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"Is that so?"
"Yep. I can change my age whenever I want. All girls can. Watch this..." she said.
She closed her eyes... and began to get shorter.
One minute a 9 year old girl was there, and the next a little 3 year old was in her place, swimming in her oversized clothes. She opened her eyes and looked up at him.
John watched her as she started to grow back. Her eyes never left his face... and then she just kept on growing with a mischievous grin.
Her thighs increased in girth as her legs lengthened, her pants tearing as the belt broke and strips of pale skin appeared. Her bosom swelled into globes outlined under her straining top. The next second, it just came apart in shreds that slid down her narrow waist.
She must have grown almost 3 feet taller. She was much taller than him, supermodel height.
John realized a naked 20-year-old woman with very large breasts was now standing in his room! He saw she still had the scar on her arm, but it was stretched out by the growth. She brushed the cord of the ceiling fan out of her hair.
"I took my clothes off for you," she said invitingly.

Once, on another freezing day in December, a man had given her a scarf.
Now, her body had grown and her clothes were tight and short. Although she could very well eat and drink by herself, she obviously could not dress. If only the weather was warm all year.
she was so cold that her fingers and toes were numb. She wore the red scarf around her neck and had her nose hidden under it. Her sleeves were too short to warm her hands. Her feet hurt inside the tight shoes. It was high time she did something. She was about fourteen or fifteen but looked older.

"While weíre talking about changing, how about putting us back?" Bull said from the passenger seat. He was uncomfortable being stuck in the skin of a fifteen year old. He had changed into his sweats for the transfer back. Debby started the car and began to drive.
"Fine. Back to Bull." Sarah said. Her friend's features changed and he grew back into his old self. The former gang-member sighed in relief at being back to normal.
"Eyes front Bull."
After her friend complied, Sarah slid off her little girl clothes and into a pair of sweats similar to Bull's. She whispered and was back in her young adult form.
Sarah began to whisper again. Debby felt the familiar tingle as she changed back into a less matronly form.

Suddenly Ellen's chest started to bulge a bit. But Diana's change was a little different than Ellen's. She grew a bit taller and her body was starting to change shape a little. Like hers, Diana's body was getting a few months older.
Ellen's breasts began to form for the first time, her body was going through another change.
Her legs began to stretch and her hips and sides were getting more slender and longer. Her body was slowing maturing and she was starting to look sexier now. As Ellen was goin through her changes, so was Diana. She was growing taller and slenderer too, and this time her breast were starting to grow as well!!
Ellen's clothes began to rise up her legs and her shirt was starting to show a bit of exposure as gaps formed between the buttons from her growing, and Diana's clothes were doing the same thing.
As the night went on, Ellen and Diana's bodies were going through very big changes.
Ellen's sleeping bag began to become too small, since her body was growing into an older size, and Diana's body was pretty much having the same result. Her body was quickly becoming cramped and tight inside it. Ellen's clothes were slowly shrinking further and further. Her clothes quietly ripped apart in some areas, and her bust was the quickest growing. It was going from nothing to a small C-size as she aged.
But Diana's clothes were suffering a bit more than Ellen's since Diana was younger and shorter than Ellen. Her clothes were shrinking a lot more and ripping more too. Diana's bust was going from nothing to a nicely sized A cup. But her bust was still growing bigger!!
Ellen started to wake up. She slid out of her sleeping bag, but found it to be much tighter than normal. Her feet and legs had broken through the end! After a few shrugs, she became free. But as she stood up, her balance was a bit off for some reason.
"thats strange, I feel a bit different and why does my chest feel so heavy?" said a confused Ellen.
Marc turned around to see a bustier and much more mature looking Ellen. "Aaahhhh, what happened to you Ellen!!?" Marc shouted.
Ellen took a good look at her new breasts and saw that her clothes had ripped to shreds.
Ellen let out a scream. After hearing Ellen scream, Diana quickly sprang up and almost fell from the new added weight on her own chest.
Ellen was just shocked that her and Diana's bodies were now bustier and more mature looking. "Why does my chest feel so heavy?" said Diana. She noticed she was almost naked and quickly put on some of Ellen's clothes.
Diana then moved her hands to her chest and felt two large soft pieces of flesh. "hey what happened breasts!!" said a confused Diana.
"uummm your breasts weren't the only things that grew Diana" said a still shocked Marc.
Then it dawned on Diana when she moved her legs. She could feel that she was much taller than before. "Man this is kinda cool, I'm taller and have boobs." said a now overjoyed Diana.
"we need to figure out what happened to you guys overnight" said a worried Marc.
"Oh you worry too much Marc" said the un-worried Diana. But right after she said that, her body started to change again!! Her body aged to an 18 year old girl's body and her B-sized cup breasts grew into a C!!!
"Aahhh, whats happening!!" said a now worried Diana.
Suddenly the shirt she was wearing was tearing open very fast, as her breasts quickly grew in size. The weight of the growing bust meant she lost her balance.

