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Joe Average

"I'm Rose's soccer coach." A fresh-faced young girl who looked to be about eleven pranced in right after the young man.
    "Hello, Rose," said Lily. "I'm glad to finally meet you."
    "Hi, Gramma Lily," said the youngster. "This must be Aunt Daisy," she said, looking over at the daughter.
    "Cut!" cried the director, rushing onto the sound stage. "Perfect. Just perfect!" He addressed the actress playing the innocent young girl. "Gabrielle ... you're brilliant. I just knew that introducing this new character to Deep Kisses would work!     The youngster stepped forward. "Umm ... I wanted to ask you something." Gabrielle looked around to see if any was eavesdropping. "I heard somewhere ... I don't know if it's true ... but I wanted to ask you..."
    Emma smiled, guessing what was coming.
    "Ummmm," stammered the innocent-faced child. "Did you really use to star in that cute family comedy, Everything Happens To Emma? Before you got those ... those..."
    "Tits, baby," said a smiling Emma, in a stage whisper.
    Now it was Gabrielle's turn to blush. "Yes, those tits? I can't believe it! I wouldn't even recognize you! Now you've got that dyed-blonde hair, and that ... body! But on that show, you were so little and so cute ... like a reg'lar kid! Like me!"
    "Well, darlin'," said Emma, leaning over to take the young actor in her confidence, "no one supposed to know that I was the cute little girl on that show! The studio won't allow it! It would ruin their reputation!" Emma looked young Gabrielle up and down. She had yellow-blonde hair, cut in an adorable pixie style. She was wore a striped t-shirt and jeans, and showed some of the baby fat so common in girls her age. It was a gamble, putting an actress with such an innocent and wholesome look into Deep Kisses, easily the steamiest soap-opera in prime time.
"What's on your mind?"
    "I want to know what being a child star was like," said Gabrielle, clambering onto a stool like a little puppy who's up to mischief. "Yes, being some kind of 'America's Sweetheart' was a lot of fun." Emma's expression turned a little more serious. "It was tough when I got a little older, though."
    "Because you still had to act younger for the show?" asked Gabrielle.
    "Well, yes," agreed Emma, "but that was only part of it."
    "What was the rest?" wondered the round-faced youngster.
    "How shall I put this?" wondered Emma. "Gabrielle ... when you ... mature ... you have different desires and needs."
    "Uh-huh," said Gabrielle.

    "Gabrielle said she's going to see Dr Allan! He's the one who prescribed that awful puberty-postponement medication that you forced me to take during the run of Everything Happens To Emma!"
    "For Christ's sake, Emma! They must want Gabrielle to take the stuff so she keeps looking so sweet and innocent!" muttered Mindy, struggling back into her clothes.
    "Oh, it was awful, Mama," said Emma, fluffing her gargantuan boobs so they really popped out of her top. "The drug made me so painfully horny!"
    "And not equipped to do anything about it," said Mindy. "I guess they want this little girl to keep looking like a little girl! They're afraid of what puberty might bring. You wouldn't think that Gabrielle is likely to develop huge mams like us, but they must be expecting it, or they wouldn't send her to Dr Allan.

    Emma followed. "God, we have to save Gabrielle," she mused to herself. "I don't want her to experience that kind of pain!"     "I wonder if mine will ever get like that?" said the child actress, paging through the slick self-help mag.
    "Oh, I don't know," said Mindy, exchanging a knowing wink with her daughter, Emma. "It might happen sooner than you think!"
    Dr Allan's nurse interrupted. "Gabrielle? The doctor is ready for you." Gabrielle jumped up.

    "Listen to us," said Mindy sharply, fishing her knockers out of her top and feeding them to the doctor's willing lips. "We know that you're going to put Gabrielle on the same puberty postponement drug you had Emma on."
    "Right," said Dr Allan, barely audible through the mass of flesh.
    "Tell her that the network wants to put her on drugs so she never reaches puberty? No," snapped Mindy. "We'll tell her something like... it's a nutritional supplement."

Mindy walked behind her daughter and pulled the straps of the corset tighter.
    "Mama!" yelped Emma.
    "And we'll just let her puberty come naturally?" said Emma, no longer wincing in pain but admiring her unnatural and eye-catching hourglass shape in the mirror.
    "I think so," said Mindy, brightly. "Know what I'm thinking about? Annette."
    "A what?" asked Emma.
    "Not a what. A who," explained Mindy, impatiently. "A girl called Annette Funicello who was on a children's show years ago. Before your time. Little boys and their fathers tuned in to watch her development every day on TV!"
    "Ohhh! And you think that will happen with Gabrielle?" said Emma, pushing her breasts in front of her mother for her approval.

