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We heard a muffled giggle. From behind the curtain, Sandra stepped back out. The room got very quiet. The scrawny, blond 10-year-old looked... different. She had wrapped a huge towel around herself, and as she got halfway down the runway, she tossed it over her shoulder and let it fall. There was a collection of gasps from the crowd, and I almost joined in. Sandra's white 'crop top' was now about four sizes too small, with no bra. Her nipples could be seen quite clearly through the material, on either side of a heart shaped rip that showed off her... cleavage.
Her belly button was now exposed, high over the waistband of her now too small denim shorts that looked like they had been applied with a shoe-horn, and had split down both sides. Every curve was clearly defined through the fabric, and a vague outline of her mound could be seen around the straining front zipper. As she turned, you could see the tension of the shorts compress her cheeks together. Bulging sneakers with loose laces completed the outfit.

George looked at Sharon. Stroking her now knee-length hair, his thoughts wandered to the events of the past night, when his new "wife" had suddenly grown up.
Sharon brushed back her now knee-length tresses, struggling with inexperience as she tried to tie it into a bun. She stared into the mirror for a moment, regarding her new appearance with a quiet reverence.
The stress had spurred her growth; measuring her height, she estimated that she had grown eleven inches in ten seconds, going from a petite 4'11" tomboy to a 5'10" Mandy Moore-lookalike. She was not only taller, but she looked much older as well. Her eyes had deepened to a dark blue, the only contrast between her long dark brown hair and now too pale stretched-out skin.

And it turns out that Nancy actually is an age-changer."
"What?" said Ken.
Peter sighed. "Show him, Nancy," he said.
Nancy took a deep breath, sat on the edge of her desk, closed her eyes and began to grow. Her legs swelled and lengthened, dangled, and nearly touched the floor; her body also lengthened, and her head sprouted a flood of hair. In half a minute, she had become a large young blonde woman in torn kids clothes with a pale complexion.

Rhiannah Majiss and Kekvit Irae
Kekvit in full maternal pride. Twins! The half-human boy, Khaldune, has been destined to be a great paladin, while the half-drow girl, Deionarra, is gifted (cursed?) with the ability to change her physical age... at random.

- (age forms UC) Chapter 11 of Fire, Donald Crankshaw.
...a tall, red-haired girl in an undersized tunic tried to comfort her. For a moment, he thought he saw something odd about the girl...
Randall watched ... the red-haired girl.
Before Randall could reverse the magic and watch the scene again from the beginning, she reappeared, kneeling next to where the body lay, tears streaming down her face and lips quavering as she mouthed indiscernible words. She reached out and rolled some invisible object over, into the space occupied by the body. Suddenly, magic whirled around both her and the body, and they changed. The girl's hair lengthened as its shade brightened to a fiery red, she grew taller and older before his eyes.
The image of the dead girl reappeared as the magic embraced her, overlaid with the burned corpse still there. He watched as it shrank in age and height, its hair darkening to a raven black, its proportions exactly matching what remained of the body that lay there now. The ghost image of the corpse departed with the magic, but the live girl, now the twin of the one who had died, remained. Her now mature body did not fit well into the old tunic, which had not changed with her. She stared at herself, eyes wider than ever and face going very pale beneath the new freckles. Her eyes wandered the room wildly, until she finally noticed the fire. Lurching to her feet, she ran awkwardly from the room, nearly tripping over her own feet.
Randall watched her leave the reach of his Circuit. He had more questions than answers now. Who had died here? He thought that Lucia was young, probably twelve or thirteen, and dark hair made more sense for a Novar as well. The tall, red-haired girl looked like a Northerner, probably a slave. So had Lucia, the black-haired girl, survived, becoming the red-haired girl in the process? Or had the red-haired girl been masquerading as Lucia the whole time? Whoever she was, she had shapechanged. From everything he knew, only the misnamed demons had that ability.

Dream age forms
In the dream Jenny’s parents had bought two trucks. In one of them she saw her small self with her parents. Her brother (two years younger) was not born yet. In the other truck grown-up Jenny was with her father. The truck was as big as a garbage truck. The trucks split up taking different roads even though they both had the same aim: to search for gold. “We found gold first" Jenny recounted to her mother, “we” referring to herself the small Jenny, who evidently had a higher degree of identification with her father. “Then”, Jenny continued, “big Jenny and Daddy found it”. Soon the two trucks met on a road full of snow. Small Jenny ran off to play in the snow, whilst the others searched for her everywhere. Big Jenny watched the scene leaning on her father’s truck. The dream finishes when small Jenny comes into view, notices big Jenny and runs and jumps into her arms.

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