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I set my book down and turned to look at what she was talking about and I saw this young woman.
She was a blue eyed blonde, just like Jenny, only this was perhaps how Jenny would look if she were eighteen years old.
She smiled and said,"Time to become my normal self again."
I watched her immediately shorten and pull back into her normal little girl self, her clothes becoming much too big for her younger body.

Chrissy saw the concern in Clara's eyes, answering the unsaid question, "I-it tingles!" She was giggling the entire time.

Once the hormones had suffused both of their bodies, Clara felt herself shrinking even further. Her eyes remained upon Chrissy, who appeared to be growing by leaps and bounds.

Chrissy first felt the tingling. It tickled her sensitive skin, making her laugh. Soon, the tingling subsided, only to be replaced by a pulling sensation. She felt her entire body being stretched out, as she rapidly grew older, filling out. Chrissy felt her arms, legs, and hair stretch and lengthen.

At the same time, Chrissy felt her hips widen substantially, as her chest began to swell. Not only did her chest swell, but it grew to a full D-cup. At the last, Chrissy sighed at the tatters of her ruined clothes. There was a lot of work to do.

A two month-old baby lay in diapers where Clara had once sat, starting to cry.
Chrissy felt a moisture grow on her tightly expanded chest.
Chrissy was overwhelmed by the feeling of a great weight pulling at her chest.

*Wow! Is this what it feels like to have boobies? It feels so weird!*
Chrissy lifted them in her hands squeezing them, and feeling their new weight.

*Yes it is, Honey. That's what it'll feel like when you get older.
*I wish I get just as big as you are. These boobies feel like they are a lot of fun.*

This was knowledge which Chrissy did not need to know.
*That's something you'll find out about when you get older. If you find out now, it'll ruin the surprise!*

*But my boobies feel wet on the end. What's that?*

*When you wished to be the mommy, and me the baby, your boobies were filled with milk. That is why I am crying, because I'm hungry. You're going to have to feed me Sweetheart.

The change that started at that moment was not a surprise to Kevin. He thought it a measure of what he'd been through that he took the boy aging to adulthood in a matter of minutes as a matter of course. Seeing the boy suddenly growing taller and heavier, splitting his clothes and bursting his shoes seemed appropriate. The boy suddenly losing all of his hair was a mild surprise, but not an undue one. His face getting more solid, rounder, and harder was a bit striking, but also acceptable. Even the rapidly growing musculature, too thick for most average men and evident of heavy training - and not a slight amount of steroid use - was not too out of the ordinary, although Kevin wondered what a powerlifter might have done to...

Elementary School Confidential

The secret meetings the girls would have aroused the curiosity of everyone from the fifth grade up. Once a year, they'd pull them out of the classroom, whisk them off to some room that only Mrs. Augsbach had the key to, while they put the boys in the cafeteria in front of a VCR and an episode of The Cosby Show. They tried to keep it secret from us, but we knew what was going on.

They took them to the boiler room, and told them about breasts. They had all sorts of pictures from Playboy magazines, all different types of breasts, and each girl got to choose which type she wanted to have. Mrs. Augsbach could make this happen, because she was part witch. You could tell.

There was a cardboard box down there, an old one, stamped FRAGILE, and it was full of bras. Some of them were really old, all grey and mungy and stuff, because they had been there as long as Mrs. Augsbach had been teaching, and Mrs. Augsbach had been teaching for a really long time. They'd get passed around, and the girls would put them on, and that's when they would start growing their breasts. They could start to feel it happen as soon as they put the bras on. Then they'd sit down on the folding chairs that they had down there, and a movie would be shown on a really old projector, a secret educational movie on film, not video, about how to care for their new breasts, and the girls would all giggle and look at each other, because they could all feel their breasts growing.

One time this girl's breasts started growing really, really fast and Mrs. Augsbach had to take her to the nurse's office and get them cut off before they grew too huge and suffocated her. My brother knew that girl. He said that she dropped out of school right afterwards, and now she goes to Sloatsburg Elementary instead of Connor. He said she wears all black now and nobody will hang around with her. It's really sad, he said.

Suddenly Mrs. White was interrupted. The sounds coming from the door were different. More forceful. She looked at the door and could see something smashing through the plywood on the bottom. It was one of Carrie's legs. Then the other one smashed through. But they were so very much longer than before, and not to mention quite bare.

They had lengthened with the rest of her body as she had aged herself into a woman, solidifying, becoming heavier. They were like Battering rams destroying the door, unmindful of any cuts from the tiny splinters. Shreds of her socks still clung to her grotesquely expanding feet, her calves and thighs flexing as they swelled. Carrie, so intent on becoming an adult, didn't even notice the damage her new breasts had done to her shirt. But her mother did.

