama's room for some 
clothes and was going to be interesting.

	She grabbed her mama's favorite white sundress, along with the white 
shoes to match, and pulled them on.  Then she grabbed the makeup case and 
tried to find the lipstick and eyeshadow that she liked.  Trying to put it on as 
nicely as mama did was a whole different game.  She got some on her teeth and 
messed it up a little under her eyes, but she tried to rub it off with a tissue, 
hoping she wasn't making it worse. That done, she brushed her hair back into a 
braid, trying it off at the end with a piece of purple ribbon.
 	She considered her mother's car for a moment before deciding that 
would be more trouble than it was worth, and started walking to Joe's apartment. 
When she got there, she knocked on the door and waited (mostly) patiently for 
him to answer.  As soon as the door opened and she saw it was Joe, she wrapped 
her arms around him and hugged him.

	Hugging a cute twelve year old is something distinctly different 
than hugging a very pretty young woman.
	Joe sputtered.... "Who?!?!"
	Melissa had a wicked thought...she wouldn't tell him who she was, she 
would make him guess. "Why Joey, don't you remember me?"
	Only one person in the whole world had EVER called him Joey......And 
this girl didn't look like his dad. He shoved her arms off of him and stepped 
back. "Who are you?"
	She looked at him with a mischievous grin. "Guess."
	He looked her over. She was almost Dorrie, but not quite. Her face was 
narrower. In fact........ "Melissa?"
	She smiled at him and lunged forward, throwing her arms around him 
for another hug. "Bingo!!"
	"Melissa... What happened to you?"
	"I had a wonderful dream last night and I woke up like this!!"
	Joe felt the pit of his stomach turn to lead.
	She stared at him. He seemed smaller now that she could look him in 
the eye. "My subconscious mind making me older? Is that a dangerous thing?!
Just don't treat me like a little kid!" she said and stamped her foot for 
	"Okay Melissa. I won't." He gave her a warm gentle hug. 
She ran up to the apartment, hoping her mother wasn't home yet.  It was just that,
for some reason, she 
didn't want Mama finding out about this just yet.
She snuck into her mother's bedroom again and rummaged through the 
nightstand drawer until she found Dorrie's credit card.

She stopped at a Starbucks to get her first frappucino. She smiled at the boy 
behind the counter, who smiled back shyly. 
He was kind of cute.  She handed him her money.  He didn't 
seem to notice.  "Here's my money," she said, pushing the bill toward him on the 
	"Don't worry about it, it's on me."  He was blushing.
	"Hey, thanks!"  On her way out, she blew him a kiss over her shoulder.  

When she arrived at the pool, Melissa dropped her bag and pulled the 
dress over her head, revealing her new bikini.  A couple of people turned to look 
at her, and some obnoxious jerk whistled.  She gave him a nasty look and started 
searching around for Joe.  Spotting him standing by the ladder, she snuck up 
behind him and threw her arms around him.
	He was startled, to say the least.  "Melissa!  Don't do that!"
	She giggled.  "Did you miss me?" she asked sweetly, letting go of him 
and taking a step back so he could turn and look at her.
	Joe turned. And he looked. BOY did he look.
	Melissa smiled impishly as she did a little spin for him, showing off her 
new bikini. It wasn't one of the dental floss variety....but it showed an AWFUL 
lot of skin. He watched her go and thought 
uncomfortable thoughts......
	Melissa wasn't just pretty. She was downright gorgeous. Whether she 
knew it or not. Her new appearance was gong to be a real problem...  

Joe saw her tuck under and come back for him. She was crowned by the 
bright light from above, her hair fanning about her as she descended almost 
slowly. She was the most beautiful thing Joe had ever seen........Great, just what 
he needed, to be head over for a twelve year old in a model's body.....

Who's  your friend?" Anne asked.
	"Hehehehe..... It's ME Miss Anne!" Melissa said happily. 
	"WHAT?????" Anne asked incredulously..... "Talk about your fast 
	"'s kind of complicated." Melissa said. "I'm like this for a while it 

"Joe. What happened to my daughter?" She demanded.
	"To start with...She somehow aged herself about five or six years physically 
        last night.... The human mind can do strange and wonderful things."
	"That's right." Joe said grimly. "Melissa's all grown up now."

"Mama?!" Melissa gasped incredulously.  She had been about to blast 
away without thinking.
	Dorrie took a few steps closer to Melissa.  Even prepared for the change, 
she was shocked to see how her daughter looked.  "Melissa, what are you doing 
here?  Do you know what this place is?"
	"I heard you!" Melissa shouted.  "You're not my real mama!"

They found Melissa staring into nothing.
Dorrie put a hand worriedly on Melissa's shoulder.

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