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"My daughter is so stubborn. She has a pair of purple pants that she wore last summer that she loves. She tried to put on those pants this year and she can get them on but they are obviously too small. Just because they are stretch pants doesn't mean you are suppose to wear them until they stretch and bust at the seams. It seems like she grew a foot this since last summer. No, she hasn't busted them because I made her take them off.

The furious child wiped the offending web strands off her slowly tightening clothings, glancing about. The spider-demons were trying to kill the forest.
Her young mind could not comprehend just why anyone would want to do this...
As a familiar lethargy settled around Julia, she knelt in the poisoned grass, closing her eyes. The Age-Change accelerated as an ominous rustle sounded from the branches above her...
The fast-growing child knew that she was in danger, so she did not succumb to the fatigue of the Change. It saved her life... As she felt the life-force of the World channeling into herself, Julia let out a shriek, her thoughts racing even as her body swelled and grew with a soft rumble.

When the huge spider's back is turned, a tall almost nude woman rises from the ground about ten feet away, her forest-green eyes narrowed in rage, her lip curled slightly in disgust.
Calmly, almost regally, the woman raises her hand towards the spider. It turns just in time to register surprise as thick vines burst from the forest floor beneath it, wrapping over its grey, fuzz-covered body and yanking it down despite the strength of its many legs. With the power of a planet, the thick sinews of the plants squeeze the murderous creature as it thrashes and screeches. With a sudden, loud snap, the spider goes still and silent, gore oozing from its split carapace.

- Late teens/early twenties in her adult form (nighttimes) and about five or six in her child form (days).
Julia's hair is short, even as an adult. The young woman is exceptionally pretty, with short, dark green hair, sporting a thick streak of black.

Her childish clothes seemed to shrink, her pants cuffs rising above her sneakers and her blouse pulling tight at the buttons. With a loud pop and a musical tinkle the zipper of her pants ripped open, the material pulling back as the tightening fabric molded itself to her gently curving hips. The seat of her pants ripped open.
By now her blouse reached almost to the bottom of her ribs, and with a series of pops the buttons flew off before her wide eyes. Staci caught her balance and flipped her hair out of her face.
She stood for a moment looking down at herself and began trembling. The bottom button of her comically small shirt had held, causing the open fabric to perfectly frame the flesh of her new B-cup breasts which bulged out sharply, and her dark pink nipples could be seen winking through.
Below, her pants had drawn open, shrinking along the line of her snapped belt. The pants had split at the seams along her legs and flapped idly around her knees. Her sneakers had torn in three pieces.
When she raised her head I could see Staci was nearly hysterical, tears in her eyes and a wild look on her face. The look she gave me showed me how terrified she was.

How to time lapse your child on film
Here is a trick for all parents who would like to record their child’s growth. If you take a baby and place the baby on a flat surface, (sofa, bed, etc.) and film it with a video camera for just 30 seconds a day, by the end of the tape, you will have over 2 years growth recorded. The camera must have a flying erase head to prevent jumps in the visual, or it must be digital. Imagine, sitting down with your child and just watching them grow before your eyes in a time lapse video. Then when the child gets to be too big to lay on the bed (approx 2 yrs of age), simply move to the tape measure in the door frame. Place a tape measure on a door frame and have the child stand next to it and repeat the 30 second shoot. We now have the growth to over the age of 4. Depending on how long you want to document their growth is the only obstacle that you have on this simple measuring trick.

She had agonised over her wardrobe the previous night, realising that almost all her clothes were for little girls, rather than a fast growing teenager.
The saving grace about the white dress was that she had been given it one summer when she was about ten, and since it would hardly go out of fashion, the great benefit was that as she grew older and taller, so the dress grew shorter and tighter.

The End - By: Maggie
MAGGIE: I was changed. My life had passed before me, and I was no longer the girl that had lived it, I was the woman who had watched it.
I mean when I broke into the orphanage, come on. A normal 6 year old could never think up that. Tobias was actually pretty dense not to notice. When we started living on our own (Tobias and I) I morphed into a adult (although to this day Tobias still believes that the government allows us to live on our own) to rent and all that.

Brenda woke up with a strange sensation in her chest, like it was being stretched.
She felt full, and she felt like she was filling out even more.
She examined her chest through her tight nightshirt. The first thing she noticed was that her erect nipples were bigger than before, and they ached. Brenda had only gotten three hours sleep since finishing her homework, so she went back to sleep.
About an hour and a half later, she woke up again, and found that her nightshirt was now stretched as tight as a drum, and new breasts were outlined underneath.
She took a deep gasp, and the shirt tore all the way down the front.
She pulled off what remained of her nightshirt, wadded it up, and threw it in the corner.

Blair loved her little sister fiercely. Amanda, for her part, adored her ten-year old sister, who occupied place of affection reserved for their mother. She lifted Amanda off the rug in front of the TV, which was blaring a repeat of the eleven o'clock news, and carried her into the bedroom. Was she heavier?
By the time she got them to the doctor's office on Tuesday, Amanda had grown four inches, and her wrists and ankles were hanging out all of her clothes. Blair, too, had grown. Consuela shook her head, and reminded Mary that she had done the same when she had become a woman.
"But I didn't start until I was almost twelve!", protested Mary. Consuela shrugged her bony shoulders.
"The young girls, they grow faster in these days.", she commented philosophically.
For a while, Mary got by by letting Amanda wear Blair's clothes, and sharing her own clothes with Blair. But the girls kept growing, until they both overtopped their mother by inches.

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