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“Why don’t we just make you older right now? Just for a few minutes.”
He started pushing a series of buttons on the controller, designed to activate her growth genes at lightning speed. She watched in awe. Once the programming was set, he hit the “Execute” button, and the child's skin started to flush. She took a few deep breaths.
He stood over her watching as her pudgy limbs began to stretch out from her growing body. Her baby fat began to sink away. At that point, she stood up and found she was much more than belly-high to Todd.
“So you can make people older?” she asked, slightly awed.
“You’ll see,” he said smirking.
She continued aging, quickly passing though her grade school years. Her pipe-like limbs grew long and skinny, telescoping out from under clothes that tried to accommodate her changing size. Her face got longer and started to thin out more as she matured. At about 11 years old and about 4'11" high, her coltish body started to pass through puberty. Small mounds trembled under her overstretched shirt front, and her hips began to widen, pushing out to the sides.
The mounds pressing through her ruined clothing surprised her. She would be big when she was in junior high! Already she appeared to have a small B-cup bust on her young self. Her areola grew darker and wider as her nipples poked up in the cold air.
“You're growing too. In your pants,” she said in a more mature voice.
Todd just smiled.
Her height quickly shot up as she entered her teens. Very soon she was chin level to Todd. All the while, her butt and hips kept swelling as did her chest, which was now a large C-cup. The last pieces of her outfit fell away. Proportionally, her breasts seemed large on her, but they kept on growing. Her legs seemed to stretch out beneath her, longer and longer.
The changes slowed when she passed age 16. She stood 5’9 1/2” now, 3 inches taller than Todd, with a full figure. Her legs made for much of the height increase. She almost had a model’s legs, long and shapely ending in wide hips and a round backside.

Then Presea fell asleep and woke up at four just like she decided to. She looked a lot older and had grown to have a woman’s body and no matter how hard she tried to hide it, it showed. So she gave up eventually. She had outgrown her dress and had taken up a look that was mildly revealing. She sometimes even left her hair down but usually it was in pigtails like always. Of course when she worked her hair was up and she wore a loose shapeless dress that hung off her curves and didn’t improve her look any.

- (UC scene) by Knut Hamsun.
...I watched her.
A grey dress, much too small for her, with the buttonholes worn: her flat breast heaved restlessly. How she had grown that summer! ...all her movements were grown more mature.

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Joanne smiles softly at his remark and replied, "And if i don't want it to be someone else?" Sighing, she rests a hand on his shoulder in an attempt to keep herself standing as she continues, " I'm the first one in.. like... a thousand generations or something like that to actually have powers. And to be an age-shifter is rare, even in magical families. I'm trying to learn how to shift so my actual age is older than what it should be but that's so hard! I almost have it... that's why I'm 17 more often than anything else. I would still be an age-shifter but I'd be so much older.. My parents knew something was different when I was doing algebra at 2. And when I was 4, I woke up one day with blood on my sheets and.." She pauses and looks down at her, ahem, ample chest. I had become 14 overnight... and I liked it! My mind finally matched my body... But not even me, in all my glory and brains, could prepare for meeting you.. I would become any age for you and I can't have you..." Joanne presses a hand to her forehead for a minute, leaning on him more.

SailorLeia: GIRL POWER TRIPS ROCK! I used to have this awesome shirt that said ‘It’s a Girl Thing: Higher, Faster, Louder, Longer, Better, Smarter, Cuter, Stronger.’ I loved that shirt... I kept wearing it until it was practically splitting at the seams...

Joe. DiBuduo
The Accoloade
She then sprinkled herself and almost immediately her wrinkles started to smooth out, her hair color changed to the orange color of the Princesses hair.
Her bent and crooked body began to straighten and fill out, her black dress split at the seams as her breasts grew to a robust size. The arthritic pain left her hands, fingers, knees, and finally clear of all pain, she grabbed a mirror to see herself.
“Hero, tell me how beautiful I am.”
Griselda put the dress on.
She laid the deflated thing on the floor and sprinkled a potion made from liquid she had formulated of herself onto the deflated body. It started to fill out and before long was plumped up and became an exact duplicate of Griselda of old.

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