    "We thought it would be a great dramatic contrast," said Roger, slobbering over her abundance.
    "Well, yes, but what about when she grows up?" said Emma. "Cute little girls usually end up growing up, you know," she said. "We've found a way to keep her looking young and innocent..."

"All set, Mama!" reported Emma, cheerily. "The network will trust us completely with this little project."
    "Well done!" said Mindy."Won't they be surprised when their little girl stops being their little girl?" snickered Emma.
    Emma's mother laughed along with her, becoming aroused at the thought of the sexy young woman Gabrielle was likely to become.

The set was quiet as the cameras rolled. Gabrielle began with her first line.
    "Auntie Daisy, do you think I could...?" She'd barely begun when the director cut her off.
    "Wait a minute, wait a minute, sweetie," he sweet-talked the young star. "It's not you ... we've got some kind of lighting problem." He called to the gaffer. "Dave! Come here, take a look at this," said the director, pointing at the lights. "That ten up there's throwing a shadow under Gabrielle's ... her chest."
    The gaffer's eyes widened. "Sure, I see what you mean. Hey! Let's get another reflector in here, okay?"
    It hadn't taken long. In only a month, young Gabrielle's flat chest had begun swelling into womanhood. At the same time — actually, maybe it was part and parcel of the very same process — the baby fat that padded certain parts of her frame seemed to melt away, only to resurface on the most advantageous places. Like ... the curve of her hips, the sexy jut of her rear end, and of course ... the growing bulk of her breasts. Oh, she remained a cute young thing, and a marvelous little actress. It was just that now ... the dramatic contrast of the scheming vixen in the innocent youngster's body that the network had planned wasn't really working out ... at all.
    Gabrielle herself didn't seem to notice. When a burly stagehand insisted he needed to check the fit of her costume in order to set the lights, she didn't think of objecting. She just smiled for the camera as the man copped a surreptitious feel.

    When the sales department told her that an underwear company would be supplying her with bras and panties in exchange for mention in the closing credits, Gabrielle just figured it was part of the business.
    And when the glamorous and leggy reporter from the entertainment news show interviewed the new star?
    "Gabrielle, we want to know what you say to those rumors," she began.
    "Rumors?" wondered Gabrielle. "About what?"
    "The speculation that you've had cosmetic surgery," said the reporter, matter-of-factly.
    "I only started using cosmetics this year," answered the young actress. "For the show."
    The reporter was shocked at her apparent naïveté. "And what about the talk of surgery?" she said, nodding in the general direction of Gabrielle's bust.
    "I did have surgery," admitted Gabrielle.
    The reporter's eyes flashed! "Really?" she grinned.
    "Yes," nodded Gabrielle. "Had my tonsils removed when I was seven. But why would there be rumors about that?"
    The reporter's face fell. So much for her big scoop.

One day, young Gabrielle sought out Emma for advice, as was her habit. "Emma, do you have a minute?" she asked.
    "Always, for you, sweetie," said the busty starlet. Emma looked more closely at Gabrielle. In the past month or two, she'd gone from nothing to a noticeable C-cup. Now, in the space of a week, she'd added at least another cup size, maybe more. The wardrobe department was trying to hide the youngster's emerging femininity as best it could, with knee socks, saddle shoes, plaid skirts, and T-shirts embroidered with the image of Tweety Bird ... but Gabrielle's swelling curves contradicted that innocent image most disturbingly. My God, thought Emma ... she's really turning into a walking wet-dream.
    "Emma, here in this scene," said Gabrielle, pointing to her script. She leaned over Emma, her burgeoning boobs touching Emma's immensities in a manner that would fuel a million male fantasies. "My step-father says 'Look what a mess has developed!' And I say 'It's not the only thing that's developing', and I lean waaaay over. Why? What's that all about?"
    Emma couldn't believe Gabrielle was that oblivious to her own attractiveness. "I don't know, dear," she finally said, a little unconvincingly. "Just say it ... and lick your lips when you're done."
    "Oh! Okey-dokey, smokey," said Gabrielle, skipping off to the soundstage.

    Mindy wandered over to the makeup mirror she shared with her daughter. She had four skimpy bikinis draped over her arm that she wanted to test out for that afternoon's poolside seduction scene. In her other hand, she carried a newspaper. "Have you seen what they're saying about Gabrielle?" she asked her daughter.
    "No, what, Mama?"
    "Look. A real chesty photo of her, and this headline ... DEEP KISSES BOASTS TWO  B I G  NEW STARS!," snorted Mindy with amusement.
    "God, they get so ridiculous, don't they?" laughed Emma. "ACTRESS BUSTS INTO WOMANHOOD. UNEXPECTED PLOT DEVELOPMENTS! Why don't they just say GABRIELLE GROWS TITS?"
    Mindy laughed as she draped one bikini top over her big boobs, checking out whether the material would cover her hard nipples. Not likely. "I know, silly, isn't it? I wonder if the network is seeing this, though. Have you heard from your friend? Has he noticed that things aren't exactly going their way?"

