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Monthly photos
I take each student's picture on the first day of each month--they stand in the exact same spot. In May, I do a bulletin board that says "See how we've grown" and I make giant flowers--in the center is their school picture, and on each petal is one of the monthly pictures. I laminate them and pass them out to the kids to take home at the end of the year, after they've been used on the bulletin board. It really shows how much each child has physically grown in the course of the year, and parents always seem to appreciate them.

I did something similar with my kids. Everyday on the first of the month, I'd take their picture (individually) always sitting in the same place. We'd put the girls on Grandma's old iron bed with a sentimental stuffed animal (again, always the same one). We started this when they were one month old. Comparing the pictures from the first few years is pretty amazing. We do it every 3 or 4 months now.

I also take a picture of my son every Spring in the same spot sitting on whatever bike he has that year.

Posted by: Deb on Thu, Mar 9, 00
I do one that is only a once-a-year event and is easy to remember: the first day of school. I have my son stand in front of our front door and take his picture. It is great, because you really see not only the changes in him,his height, his hair,etc. but his wardrobe and how his sense of style has changed (he is in high school now, and I still do it)

Posted by: Patti in NH on Thu, Mar 9, 00
My mom used to do the first day of school thing!! I totally forgot about that! Thanks for reminding me.

I do a yearly picture with my daughter in a rocking chair. I started when she was 2 months old. It makes for a neat scrapbook page to have pictures, same place every year, in her album. My how fast she has grown!!

I did do the once a month for the first year.

"Too little, too late," Gail whispered.
"GAIL !" Joe, Nate and Ray screamed.
Gail shook her head, falling over.
"Gail - OH MY GOD," Joe gasped.
Gail twitched. She grew, taller and fuller, her body transforming to that of a woman, as tears ran down from her eyes. Her clothes still seemed to fit even as they became too short, but then rips silently appeared in many places.
Green eyes met those of the shocked onlookers, and the newly grown woman smiled faintly, the number of adults present having suddenly increased by one.

Pamela began to change before me. She grew taller, her body rounding out into a sexy figure, her dress stretching tightly over her form, to the point of bursting it in the tightest areas. When her breasts broke through the layers of taut fabric it looked almost vulgar, but her deeply saddened expression quenched my momentary lust.

Jeannie tried on clothes for what seemed like hours. She had been growing fast, and most of them were either too small already or almost outgrown. She took down the pink dress that had been her favorite last fall. "I hope I can still wear this!" she said.
But when she put it on, her mother said, "Why, that waistline is much too high!" Even Jeannie had to admit that it was.

Ricky was beginning to lose the battle against his growing penis when the teacher called him to the front of the room to read. He walked with an obvious chubby beginning to bend in his pants. In fact his old uniform pants had become too small during the past hour, and were getting very tight on him, so his beginning hard-on was even more obvious. With each step the bottoms of his trousers were rising imperceptibly higher over his snugly fitting shoes.
Ricky began to read and reached down, discreetly cupping his dick through his pants. He felt another expanding twitch and knew he would shoot his load within the hour, no matter how hard he tried to stop the process. He continued to read his poem, focusing on how his limbs and torso were slowly elongating instead of his dick. The fronts of his horribly tight shoes began to separate from the soles, and his toes started to peek through. Fortunately, even more tearing sounds seemed to be coming from the other students. He could feel his boner tense and twitch in response, and the growing boy knew he absolutely had to hold in his sperm.
Then as he came to the end of his poem, Ricky inhaled deeply, and in that moment his penis casually erected another half inch. It was too much.
The pressure made the button on his tight pants pop right off. His zipper immediately broke apart as well, and the front of his briefs simply exploded to shreds, his penis now pointing directly at the ceiling above the students. Ricky quickly reached down to try to pull his pants closed, but the action finally made him lose his load and he was cumming as all the boys in class watched. Ricky looked down with a panicked expression.
All of the boys laughed, though a few were quietly cumming in their pants themselves. Ricky looked at the sitting teacher, who told him he could take his seat. Ricky thought he saw the top of a monstrous boner tenting the teacher's pants, but he wasn't sure. He tried to hold his tearing pants closed as he padded back to his seat, almost half a foot taller than when he had gotten up ten minutes ago.

Rise of the Runelords
Hag's Plummet
Old Varisian tales recount the tragic story of young Bevanaka, who found a gray hair and sought out an old witch for an elixir of beauty. The witch gave her the potion, but warned her that the effects would last only as long as she didn't fall in love. For many years, Bevanaka lived as a lonely but beautiful woman until the day her loneliness grew too great and she fell in love with a young man. Bevanaka grew old in the blink of an eye, but hoped her true love would still remain true. Alas, she was wrong. Horrified by her sudden age, he spurned her. In a fit of despair, Bevanaka threw herself from these cliffs. Since then, Hag's Plummet as it has come to be known has been a popular place both for young lovers to sneak away and profess their love, as well as for suicides.

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