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Fiction fragment

 "I'm sorry, Terri," she sighed.  "If Mindy were awake...
maybe she could explain what is happening..."
        It was at about that point that Mindy's body decided to take
a deep, rattling breath.
        Rianna and Terri jumped up, anger and grief forgotten, and
watched the little body take another deep breath, chest moving out 
and in, lungs wheezing as the air left them again. For a long, long 
moment, the body lay as still as before.
        And then it _happened._
        The hypodermic syringe flew out of Mindy's arm, ripping away
from the feeding tube, spanging against a large cabinet at the far end
of the examination area.  Skin rippled, smoothed, seemed to stretch 
without straining.  Hair sprouted on Mindy's scalp like some berserk
stop-motion film, going from bristles to long, chaotically 
flowing tresses in moments. Mindy's face and body filled out like a 
sponge exposed to water, cartilage and flesh building itself, skin
continuing to smooth until the childish body became quite teen-like.
Laces snapped and her shoes exploded open one by one. 
Her belt gave way. Ripping pants exposed clearly the fuzz appearing 
on her groin. 
        The changes didn't stop. Mindy's body filled out even
more, growing taller as her undershirt, shirt, and pullover ripped 
and tore off, fuller and more feminine. The childish facial
features flowed into adulthood, from her old pixie cuteness into
statuesque beauty. Her legs grew long, slender yet shapely, and her
subtle curves became... unsubtle. The changes finally stopped, leaving
Mindy almost as tall as Kris himself, very definitely an adult, very
definitely a woman, and very well-developed.
        Mindy... and yet not Mindy.
        Terri found her voice first: "Holy shit."
        "So that's what adult Mindy looks like," Rianna said quietly.
Somehow, this older body didn't surprise her in the least.
        Mindy twitched at the sound, then rolled over onto her side
to sleep; as her hand brushed against Kris' head, her eyes snapped
open. Sitting up, she surveyed the room, spotting Kris, Rianna,
Mindy, the leaking IV streamer still taped to one arm, everything.
        Finally, she looked directly at Rianna and Terri and asked, in
a voice deeper and richer than the one they were familiar with, "What
        Terri blurted out, "`What happened?'  What happened to you??"
She stared gape-jawed at the newly adult Mindy, who hadn't bothered
drawing up the sheet and whose massive chest was probably giving Terri 
a major inferiority complex.
        "This is her chosen age, Terri," Rianna said matter-of-factly.
Turning to Mindy she went on, "As for what happened... 
you just happen to have been born with a gene that allows you to change 
your age to become any age you want, whenever you want."
        Mindy yawned, exposing the thick hair that had sprouted in her 
armpit. She looked at herself, sighed regretfully, and said, "The
two of you are the first to see me look this old."
Looking at them all in turn- Rianna, then Terri, she said, "I... 
I don't like revealing myself if I can help it. It's a habit..." 
Then, suddenly, Mindy's body shrank as quickly as it had
grown, and the child they were so familiar with
smiled at Terri, still naked of course, speaking in her old piping 
voice, "So, how do we go from here, hm?"