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After two emails of about the same things I figured I would post this, I was asked for details on how the growth would go realistically:

You aren't going to like this I warn you!
Ok, as some of you know I have been doing some shots in each shoot for a project for Below2fts CD, that seems to have fallen thru but I did learn a bunch of things about your fetish....
Namely it doesnt work like you think it does, but that is OK, it is fantasy after all, but with my mind I like my fantasy to be realistic, so here is what I learned:
Bras don't seem to get overloaded and break:
I put Syn ( a D cup ) into a B cup bra, girls size panties, and an infant sized t-shirt....the result? they all fit! take a look here:
clothing stretches A LOT.
The clasps in the back would give out before the cups...

Ok so that didnt work, So then I used a simialr outfit on another model, you'll be seeing her soon in an actual growth sequence, she is DDD, or EE or whatever you want to say, and she was also crammed into a B cup bra, infant t-shirt and so forth, the all fit, no danger of breakage really.

The moral of the story: you have to get really really big before clothing tears.

But wait, it gets better, when trying to get our model into some of her costumes we noticed something else, there will be blood drawn before something rips! nice thought huh? I didnt include that, a cut solved that problem... but the idea is that a t-shirt might strangle a model before she bursts out of the neck hole.

Last but not least:
Clothing breaks at the weakest point... normally that is the seams. This goes under the 'duh' line, but still.

Ok, that's my whole tossing reality into the mix.... Don't believe me? well then try this, go out and buy a barbie outfit and a couple balloons, then put the outfit on the balloon and inflate with air or water, watch what gives.

An anaphylactic reaction can involve the whole body and usually occurs within minutes of being stung, but in some instances it can take as long as 24 hours.
Coleen Strothers knows just how scary this condition can be.
"I found out I was allergic to bees when I was nine," she says. "I was stung twice in the same year, once on the face and once on top of the head."
The first time Strothers was stung acted as a warning. Although she did not have the severe anaphylactic reaction, she did swell with hives.

However, her reaction the second time she was stung was severe.
Growing up on a farm, Strothers had been given the chore of collecting chicken eggs. She said there was a beehive in the chicken coup and when she went in she was stung.
"The reaction was very fast," she says. "I remember running up to the house just swelling up so much my clothes were bursting."
The doctors told Strothers that she had a severe bee allergy and she has been cautious of stinging insects ever since.

"Don't blink your eyes or you'll miss them growing up."
Three months ago, as I stood looking through the nursery window at my newborn son, a little old lady touched my elbow and told me this.
I fought the urge to say "Well, your Mom was obviously fond of naps."
But the lady was right ... these kids grow up awfully fast.
Granted ... the boy is only three months old now. But he's growing quicker than the time it took George W. Bush to take the oath of office and then demand an Iraqi air strike.
I'm afraid to blink now. I'm scared when my eyes open up, my kid will be gone and in his place will be Andre the Giant. I bring all this up because we're about ten minutes away from having to buy this kid a new wardrobe. Even though his closet is jammed full of clothes, he's outgrown nearly everything.
At the numerous baby showers held in his honor, he received a slew of clothes for ages 0-3 months. He outgrew those in twenty minutes. By the time his mother was able to hold him in the hospital, he was ready for the 3-6 months clothes.
Through some extensive research that I've conducted in the privacy of my own home, I have found that the only thing baby clothes sized 0-3 months are good for is dressing up a five pound bag of sugar to take to church. This is because there's not a single kid in the free world that will be able to fit into those clothes more than one time.

There is one other reason to keep clothes that small on hand when you have a newborn. I like to dress him in those clothes and then watch the stitching pull apart and the buttons pop off like a newborn production of "The Incredible Hulk". Then I play really sad instrumental music and make him toddle off into the sunset.
Andy has been wearing 3-6 month clothes now for three months. And some of those are tight on his baby belly. We had a conversation about his weight gain last night.
ME: "Andy ... seriously dude ... you've got to slow your metabolism down." ANDY: (Stares at the ceiling fan)

I've asked other parents if their kids grew as fast as Andy has. They put their arms around their six feet tall children with erratic whiskers and say "My boy's going to be in kindergarten next year."
In conclusion, I would like to say that we are raising a nation full of genetic freaks.
But I'm too scared to say it. I'm afraid my boy will beat the stew out of me if he hears me call him a genetic freak.

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