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The Genie and the Old Lady.
A Genie appears and says "Thank you for freeing me from the bottle in which I have been trapped for thousands of years! I grant you three wishes.
The Old Woman thought.
"For my first wish, I wish to be a young and beautiful woman again with my life ahead of me!"
The Genie puts a mirror in front of the Old Woman and claps his hands. Suddenly, she watches her body begin to change in the mirror. Her skin tightens and her wrinkles disappear. Her old figure becomes her young curvy one. Her hair turns from grey to black and lengthens so it is long. She suddenly feels her chest bursting out of the top of her dress! She watches as her stomach goes flatter and her legs grow longer. Then the rest of the changes occur.
"Hey Presto" says the Genie." You are a beautiful young woman!"
The young woman stares in the mirror at her new lavish beauty and youth and says "Wow this is really exciting!, I look like I'm 24 again!"
The Genie says "Your second wish?"
The young beauty says "All my life I have been poor, please, I wish to be the richest woman this universe has seen!"
The Genie claps his hands and the woman watches as her tiny cottage proceeds to grow into the biggest mansion the world has ever seen. The small garden grows until it is massive with big blooming flowers and fountains and right in the middle of the garden there is a 20ft statue of the woman surrounded by fountains. She goes inside her mansion with the Genie and sees certificates like how she owns Hollywood and bought Microsoft off of Bill Gates! She looks on a table and sees her bank balance. It comes to a total of 6 trillion dollars. She notices servants and butlers buzzing about the house.
"Hey Presto!" says the Genie. "You are the richest woman!"
The young woman sits down on a chair which was hand made by Leonardo Da Vinci. "Wow", she says "Now that I am beautiful and rich, I suppose that I will have men that only love me for my money and not for who I am."
Just then the woman's cat wanders into the room. "This cat has been my lifelong friend. For my third wish, I wish that this cat turn into the most handsome young man on Earth who loves me to bits for who I am."
The Genie claps his hands and disappears.
Suddenly the old cat turns into the most handsome man on the planet. He has jet black hair and an athletic body with rippling muscles. The woman stares at him, smitten. He walks over to her and her legs go weak. He rubs his hand along her body and stokes her hair. Then he whispers into her ear "I bet you're sorry now for having me fixed"!

There was this one 12-year-old girl named Dawn who although not in my group, still had a little crush on me for all the years that I worked there. She was slightly retarded (yeah, that must be why she liked me) and was a cute little kid, although her clinging to me whenever I saw her could get tiresome. In fact, there was this one time when she got off the bus and came running over to me shouting, Counselor M., I gots boobies now! Look, wanna see my training bra?!" She was trying to pull her shirt down to show me her new bra while I frantically told her to keep it on, thinking horrified about getting busted for being a pedophile. The kids in my group loved to taunt Dawn and I with the usual crap like the dreaded K-I-S-S-I-N-G! song because she used to get so upset when they did it. I used to find the whole thing amusing.

Here's how pitching an original story in Hollywood goes (and this is a real example - I was there) Star Trek: Deep Space Nine example:
Random Freelance Writer #1: I've got a great idea for an episode: Molly is techno-magically aged to age 16 and her parents have to cope with suddenly having a teenager! Maybe she even has a romance with Jake!
Staff Writer: Not interested. Thanks for coming in to pitch.
Random Freelance Writer #2: I've got a great idea for an episode: Molly is techno-magically aged to age 16 and her parents have to cope with suddenly having a teenager!
Staff Writer: Not interested. Thanks for coming in to pitch.
Random Freelance Writer #3: I've got a great idea for an episode: Molly is techno-magically aged to age 16 and her parents have to cope with suddenly having a teenager!
Staff Writer: Not interested. Thanks for coming in to pitch.
Random Freelance Writer #4: I've got a great idea for an episode: Molly is techno-magically aged to age 16 and her parents have to cope with suddenly having a teenager!
Staff Writer: Not interested. Thanks for coming in to pitch.
Random Freelance Writer #5: I've got a great idea for an episode: Molly is techno-magically aged to age 16! See, she finds this time-thingy and falls through it and it's kind of Jungle Book-like where she's had to raise herself in the wild and her parents have to cope with suddenly having a feral teenager!
Staff Writer: Hmm, there may be something there. We'll buy that. Thanks for coming in to pitch.
That's just how it is. Completely random and unrelated people pitching the same essential ideas completely separate from each other until one hits the right take on the story and then it's bought.

"MOMMA!! THEY'RE COMING...MOMMA?" the little girl's voice kept repeating that as her voice faded off. A soft thump was heard.
"Honey? Oh Gods!!!" she raced to the house, only to see her daughter collapsed on the floor. She started to pick up the fallen girl.
A black creature raised up to grab the little girl. The little girl's body started to grow, ripping her clothes from her pale, softly swelling body, until she was a fully developed woman. Her hair fell over her unconscious form.
A green haired woman appeared before the woman-child and smiled. "Ah, child, how you've grown." She grinned at her own wit and looked at the girl. "Now... I will bless you with mine knowledge, but not all, for that would be a curse... When you are ready, *then* I will give you all that is mine."
Her finger touched the girl's forehead and a light glowed momentarily. "And now, adieu." The woman disappeared, and the woman-child lay covered in her own hair.

