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Then it hit her, she was shrinking. And though she didn't feel herself getting smaller she felt everything else getting bigger, including...
She continued to grow smaller and the effect Ryan felt, that of vaginal walls contracting around him, caused him to react. Which meant that he was actually getting bigger as she grew smaller. It was pleasurable to her at first but soon that gave way to pure pain as he threatened to impale her.

Charlene began to struggle to pull herself off of Ryan.
After much grunting and groaning Charlene was finally able to dislodge herself from him.
Standing over the exhausted Ryan Charlene was surprised to find that she hadn't shrunk as much as she had originally thought, maybe half her original size. Her clothes no longer fit her so she took them off and went off in search of a solution.
Charlene was a little disheartened to find that her breasts had not proportionately shrunk as well and were now A cups, if that.

Across the street from the alley was a store with a big window. It reflected things very well and Charlene soon saw herself.
She was a child! No wonder she had no breasts, she had turned into a child, no more than ten years of age. She had de-aged.

Was de-aging, she corrected herself. The image in the reflective window was showing a girl getting slightly younger. At this rate she would be a helpless baby in no time at all, and after that...

Charlene ran back to Ryan in hopes of soliciting his help. She tried to run faster but she continued to shrink, regressing into a five year old. Her little legs moved as fast as they could but by the time she got to the sleeping Ryan she was a toddler.

She tried to wake him by pushing him with her tiny little arms.
"Ryan! Ryyyaggg!"

ggglg? Even her speech was being affected. She wanted Ryan to wake up, find a cure, anything. She couldn't die like this, not helpless. Not...
it was getting hard to stand up. Charlene could feel herself losing the ability to stand up, legs too small and weak to support her weight. She was turning into a baby.

"NoooooooaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Charlene cried in a last attempt at protest.

It was enough to wake Ryan up. He awoke from his nap to find the blue skinned whore gone and a small naked baby girl in her place. The resemblance between the two was uncanny.
This child, he decided, must be the whore's daughter. Abandoned no doubt.

Ryan gently picked the infant up and cradled it in his arms.
"Who are you?" he whispered softly. "You're such a cute little thing aren't you?"

He couldn't leave the child here, that was for sure. Holding the child gently in one arm he raised his pants. Ryan decided there was only one thing to do with the abandoned baby of a whore.

The baby began to cry.
Charlene tried to communicate with Ryan. Speech wasn't an option, every time she tried to say something it either came out as a wail or as some gibberish. It was inconceivable, how could she retain her intelligence and yet not even be able to talk. It was impossible, it was infuriating, it was scary.

Recently I found out some interesting information, that happens to conform with some other studies of mine.

Some people who have been diagnosed with multiple personalities will often have very -physical- changes when another identity comes out.
There have been recorded instances of a person changing by 5-15 pounds, several inches in height and/or diameter, eye color change (I know that's not that big of a deal) etc. within minutes of the another persona 'surfacing'.

I'm afraid to say I don't recall the source cases for this, but take a look at some of the physical/brainwave path studies of multiple personalities.

Now what this indicates, is the physical body is very subjective to the mental projection of yourself. In above said cases, I believe that the only reason there was a 'limit' to the amount of change that happened, was due to the nature of the 'mind'. I.E. they still thought of themselves as basically the same person.
So what does this mean to all us 'estranged' individuals? That basically the 'mental shift' (as commonly used in the werewolf/werething community) might in fact be the beginning of obtaining a physical transformation.

There have been a number of other things that have been proven that can be done with the physical body. Take a look at some extreme martial artists, that can stop wounds from bleeding, mend broken bones, etc. The good old scene from Karate Kid isn't that far off from reality.

Our minds (as commonly, and limited recognized by our 'modern' medical science) are primarily composed of electrical movement, I.E. energy. As also recognized, our 'brain waves' or simple measurement of the electrical output of our minds can be measured from some distance away, thus allowing our minds to affect the 'physical' (energy patterns) world around us, that would include our own physical bodies.


(Now, press your hand against the side.)
(Visser Three must not know you are human or he will find you and infest you. He must think you are an Andalite.)
"How do we do that?"
(You must morph me.)
(Just press your hand against the cube!)
I did. A slight tingly feeling flowed through me.
Ax took my hand. (Hurry, acquire me.)
(Focus on becoming me. On my DNA becoming a part of you.)
Okay. I did that and Ax relaxed a notch.
(My DNA is now part of you.) Ax said. (You can morph me. Just concentrate on becoming me.)
I shut my eyes tightly.
I thought about that weird fur, the dangerous tail, and the stalk eyes.
I felt my body change. My leg muscles grew stronger, my arms got weaker, and my body was covered with fur.
As I grew, my shorts ripped, but I was too busy to pay attention. Then the two extra legs grew in.
(Ahhhhhhh!) I yelled. Thatís when I noticed I didnít have a mouth anymore.
However, I could send thoughts. Cool.
I felt my spine stretch, and I saw my tail grow out. Not a pretty sight. Finally, the last change came.
Two stalk-eyes sprouted from the top of my head. My eyesight was amazing. Being able to see all around you is pretty neat. Itís like if you were walking around with only one eye open, and then you opened the other eye, you get a bigger view.
Now, let me tell you something. I have glasses. When I morphed, or whatever, my glasses nearly fell off so I had to hold them in my hand.
(Now demorph.)
(How do I do that?)
(Um, just focus on your human body.)
(Okay.) I focused on becoming human again. Halfway through, Cassie stopped me.
"Do you know how to morph clothes?"
"What happened to your shorts?"
I looked down. I was still wearing my T-shirt.
(They ripped.) I said embarrassed.
Cassie nodded. "Guys, turn around. You too, Ax."
They turned obediently and I finished demorphing.
I stood behind a bush while Cassie ran to her house to get me a pair of shorts.
Five minutes later, she returned with a pair of too tight bike shorts. After I put them on, we went to Cassieís barn.

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