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Lana grows up in the park!

It was Saturday, and the sun shone brightly from a clear sky. 8 year old Lana put her books in her bag. She then walked towards the park.

Lana was wearing a white button up shirt, long blue jeans and a pair of sneakers. She was a small child. Not actually thin, but enough to make her clothing loose, which did not expose her slender form.

The park was a bit crowded, but she found a spot where she sat down. A family was sitting nearby. A father, a mother, and two sons. They were sitting on a blanket, eating some food they had brought along. In the other end of the park, she noticed some boys playing touch football. They were not bad looking. In fact...

The first thing she noticed was her panties moving up into her crack. It was strange that she didn't notice it earlier. And her shirt seemed snug.

Slowly, she realised that her clothes had shrunk. She quickly stood up, what should she do? Could this be? She felt the urge to panic.

She tried to think. Her tightening shoes were not a problem, she could just take them of. She bent down to do so. She was painfully aware how her jeans tightened around her butt, seams creeping up to her crotch.

Flushing, she quickly tried to unfasten the laces. One of them snapped before she could step out of the shoe, and it got very loose. She stood up, and put it into her bag. The other shoe was already too tight and she left it on.

She had to get back home.

She walked as quickly as possible. her jeans were now clutched so tightly around her thighs, that they might burst if she tried to run. Each step she took caused the crotch of her panties to chafe, and her seat to rub over her rear a little tighter. The first shirt button would pop any second. She did not swing her arms naturally when she walked, since this caused the shirt to rub against her chest. Instead, she kept them motionless down against her sides.

Her big toe finally broke through the front of her remaining sneaker, quickly followed by the rest of her stretching and widening foot. The laces snapped one by one, and she stepped out of the ruined shoe. As already mentioned, Lana had been a rather thin child. As the shrinking fabric tightened around her body, her now 12 year old form bulged in a most remarkable way.

Her jeans were now so tight that her inner thighs were rubbing against each other as she walked. She walked quickly, with her eyes fixed at the sidewalk. It was like an inverted catwalk: She did not want to be noticed in this kind of clothing, but she was. Conversations stopped as she passed, and one time a pair of prepubescent girls giggled openly. They knew what was happening. It had already happened to them, and they would be immune now!

Her shirt had crept up past her navel, and the tight sleeves were making the flesh of her upper arm bulge out obscenely. Her suddenly rounding chest was painfully crushed, and her nipples were clearly visible, standing at attention through layers of straining fabric. A button popped off between them and zinged toward the horizon. Each breath she took caused the shirt to contract further around her brand new breasts.

Her keys were in her bag. She opened it, and searched anxiously. The bag was full of miscellaneous objects which didn't really belong there. She had also dropped her stretched out and clearly ruined remaining sneaker into it. The keys were not easy to find. Another button zoomed away. Something tore down her back with a loud purring sound.

She took the sneaker up. She considered placing it on a wall, but she would need to lift her arms to do so, and that might cause her stretched out shirt to explode. Instead, she tossed it on the ground.

She did the same with a schoolbook. She heard a soft clink, as her keys hit the ground.

Obviously, the keys had hidden themselves inside the book. And as she had dropped the book, she had also dropped her keys. They were now lying on the ground in front of her.

She had to pick them up. But to do so, she had to bend down. Her jeans were tight enough as it was. In fact, they hurt like hell. Bending down was to ask for a really big disaster. But she really didn't have a choice.

She placed herself with her right side towards the keys. Then she slowly bent her knees as far as she could, without bending forward. The tightening of her thigh caused the tattered shreds of her jeans to bite painfully into her skin. It was an unsteady position, since she was forced to stand on her toes, and her legs were shaking slightly.

She carefully twisted her upper body sideways, stretching her right hand towards the keys. Her arm was 4 inches too short. No, 3 inches. 2... 1...

Slowly, she began to bend forward. She felt her undershirt come apart. Just when her stretching fingers touched the cold metal came the loudest tearing she had ever heard. The tightening around her waist disappeared, and she felt a breeze against her rear and legs, which were now exposed to everybody.

She bent down further, and grasped the keys.

She quickly straightened herself up, and as she did, her shirt basically exploded down the sides. Big white breasts she had never seen before flopped out.

She was completely, utterly naked. It took a long time to stand up fully, and the ground seemed miles away. With her left hand covering her freshly minted breasts, she unlocked the door. She moaned with frustration when she saw that one of the bystanders was holding a camera.

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