At that moment, the woman stopped before reaching a Shuttle obviously for her and began to...
"Did that woman just become younger?" not sure to believe her eyes, she asked Akane to make sure.
"Another advantage to work at MII, age control." Akane commented, not the first time she had seen it or even change her own age.
"Age control?"
"Everyone in this reality could gained or loose age from seven to sixty in a matter of seconds. Just to concentrated on the thought of changing age until we reach what ever we had needed for a mission. Everyone else would just remained at the same age." Akane explained patiently.
"Weird place!" the girl exclaimed.

"Get out quick, before she ages more!", the girl snapped.
Pat suddenly saw the girl's body blossom, as he'd secretly wished, into a buxom adult woman. The dress shirt and slacks that the girl had worn tore to make room for her curves.
No!", Allison snapped but it was too late.
Tanya sagged as she aged from a gorgeous twenty-something woman into a skinny woman in her late sixties. She looked around for her friend Jenny in confusion.
Johnny led them to the living room where two six-year olds sat in oversized clothing.
"Mom! Dad! This is the genie I told you about! She's here to help!", Johnny said.
"Wish yourselves to your true age....or to a younger one if you wish.", Allison told the stunned former adults.
The little boy said quickly, "I wish I was twenty-five years old again." His clothes exploded to shreds.
"No, honey...", the mother scolded, "You're just too young.".
The little girl frowned, "I wish I was as old as you!", she sobbed the last.
Hank saw the little girl begin to age right before his eyes! She grew right out of her small dress as her hips widened and breasts quickly developed. His eyes widened as he saw a buxom woman in the shredded strips of a child's dress.
"Oh God! Tammie!", the mother gasped at her child, now as old as herself.
The former child grinned wide, "I'm all grown-up mommy!".
Hank was slightly stunned by this turn of events and backed away even as shrieks went up from the children.

Ella celebrated her third birthday this week. To her relief, she woke up and found that she had not, after all, turned into an adult. "I'm still the same!" she declared, after examining her legs and feet closely. Just to ensure that she would not suddenly grow up, however, Ella insisted that her cake should have no cangles (candles) on it. After opening her presents, which had arrived from around the world, Ella went for brunch at her favourite restaurant, and then went biking and boating in Golden Gate Park. Then she had cake, adorned with pixie dust (gold leaf), which she carefully picked off and ate, presumably for its anti-ageing properties. At bedtime she happily observed that she still fitted in her bed, so her plan to avoid growing up seems to have worked.
"A birthday is when you try to blow out cangles. There were no cangles on my cake because I didn't want to grow up. I'm three but still the same. I didn't grow up -- I forgot to grow up because I live in Neverland.

Hope and anticipation raged through her.
To Kathy's delight, it didn't take long for her to begin feeling something happening. The first experience she had wasn't very nice. Her stomach rolled and rumbled in displeasure, but she kept calm. Soon the turmoil in her tummy settled down. The sick feeling was slowly replaced by a tingling... a rush of energy that Kathy could feel flowing through her veins. The feeling made her giggle at first.
The odd tingle then sank into her bones and muscles, and Kathy let out a groan of excitement as the tingling turned into a strong sensation of power. She started to notice that indeed she was growing. Her clothing began feeling tight, and she regretted not taking them off while she had the chance. As she watched herself, every part of her began to swell and stretch... lengthening, strengthening. Her impossibly tight clothes slid over her skin.
As she approached 5 feet in height, her clothes started ripping in many places, her shorts popping and coming apart in spurts, and her t-shirt tearing in all directions like paper. She groaned in embarrassment.
Her body continued to get older. She reached 5'4". Kathy's mind was caught up in the feeling of new possibilities. It was exciting, even sexually so. A grin crossed her face with thoughts of what she could do now. The growth was slowing down, and finally she stopped at 5'6".

Reactions to: Criss Angel turned a little girl into a 20 year old:

that was crazy!
lol she couldnt hear herself
ugh, like a hundred periods at once
The real question did her clothes grow with her? Wouldn't they have ripped or something?
haha it's an illusion calm down lol. i was thinking the same thing though..
thats a freaky illusion
she will kill him after she realise that she's lost 14 years of her life!
"who are you? who are you?" lol
The girl runs over screaming"Mom Mom Mom" Mom goes "Escuse me who are you?" Lol.
...i noticed that she has the same necklace thing with the pattern as criss angel does...
hahaha. i wonder what the mom was thinking. she probably hates him now. :P
i wanna meet him sssoooo bad! i love him.
i wanna se myself when im 20
wait 14 years
so entertainin!!!
woooooooooo O.o¡¡¡¡ is very good
World record 20 year old white girl is a virgin.........
its a criss angel neckaless not ANARCHY gaywad
that was wierd i would be kind of mad and the little girl has the archany necklace
hah i love the part where her mom goes excuse me who r u?
i wonder if she can change back i would be pissed if i couldn't. thats like 12 wasted years and imagine going to skool like a 20 year old in grade 3
who the hell knows if its real or not i just think its kwl
I wish he could do that to me :\
i just wish he could hug me lol and a kiss wouldn't hurt either. ;)
wow wow wow oooooooooooooooooooo
you mean its fake?!?!?!?! i though it was" real =[
illusion doesn't necessarily mean fake it just messes with your mind a" little bit. it would be awesome if it were real

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