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First he watches as Amy's small body begins to shake. She alternates between moaning and mumbling. Her clothing looks extremely tight, he can see the outline of her slender frame as her clothes keeps stretching. First he hears a sound from her tennis sneakers. As he looks on her toes pop through the front one at a time. In amazement he watches as the laces on top snap from the force of her stretching feet.
Next he notices that her pants' cuffs no longer reach her ankles. Now they rest snuggly half way up her calfs, looking more like capri pants than regular jeans. Amy's calves have swollen and he watches as the bottoms of her pants pop to accommodate them. Strangely, she looks thinner than ever. He is shocked to see rips spreading up both sides of her jeans exposing more and more of her legs. Next to go is her blouse as her thin shoulders and growing back finally stretch the shirt to its limit. Her breasts haven't come in yet, but he begins to get a little aroused as her buttons start shooting off the front one by one as her chest widens. Soon her breasts will join the fight for freedom. With a snap her belt fails and falls off. Her growing arms slowly pop the sleeves and with a strange sigh her ass becomes rounder, pushing up her pelvis, turning her pants into rags which fall to the floor around her.

Her eyes were brown; her complexion was of the common creamy brown Australian sort, faintly freckled and mottled; there were large buttons all the way down her plain and predominantly blue dress; at the breast a button was undone or gone, and there was a glimpse of white, as though she had grown out of her dress...

At the end of June, the inevitable happened. Amourán was in her eleventh year, and she suddenly grew physically and mentally into an adult. Prior to her tenth birthday, she was a normal child, close to her half sister and brother and all the other children around her, cousins and friends.
Suddenly, a great metamorphosis took place. She grew much taller than her mother, her figure blossomed into maturity, and her face now revealed an incredible beauty. Her eyes were her best feature, luminous and unblinking when she studied someone, and her expression seemed to have an otherworldly quality with her uncanny perception and gift of supernatural knowledge.
People of all ages never attempted to mislead her, because they knew instinctively she could see through any deception or ploy. Truth and total honesty were the only traits she tolerated from her friends and associates.

Thora stood before him, no longer a little girl, but a teenager of sixteen. She was wearing a straining shirt with gaps at the buttons, and while it had looked good before, it had been partially covered with a vest. Nothing obstructed his view now. And oh, what a view. He felt sinful, his eyes taking her in.
The gold cross caught the sunlight and glinted as if to say: Down here, Robbie. His eyes followed it, obligingly. The white cotton clung to her breasts and her hardened nipples pushed on the cloth.
To cap it off she also wore the same over-sized black denim shorts that she had worn as a preteen, but now they were too small. They complimented her hips, curving along the lines of her developing frame. It was almost too much.
"They're called breasts, Robbie! I'm not putting on a little show for you."
Thora's inner voice disagreed. Yes you were! You could have put on the vest, you could have worn something else, but no! You couldn't wait to show off this body to an appreciative teenage Robbie!

She also recounted some scenes of her Year 7 debating team:
The next didn't know she was allergic to anything until one day, she bloated up until you couldn't see her eyes and her shoes popped as her ankles became twice its usual size.

body elongation
Professor Kim says the North Korean government gave out pamphlets to thousands of short people in Pyongyang describing a wonder drug that would raise their height. "They were sent away to different uninhabited islands in an attempt to end their 'substandard' genes from repeating in a new generation." They were never seen again.

That was when she noticed that the small hand still held onto her own, she looked at their linked hands and then back at the skinny little girl in front of her, and a small, sad smile appeared.
‘They all see me, but they don’t.’
She was confused. ‘Huh?’
‘They are like you.’ Said the little girl, ‘they know my name, but they don’t know me. No one knows me.’
She started to pull her hand away, feeling a bit awkward to be holding hand with a girl that all but told her that they were strangers.
‘You need me.’ The girl caught her hand and held tightly, not allowing her to let go. ‘And I need you, too.’
Then the hand that held hers grew in size, and the little girl grew taller, older. Until in her place was a familiar face looking back, her normally guarded brown eyes sad.
‘I really need you…’

S. A. Rudy's Gaming Log
Game Night Recaps
Back at the office the next day. Sam and Dan had figured out the spell on the summoning card that Tracy had been hit with.
Speaking of children, Tracy hadn't come into work that morning. I gave her a call on her home phone, no answer. Dan drove over and found her door unlocked, and her unconscious on the floor behind it. He was able to wake her. When the rest of us arrived, Victor and I were able to confirm that she had been attacked by that same nightmare entity.
On one hand, it's a good thing Tracy wasn't really as young as she looked - the attack would have been a lot worse if she'd really been a child.
By the time I got downstairs Al was already seeing Tracy. He was talking to her, asking her details about what happened to her, and didn't lecture her or ask her what she had been thinking.
Dan walked Tracy home. She's got a lot of shopping to do, none of her old clothes are going to fit her anymore. And I'm sure her nosy neighbor is going to freak out at her sudden ageing.

Lupe, I suppose you don’t know anything about that popping noise?”
Silence and a puzzled expression were his only answer.
“It happens when you are growing,” he said. “A big pop, and then lots of little ones.” He frowned. “They obviously have something to do with your change.” He thought a moment, then said, “maybe it’s your body cells dividing, gaining mass.” He smiled at her. “You obviously weigh a lot more now than you did as a child. Cells don’t ordinarily make noise as they grow and split, but maybe the suddenness of it causes a vibration loud enough to hear.

Through stained glass
by George Agnew Chamberlain
That night I had the most terrible dream of my life. I dreamed that instead of growing up, I was growing down, and that by morning I had grown down so far that, when I tried to put them on, I only reached to the crotch of my trousers. I'll never forget those flapping, empty legs."

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