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"Karen." His voice was so very harsh.
"Yes Glenn?" her voice was very unsteady.
"You know what you did last week was wrong and you know you've got to pay for it, don't you? Tonight, you're gonna pay." His hands dropped meaningfully to the thick, black leather belt he wore and fingered the large brass buckle at the front.
Karen's eyes widened in terror but she said through lips that felt suddenly numb,
"Ok, Glenn."

Lately she'd been having thoughts- daydreams, really. Daydreams that he might notice that she was growing up. Might see her filling out, her breasts getting so large that all her shirts were too tight now, not to mention badly stretched out by her growth. Her long sleeves were halfway up her wrists now, and the shoulder seams were starting to fray from the pressure. Might he begin to treat her like a woman instead of a little girl?
With dragging steps, Karen climbed the stairs to Glenn's second floor bedroom. She was wearing a tight old denim skirt with a too-small, white, midriff baring t-shirt. She was wearing no bra because no one had gotten around to noticing she needed one yet. Her full breasts pressed against the itchy material of her t-shirt which barely covered them. In fact, if she happened to stretch her arms up over her head, the creamy under-curves of her breasts could be seen and a dusky-pink half-circle of areola was also clearly visible. Even with her arms by her sides, as they were now, her nipples were clearly outlined through the thick but overstretched fabric of the old shirt she wore. Her skirt was equally revealing. It was so short that it rode up nearly past her Sears cotton panties.
Altogether, the outfit looked like something a director might cast for a "Lolita" remake. But Karen hadn't chosen the clinging, revealing shirt and skirt on purpose. It was simply that she had suddenly outgrown all her clothes and no one had taken notice enough to take her shopping for new ones yet. Also, she had been too distracted by her sense of impending doom to give much of a thought to what she was wearing.

Glenn saw the change in her: she went from being small and scared to standing tall. He noticed as she threw out her chest and lifted her chin how large her breasts had become. He frowned, when had that happened? The old white t-shirt barely covered her firm, round globes. And a bra, he saw, as her hard nipples pressed against the taut, stretched fabric, was badly needed. But it was the look in her eyes that disturbed him the most. Because that look, which was an outward projection of Karen's bravery and determination, looked like defiance to Glenn. Pure defiance.
"Take off yer skirt and bend over tha bed, Karen." Glenn instructed in an icy voice, the belt swinging like a limp, leather snake between his legs.

The fictional brought her round on his finger up quite close to his face. And she was a bit nervous not wanting to comment on the upclose features too awfully much as when you are as very small as she those can be very out of circumstance. And while she talked she noticed she was growing and WhymsiqueL saw her feet now hung over the edge of his palm and he very gently set her down and she was eye to knee and growing into herself hoping her clothes would also grow as she would hate to be standing in the middle in only her blush. And she felt her hair growing and she grew up almost into herself very quickly and watched some crying and some sadness and grew a bit quieter and when she was all inside herself again she turned to the former nutT, and thanked him for his palm.

He stayed hard all day. It really hurt to be bent over inside his cotton briefs and they were beginning to give way by the time 6th period rolled around. He was sitting in the back of the classroom and Marianne Donnovan was sitting next to him. Her tits were still growing. She was only 14 but she was at least a 38 DD. Her mom couldn't buy clothes fast enough to keep up with her exploding chest size, so her blouses all were extremely tight with the buttons strained to keep the blouse closed. She would regularly pop a button off. Tommy had made friends with her and sat next to her in class whenever he could. If what his dad had written about her in the psyche charts was right, she should be just about ready for him. At one point she leaned over to get something out from under her seat. Tommy loved this because she would lean over toward him and give him a full view right down her cleavage. As she leaned over the top button on her blouse ripped loose and her large breasts flopped completely out into the open. The bra was too small as well and just barely covered her nipples and the flesh bulged out all around where the material of the bra could not restrain it. Tommy smiled and stared openly as she blushed and smiled back and struggled to get back inside the blouse. She saw Tommy staring and made no further attempt to cover up but just smiled back. Tommy had finally softened a little after being hard all day, but at that moment he felt himself suddenly lurch back to full size in his pants and he felt something rip. Tommy knew he had just ripped open the front of his underwear. The jockey briefs could not restrain the overpowering pressure. Marianne heard the ripping sound and looked down in time to see his dick snaking down his leg and inflating in size until his blue jeans were stretched tightly over its straining bulk. The head was clearly outlined as big as a golf ball of the way to his knee. Maryanne let go of her blouse and let her breasts flop back out in full view and just stared with her mouth open at Tommy.
BANG!!! His pants had simply exploded, and in the same moment his desk was thrown forward and came crashing down on its side.

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