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"I created a large bulletin board on our wall. At the end of the month I have my daughter stand by the board and I take her picture. I've got 9 pictures from the last school year where I can not only see her artistic progress, but also her physical growth as she gets taller."

"We had a member that died about one hundred and forty years ago, that could change her apparent age overnight by about eighty years. You could go to bed with a beautiful woman and wake up with an old crone.
She loved doing her age swap and became a legend in England. She was the model for the current concept of witches."

He slowly opened his eyes just in time to see... Bella's body suddenly, without any logical reason, growing up in seconds, much to her own horror. Her limbs grew longer and slender. Her hips widened. Her torso stretched, tearing her shirt along the side seams.
The girl yelled in panic, as her anatomy took on the shape of a 16-year old version of herself... in tattered clothes that couldn't cover her new frame... in a matter of seconds.

And of course, there were significant growth spurts to mention, especially in regard to her feet. ;o) Those always grew faster than the rest of her. And last year, I bought her some sports bras. (Just to add a touch of modesty to her budding figure.)
Then over the last few months, all of her clothes got too small.
Jeans are now capris.
Shorts are now Daisy Dukes.
And kicked in again!
I won't give too many details, as my lovely daughter reads this blog of mine and is sure to be embarrassed, but I will say for all of the friends and family reading along...serious changes are afoot.
My "little" girl isn't so little anymore, and while the BIG thing hasn't happened, I know it's very close. Perhaps too close.
Just the fact that I have to purchase bigger "undergarments" for her, is a clue that "It" will happen soon.

Abby looked at Sharon and said, "Now I know where I saw you before. You're my teacher, Miss Jones. Only now you're my age."
"I'll bet if I slip your suit jacket on, it'll make me older," Abby said happily. She soon started growing into it, while underneath it her little school uniform was popping off as her size exceeded its dimensions. Pieces of fabric worked their way down and fell to the floor. Now a 14-year-old girl, Abby put on the rest of Sharon's adult clothing (Sharon's bra hung down her chest), except for the adult panties.
Chafing in her torn little girl's panties, Abby decided that they would have to do. Abby quickly got Sharon dressed in her St. Barnabus school uniform. "Come on, we're all going to school. Only now I'm the teacher, and you are the students," Abby giggled.

Demon Eye's
(AP) Ep02 "A girl... Rama"
Shindo: a baby girl who I better take back to the castle immediately and show the Master.
Shindo climbs back on Fury and flies straight to the castle to find Master Merlin and Joy.
Shindo: I found this baby girl, and she is the second demon eye carrier. Quick, put her in the machine.
Joy takes the child from Shindo's arms and holds her. "Without any doubt this is the chosen one." She turns and places a large dress on the baby, and places her in the machine.
Joy: Father, start the machine and grow this child now!!!
The machine starts up and the child grows, the arms extending, the face becoming more mature, everything growing in the bright light. The dress tears before Joy can adjust it. Soon the machine shuts down and steam rises as Merlin and Shindo move to get a closer look. The grown up girl with short black hair moves her fingers over her exposed chest, then her large brown eyes open, a surprised look on her face when she sees Shindo, Joy and Merlin staring at her.
Joy: You're Rama. We found you and grew you up from a baby in our machine. You're not the first, you know, Shindo here came the same way too.

A seam screamed out and split along her pant leg as Mary-Kate noticed she was getting older. One of her boots groaned miserably and soon the other sung out too. She quickly closed her eyes. Long ragged breaths pulled down into her lungs, which burned her throat, but it worked. Her budding breasts stopped swelling. She calmed down as she reverted back to her real age. Soon enough, the pressure her elongated arms and body had exerted on her poor black shirt and stretched jacket eased as her rapid growth reversed itself.

Not only does this tension emerge between the body and its coverings, but also between the body and the self, the body becoming its own type of “mystifying fiction”.
The female protagonist of Bender’s “Skinless” for example, remembers “the day she first grew breasts, how her usually olive skin was covered in red, crisscrossing stretch marks, like a newly revealed secret map to the treasures of her body”. Her newly inscribed skin is not herself or her body, but instead a “map” by which one could navigate to her core. At the same time she, describing her boyfriend, imagines that “beneath that sheath of flesh, he was made entirely out of pearl”. Here, nudity really is “a form of dress,” the body itself becoming yet another covering or form of disguise.

Many teenagers experience growth spurts. The one O'Fallon senior setter Courtney Kombrink underwent was off the charts.
When Kombrink entered high school, she stood 5-foot-3. Then she kept growing -- and growing and growing and growing. Kombrink added eight inches to her frame in the past four years and now stands at 5-11.
"My whole family is tall except for me," Kombrink said. "My parents kept telling me that one day I would be tall. They were right."
Kombrink grew 2 inches as a freshman, then shot up 5 inches in her sophomore and junior seasons. She grew another inch over the summer and could get even taller.
"I think they said I might have another inch or 2," she said. "My sister said I'm going to pass her up, but I don't know." Kombrink's older sister, Katelyn, is a 6-1 junior middle hitter for McKendree University.

Jenny smiled, her cheeks slightly dingy from the afternoon near the crawfish pond, but blushing just below the surface. She inhaled and exhaled in a stressed manner. Her growing breasts were pushing against the front of the old dress. The buttons popped right off then and there.

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