"Roger, darling?" sing-songed Emma as she stuck her head into the office of the network bigwig.
    "I was just going to send for you!" snarled Roger, clearly annoyed. "What the hell happened? That Gabrielle girl is puffing up like she's got an allergic reaction on her chest!"
    "Isn't it wonderful?" sighed Emma, pulling her scantily clad and awe inspiring form through the doorway.
    "You told me that you and that big-boobed mother of yours would make sure this little girl stayed a little girl!" he said.
    "But haven't you noticed what they're saying about her?" said Emma, bouncing her immensitites up and down as she spoke. "DEEP KISSES BOASTS TWO  B I G  NEW STARS! BIG REASONS FOR MEN TO TUNE IN! RIPENING BABE BOOSTS RATINGS!"

The director knocked on the door to Gabrielle's dressing room. "Gabrielle, darling? You have a guest!" The door opened and a handsome and boyish-looking young man came into the room.
    "Thanks, Robert," said Gabrielle without looking. She was preoccupied ... puzzling over how to cover her now-just-over D-cup breasts with the C-cup bra the sponsor had supplied. Was she supposed to overflow like that, she wondered? When she saw the young man entering in her dressing-room mirror, she grabbed a T-shirt and quickly shimmied into it. "I'm sorry," she stammered.
    "I'm not," said the young man, smiling and wide-eyed.

    "Toldja," said Emma, in a fetchingly childish manner as she sat her gorgeous ass on the man's lap.
    "You sure did," said Roger. "I knew it when you showed me those clippings. TWO  B I G  NEW STARS! DEVELOPING DRAMA! INTENSE INTEREST IN EMERGING FEMININITY! You can't buy that kind of publicity! I know, I've tried."

Emma and her mother Mindy took Gabrielle into the dressing room they shared for a little heart-to-heart talk.
    "Sweetie, you know that you used to be a cute kid with baby fat," explained maternal Mindy, "and now you're a voluptuous siren with a 34D bust, don't you?"
    Gabrielle frowned slightly, confused. It wasn't like worldly Mindy to get things like this wrong. "E," she said.
    "I'm a 34E bust. Since this morning."
    "Well!" said Mindy, holding the youngster's shoulders with great affection. "We're all very proud of you. But you realize this means you're not a little girl anymore ... don't you?"
    Gabrielle was still reeling a bit with the change. "I ... I guess I do," she said. "I don't really feel any different, but I can see that men treat me different."
    "You really don't feel any different?" asked Emma. "At all?"
    "Ummm..." Gabrielle hung her head. "Maybe a little."
    Emma brightened. "How? Tell us about it!"
    "When that guy from the boy band came to see me...?" began Gabrielle.
    "Jason? Yeah?" urged Emma.
    "The way he stared at my chest," stammered Gabrielle. "It made me feel..."
    "Feel what?" encouraged Mindy. "How did it make you feel."
    Gabrielle clenched her eyes shut.
    "Proud," she said quietly. "Proud, happy...
    ...and hot!" she whispered. Then she turned her head away in shame.

Beth MacDonald
Native American Mythology:
The Myth of Stone Boy

Like all other kinds of mythology, Native American mythology explains nature and why things are the way they are today.
In Native American mythology, human children are often given special powers. They commonly grow up overnight, are more intelligent than normal adults, and even their mischievous behavior does some good. The adventures of the child result in important events of their culture.
The myth of Stone Boy explains the spiritual development of the Sioux tribe.

"In the morning, she went to eat some berries, but found she wasn’t even hungry. The next day she was happier than she had ever felt. On the next day however, the sister felt pain. She was sure it was her time to die now.
Rather than dying, she gave birth to a little boy. She wasn’t sure what to do with the boy, but figured out he must have come from the stone she swallowed. She knew she had to try to be strong and care for the baby boy, so she wrapped him up in her brothers’ clothes and fed him berries.
This baby grew ten times faster than a normal baby and had a more perfect body than other men. The baby also had great skill. While he was playing outside the tipi one day , he made his own set of bows and arrows. His mother could see that this baby had special powers. She named her son Stone Boy.
Soon, he was walking and old enough to go hunting. his mother pleaded him not to go hunting and explained what had happened to her five brothers."

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