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Meanwhile, Nadia was silently battling her own problems. No longer was she frightened. When she realized someone was aiming to hurt Paula and herself, a simmering irritation started to well inside her. Nadia felt her childish body speed-grow into an adult's body as she struggled with her anger. She felt the rhythmic pops of seams bursting all over her outfit, cold air from suddenly exposed skin.

Nadia inhaled deeply, gradually calming herself and turning back to her child age-form. When she looked up, she saw the awed look on Paula's face and put on an innocent face.

"A-are you OK Na?" Paula asked anxiously. This was the first time that she had seen Nadia become an adult, and it quite shocked her to her toes!

Meghan continued to grow. Her hair billowed outwards, messily extending her long pigtails which remained tied together. Her cute chubby little legs grew into long, model-worthy limbs that would look great on the cover of the next swimsuit issue. Shoes bulged grotesquely until they exploded off. Her chest (which had been non-existent like on any normal nine-year-old girl) smashed outwards through her ripping and tearing shirt, as she developed a figure of, under the circumstances, rather stunning proportions...

Then Catherine collapsed to the ground. Everyone just stood frozen staring at the young girl. What happened next, no one could have predicted.
Catherine began to age. Her hair became at least waist length and curlier, and her height increased almost ten inches. Her body matured to the age of at least 22 years. Buttons and seams popped left and right. Her shoes broke open at the front and the laces snapped. She moaned once.
They examined the still unconscious new woman.
"I can't explain the ageing as of yet, perhaps I can run further tests, but all seems well and completely normal. As normal as any girl suddenly grown into a woman can be," he said smiling and looking down.
Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

"Why did you think I fainted? I saw my hair in the mirror!"
"Did you notice anything else when you looked in the mirror?"
"Oh my God! There's more? Do I *really* have a zit?!" I whirled and turned to the full-length mirror in one corner of the bathroom, trying my hardest to ignore the shock of long hair that fell around me to the floor. With panicky glances I searched my face for the blemish.
"Hey, Heather! Was that your idea of a joke? That was not . . . " that fell almost to the *floor,*
" . . .very . . ."
Darker blue eyes in an older face,
" . . . nice . . ."
Torn at the seams pajamas that rode high on my calves where before they had reached to my feet,
" . . . of . . ."
And most of all: partially exposed BOOBS!
" . . . you. "
The second thunk, I believe, was Heather joining me on the floor.


Keeping true to the recurring theme of that morning, when Judith first saw me this was her reaction:
Somehow, I always thought Judith was made of sterner stuff than that. But then again, I thought *all* the girls were made of sterner stuff than I, but that morning the effect was not unlike dominoes.
"EEk!" Thunk
"Urgh!" Thunk

"Joan!" Barbara turned as she extended her arms out for the young 10-years-old girl.
Everyone smiled; knowing how much love the young girl had.
Joan ran to her friends with a wide grin on her face, but a surge of pain went through her body and knocked her right off her feet.
"She's okay, but what just happened." Shirley said to everybody else, baffled.
A few seconds later, Joan started to wake up, everyone watched in awe as she grew an inch with each passing second, and new curves swelled all over. Her clothes actually seemed to contain the growth for a few seconds, but appearances could be deceptive and they ripped open, leaving Barbara mostly naked. Soon, her body had become the body of a 17-year-old.

The young girl, no, woman fluttered open her eyes. Joan's eyes, no longer cheerful and lively like they were a moment ago, the eyes of one who has experienced every ugly fact of life. She stood up to her rather massive adult height, proud breasts extending well in front of her, not taking any help.

The young girl began to age as she clasped the gift box near her, each stage of her life passing through her, her clothes stretching before they got stuck on her extending bones and swelling frame, seams bursting open or tearing at their leisure. The box stayed the same but kept beating in her hands. The gentleman held onto his chest and reached out for the young girl, who now had transgressed to naked womanhood, to be met with her hand. Once the two touched, the woman's aging stopped. The man leaned over to her and kissed her lightly before whispering into her ear. Always and Forever.

The Redhead has been replaced (self.Glitch_in_the_Matrix)
Over the course of the last 7 years or so my route to work has remained unchanged. I alight from my regular bus and then proceed to walk through a park, through a bus depot, past a shopping mall and then I am at workplace. All in all its about a 15 minute walk. I work fixed hours so I tend to pass the same people fairly regularly.
Now for 7 years I have passed, among other people a red haired woman who, on the odd occasion will smile and nod and I normally reciprocate. I should mention that we have never spoken or anything but there has always been a polite mutual fondness that seems to manifest when we greet each other.
The other day something strange happened (which is more than likely just coincidence) - a different red haired woman passed me, smiled and nodded in exactly the same place where we (me and the old red haired woman) would normally pass. She was noticeably younger and her face structure was different, its clearly a different person however what unnerved me was the similarities. Her walking gait and hair colour are identical and its as if this individual has replaced the lady who previously took this route as we pass at approximately the same place every day with the exception of the odd day here and there. It has been about a month since the "changeover" which I jokingly refer to it as and though it may sound pretty mundane when compared to other stories on here but it really shook me up - (Airbiscuits_seen)

Michelle looked over at her sister; their eyes met and Michelle said “I’m so sorry I’m so selfish” and then she began to de-age.
Rachel looked confused at her sister and said “What are you…whoa!” and she began to grow older. She rose up steadily and easily, her clothes growing tight on her normally developing frame. She hadn’t understood what a girl's body could do. She looked down and saw the table getting farther away from her, she heard and felt her shirt rip across her shoulders and down her back. She took a step back and saw her pants rising up her calves from the tops of her feet until they became tight just below her knees. Her button on her jeans popped and her zipper ran down to allow for her expanding hips and waist; but the seat of her jeans tore out. Her shirt flapped around her front, which at least covered her growing breasts. Her hair came down longer and fell over her shoulders. She felt tingling in her face. She brought her hands up to her face and caught sight of her longer nails. She hoped she wouldn't get claws.
“Michelle” she yelled in a husky voice “What’s going...” the words stopped dead in her mouth when she saw her sister.
Michelle had felt a compulsion to apologize and she had said the first thing that came to her mind but the next thing that came to mind was “Holy shit I’m getting smaller!
It felt like she was on an elevator that was going down. She felt her shoulders pull in and her back tighten up. She felt her breasts retreat into her body and she felt her body lose mass everywhere. Her hips came in, her butt flattened out, her thighs shrank and her arms whittled down to twigs. Her blue blouse was flapping against her; her tiny hands barely poking out. She flapped her arms, but when she did, her black skirt gave up its precarious hold and dropped to the floor, exposing her skinny legs. She worked her right hand out and flipped her thin brown hair out of her eyes before it ran down her numb cheek. She looked across the table and let out a scream “AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!”
Rachel was looking down at her big sister in awe when the scream jolted her to life.
“No! Don’t scream!” she yelled and dove across the table clamping her hand over Michelle’s mouth. Michelle continued to scream but the hand muffled it enough to not alert the neighbors.
Michelle’s eyes darted up and down, scanning her little sister’s body, now towering over her and easily holding her still.
Rachel’s hand was locked over Michelle’s mouth and her other hand grasped her now skinny upper arm so she couldn’t get away. Rachel’s mind raced trying to make sense of the situation now. Somehow, her big sister looked like a kid her age and she had just busted out of all her clothes.
“I wonder what the hell just happened” she thought quickly “Am I the adult and Michelle’s now the kid? Did we somehow switch ages? What do I look like?”

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