"Heavenly Father, protect me," she screamed, running from Carrie's door. In the few moments of her mother's departure, Carrie had completely decimated the bottom third of the door, allowing the newly-grown "high-schooler" to exit her former cell without any trouble. Even her watch band had broken.

She looked down at her exposed chest and was surprised that her former washboard figure now displayed firm spheres. They jutted out at an almost 90 degree angle and were rather heavy. Carrie could feel the new weight on her wider and stronger back.

Carrie, overjoyed, was going to run and show her mother. But then she realized she was almost naked now and thought better of the idea. At least her panties had mostly survived her growing up. Her mother thought she was a demon. And who knows, thought Carrie seriously, maybe I am.

Becka wasn't saying anything new about Carrie's still unexplained sudden age increase--new material wasn't one of the eight year old's strengths--but then she noticed Carrie's breasts.

"Ohmigod," Becka said stunned,"where did you get such big tits?"

"None of your business," Carrie replied, annoyed, "you little brat. Why don't you go home and leave me alone?"

But the little girl, ignoring Carrie, had launched into a new chant:"Big Tits! Big Tits! Carrie White has Big Tits!"

"Oh, go to hell," Carrie exclaimed, turning away from the eight year old and continuing on her way.

A slight clanking sound and a scream from Becka suddenly stopped Carrie dead in her path.

Carrie turned in the direction of the sound and couldn't believe her eyes. Little Becka had fallen off her bike as her legs (and all the rest of her) had suddenly pushed out, lifting the growing schoolgirl right off the pavement and causing her to fall down painfully.
Her bike was on top of the rapidly aging child, lengthening arms reaching wildly in all directions, the ripping sounds from her clothes audible half a block away. The bike was partially lifted by swelling breasts that might almost rival Carrie's. Well, all girls got them, she supposed.
They had busted through the shirt of the now pubescent Becka and, halfway flattened by the bike frame looked a bit like skin colored airbags.

Carrie was heading towards the child to help her when Becka started screaming in a woman's voice. It was a blood curdling type of scream that made the highschooler panic. Carrie, reliving her own screaming when she had suddenly sprouted, ran as quickly as her long legs would let her. She saw some of her neighbors exit their home and rationalized the thought that one of them would play "Good Samaritan" and help Becka. Carrie was too scared. She couldn't escape the feeling that she was responsible for making an eight year old girl become a full decade older in seconds.

- MST3K parody
(As C-Ko enters the bridge and joins the gang, several things are obvious: She's a lot taller, about at Mike's shoulders. The top of her pink pajamas barely come below her navel. She also looks a lot older. In short, she's built more like a normal 16 year old.)
Mike: Gyah!
Tom: Wow, this is new.
Crow (slyly): I'd say! You've been drinking milk, haven't you?
C-Ko (blushes): Oh Crow!
Mike: This is really odd, we'll be back in a second.
(Back to the bridge. Tom is analyzing C-Ko with what looks like a GameBoy with plastic parts attached to it, painted all white)
Mike: Results, Dr. Servo, any abnomal lifesigns or patterns?
Tom: No, but I got a free game of Tetris. Neat!
Mike( grabs the "scanner" from Tom): Will you give me that!
Crow (comes in with a large Minnesota U. shirt in his mouth): Mrph-rrr...there ya go!
(C-Ko slips on the shirt) I must say you look kind of fine in that.
Tom (Whispers): Crow, this is C-Ko you're talking about.
Crow (whispers): I know, its kinda spooky
Mike: This is too weird! It's like you hit & went through puberty overnight!
C-Ko (looks down at her new, improved bust line): Well, perhaps I've just been saving it up!
(sheepish grin, Mad light flashes) Hmmm, Captain Throwaway's calling.
Tom double takes to C-Ko.

Deep 13
(Frank, in his long johns looks up to the monitor)
Frank: Good morning, guys. (Leans a little closer) C-Ko, is that you?
C-Ko: Yup! How do I look?
Frank: Wow...(sniffles) they grow up so fast...(blows his nose in a hanky)
Doctor Forrester (comes in, glances at the screen): Good heavens, what have you been feeding her!?! An improvement at least (smiles deviously, then reverts to normal).

Amanda, not wanting to be seen by others, hid in the sewers under Manhattan. It was there that she lived and grew, staying hidden amongst the shadows.
To survive those many years alone, in the dark damp sewers, she had to learn to steal food to live. Her clothes became tattered rags and burst at the seams as she grew. She grew rather fast, and had to steal more clothes just to keep her body covered.
Amanda was caught stealing food and clothes for the first time when she was eighteen years old.

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