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  "Brittaney! We need to...Katherine!" Drew gasped, spotting the little girl visibly enlarging against her overstretched clothing.
  "We can't touch her." Brittaney sobbed.
  "Let me won't hurt.
  "She's growing!" Dirk exclaimed as Katherine got ever bigger! Her shoes broke open. 
Her overalls snapped and her blouse ripped off. Her undershirt snapped like a rubber
band along with her underwear! Katherine stood at a lanky 6 feet tall, the remnants of her pigtails as long as Brittaney's! 
Katherine saw herself naked and blushed heavily over her new body that had filled out! was over!
  "Mommy." Katherine whispered, putting her hands on her bare body.
  "You...grew up." Brittaney whispered.
  "Katherine...oh my." Anna gasped, blushing over the tall nude girl.  "This has been the weirdest day I have ever had. 
What happened?"
  "She...grew up.  She can do that." Dirk said, starring at his nude daughter.  Katherine blushed and covered her body with a blanket.
  "What happened here?" Drew asked.
  "Katherine got big." Brittaney said, staring at the 18 year old Katherine who was 6 feet and very embarrassed over her new body.
 "Katherine." Elle whispered.
 "Don't come near me! I'm naked!" Katherine said, turning away from Elle, tears
coming out of her eyes in shame.
  "Katherine, honey." Elle said gently, wrapping her arms around a cocooning blanket. Katherine began to sob again in Elle' arms.  
 "I hate to say this..but Clarke has to give you a short physical."
  "No!" Katherine screamed.
  "Katherine, this is us, Elle and Clarke. He has to see if you're ok, Brittaney was scared to see you grow. 
We have to see how you got big."
  "Katherine, I am a doctor, I have to check your body.  I won't touch you, I swear it."
Elle tried not to blush, but had to assure Katherine Clarke wouldn't do anything funny. 
"Katherine, honey, Clarke has seen me nude, and I am married. There is no shame in being nude. I bet you look pretty."
  Katherine smiled a little.
  "Come on, that's it.  Let me remove the blanket."
  "Not Daddy! Only Mommy sees me nude." Katherine declared.
  "I won't look." Dirk said, turning away.
  Elle removed the blanket, revealing Katherine nude. 
Katherine had really filled out with age, she had at least a D size cup breast.
A full bush, underarm hair, and her head hair was a few inches longer and all messed up. Even her earrings had broken off. 
Jake viewed Katherine up and down.
"From what I can see, Katherine is now a perfectly normal 18 year old," he said.
  "But she was 9 last year!" Brittaney exclaimed.
  "I'm naked.  Why am I naked?" Katherine asked, bending down, trying to hide her new body.
  "Here, will this cheer you up?" Jake smiled, removing his shirt and giving it to Katherine to wrap her body in.
  "Thank you." Katherine said eagerly, wrapping the shirt around her and feeling happy. 
  "Wait, though Katherine is 18, maybe she could be 14 with her age changing ability." Anna said.
  "Really? I can be 14?" Katherine asked hopefully.
  "You'll still be 18 until we find out why you made yourself older, but by reversing the process, and if it works, you could be 14."
  "But will it work on Katherine?" Brittaney asked.
  "Yes it will." Anna said.
  "What do I do?" Katherine asked, keeping her body covered.
  "Just use the age changing ability that every girl has... and de-age yourself into a 14 year old girl." Anna said.
  "Ah, could you turn around, Clarke? I'm a private girl." Katherine said, blushing big.
  "I understand perfectly, Katherine.  We are friends, and friends do need privacy." 
Jake smiled, giving her a kiss on the cheek as he turned around.
  Katherine let the shirt fall off her as she stood up, fully nude. 
  "I will now age change myself into a 14 year old girl!" She closed her eyes and concentrated fiercely, and soon Katherine shrank 
back into a shorter and slimmer 14 year old girl, still fully nude of course.
  "Awww, that is so cute.  You are 14 and already have nice breasts and a hairy pussy." Elle said, smiling.  She couldn't resist.
  "I'm a growing girl, Elle! You leave my pussy alone, only Mommy gets to see it. And... and..." Katherine smiled, hugging Brittaney close. 
"I'm not mad anymore of you and Dirk... we just discovered our ability and used it.  I love you Mommy."
  Brittaney picked up the giggling nude teenager.  "I love you too."
  "I need the shirt, I'm still naked." Katherine said, blushing big.
  "Don't be shy, but you are cute." Jake smiled.