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Watch the changes in your body. The pink dress you liked for school so well last autumn, was, when you got it out this spring, altogether too tight in the bosom and too large around the waist, while the skirt and sleeves were both too short.
You looked almost comical in it, and you wonder why you ever liked it, for it is a dress you care nothing about now. The dress is just as it was, but you have changed. You are grown taller and have taken on a new form. Clothes to fit you must be cut by a different pattern than your clothes were ever cut by before.

The children could not hear her over the amount of noise they were making, so Bunnie called louder.
She surveyed the area quickly and tried to lift the stones free, but they were too heavy. She pulled and pulled, sweat pouring from her brow, but she couldn't raise the heavy stones. She started to cry, and shake from the effort, every moment getting more and more frantic and frustrated. She cried out, and exerted as much force as she could, and then something happened.
She noticed her body started to feel funny. She grew a few inches taller and felt and heard her overalls and shirt strain at the legs and her arms. Small breasts began to swell, stretching out and quickly ruining her shirt as the seams puckered.
Then she found herself lifting the stone debris and throwing it away, then rushing to the children's sides. She lifted them up, frantically checking for any injuries.
Luckily, the debris had fallen mostly around the children, and not directly on top of them, so they only suffered minor cuts and bruises. Bunnie held Catelyn tight to her, but Catelyn pushed her away.
"What happened to you?" Catelyn asked, her eyes wide.
Bunnie looked puzzled. "I-I don't know," Sniffled Bunnie, trying to gather her torn clothes about her. "I was tryin' to pull the debris off of the kids and all of a sudden I'm like a teenager." She wiped away her tears.
Uncle Chuck regarded his gadget. "According to this, your body's DNA is in a state of flux, it can't stabilize your physical age."

Christian doctor endorsed the amazing healing of Melita Floyd and confirmed that in three months her crippled body had grown seventeen inches...

MissAdventure 04-18-03
yes, this post does have to do with breasts...
I woke up this morning, looked down, and thought "Whoa! I have boobs!" Being a girl, this should probably bring on a loud "Duh" from everyone, but typically I am a very small, non busty sort of girl. Barely-there boobs, that's me. Today, however, my breasts are swollen (OMG, they actually fully fill an A cup bra!)
If it means anything, they probably won't get much better. I had a HUGE spurt around you age. When all my friends went from AAA to AA, I went from AA to C in 1 term in school. To make matters worse, my mother refused to accept my breast size and would not buy one larger than a B cup for me and would always threaten to have them "cut off" if they got any bigger. I was ashamed of my breasts for a long time. Your body will catch up to your breasts and you'll balance out soon enough. Until then, spandex undershirts help A LOT.
Mine grew really really fast too. I was a competitive gymnast since before I can remember, but at about 11 I was forced to stop because of a bad back injury. The change didn't make me gain too much weight, but the drop from 40 hours a week in the gym to spending most of my time laying down was enough to make my boobs blow up like balloons. They went from completely flat (I had the standard, tiny little gymnast's body) to a C in one year, and they kept growing. Fortunately they've slowed down some now.
You're 14. The doctor doesn't really know if you'll grow more. I had a growth spurt in my late teens. I've met a few people over the years that spurted in their earlier 20s. Just know that your body WILL balance itself out in due time. You also may grow a small amount and gain another 1-2 inches over time. Your hips have not filled in yet and they typically don't start until 15-17 range. When you get a little curvier down below, you'll love your breasts a lot more.

A sudden cramp in her stomach caused Michelle to bend over and clutch her stomach. Then a strange uncomfortable stretching feeling crossed through her entire body. A sensation that grew stronger and stronger. Suddenly she realized her clothes were getting tighter around her. they were cutting into her, her feet, waist, and chest feeling increasingly squashed until finally her shoes burst at the front, her socks ripped open, her skirt tore down the hem and her knickers popped off her bottom, leaving her increasingly painful shirt until it snapped and fell off in pieces. As the stretching feelings subsided Michelle let go of her tummy and, breathing hard, looked up at her friends. But they weren’t as far up as they should be. In fact as she adjusted the angle of her head, they seemed rather smaller than she remembered.
"Oh my god are you alright?" Roger asked.
"Yeah. What..." Michelle put her hand to her mouth. the sound of her own voice, startling her. "What?" she tried again "happened to me?"
"I'm afraid”. Roger said. “you grew up."
Michelle looked down at her self and gasped in surprise. Sure enough she had grown up, and not only that, she was completely naked from head to toe. Gingerly she reached out an unfamiliar hand and touched one of the bosoms that hung before her, and sure enough it was hers. Standing up she proceeded to examine herself all over, from her bum to her waist and her longer hair and more.
"err." she said as she looked up at the gang, who were all as small as her for the first time ever. "err… How do I look?"
Her eyes fell on Jason. He looked different somehow, not just smaller, but somehow a lot nicer to look at.
"Hot" Jason replied. "Very hot."
Michelle looked at Justin expectantly, who also looked allot nicer to look at.
"err. yeah. you look great. err... Michelle, perhaps you should get some clothes on while we figure out what's going on."

Aspects of Age
Duration: Instant
With this charm age no longer constrains the lunar's appearance in her forms. The character can now change her form to match any age she wishes to be. From a babe, to a crooked old man, all can be done. This change though is an accurate representation of how the character would look at that age. Like with Shaping the Ideal Form, these changes only affect the form they were used in and that will stay that way until this charm is used again to change her age to a new one.
A final advantage of this form is that her age does not affect her attributes in any way. She may have problems with undeveloped vocal cords, or hands too small to properly hold things, but she is just as strong and fast as she normally is.

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