Mila was standing in her room, pulling her shirt back over her head. She had officially been released from the hospital. So now, she was replacing her smock with her old clothes, which proved to be much too small for her.
The black, sleeveless shirt was now barely touching her navel and her navy blue shorts just reached her mid-thighs. Frowning, she twisted around in the fabric; it was all too tight.
"How did I grow so fast?"

"Tam," said Lydia. "You and your sister better make yourself older."
Debbie, all the while concentrating, still wished that she was as tall and as pretty as Lydia. Her eyes then shot open as she felt a change begin to happen in her. Her eyes flared as she began to grow taller. She began to get a little scared as her short, slender body began to stretch out like rubber, and to bulge and swell with new curves. Her back shivered as her short hair began to cascade like a dark waterfall, but what surprised her the most was her breasts. Under her tearing clothes, she felt her bosom begin to swell and grow fuller.
"Wow," said Lydia. "Does that always happen when you two change ages?"
"Yes," said Tam. "But usually no one is watching." Now almost naked, Tam had grown to over six feet tall, his shoulders were broader than anyone on the school football team, his hair had grown down to past his shoulders, and his erection had burst his pants well before he had reached adulthood.
Debbie tried to shift back into a corner. "I just wanted to be pretty," she muttered under her voice.
Lydia giggled. "Well you got your wish," she said. "And then some. Debbie you are knock down, drag out, beautiful."
"But my brother," Debbie said shyly. "I forgot whatever happens to me, also happens to my brother."

Nan was one of the most popular girls in school and she liked to wear too small skimmers and loafers.
One day when we were juniors she came to class in a pair of well-worn black skimmers that she hadn't worn for a long time and which were now too small for her (I think they were new when we were in sixth grade). The backs were pretty well crushed and you could see toe cleavage and the outlines of her toes pressing hard against the thin leather. She sat down at her desk and popped them off easily since she was wearing nylons.
After she played with them for a while, Miss Dee called Nan to the board. She scrambled to try and get her too small shoes on, finally making a desperate grab at the backs and pulling them on. Her success was short lived. By the time she got to the board, the left shoe had popped loose and she almost lost it. Then as she worked the problem at the board she had to stand on tiptoes, and you can guess what happened to the other shoe. With no possibility of getting them back on gracefully, Nan carefully walked back to her seat with her shoes flapping and her classmates smiling knowingly. I thought I was going to lose it right there! I guess she was really embarrassed because she didnít do much playing for the rest of the class.
I didnít see Nan again until after school. I was standing with some friends by the steps to the parking lot when she came out with a couple of other girls. When she got about halfway down the steps, her left shoe slipped off and she nearly fell. While her friends rushed to help her up, I grabbed the shoe, which had fallen off to the side of the steps. As I handed it back to Nan with thumping heart (and other parts) I couldnít help noticing that the back was starting to come apart Ė I guess thatís why it came off. Well, I thought, thatís the last weíll see of these beauties.
Next day Nan was back with the same shoes, only she really had trouble keeping the left one on.
I noticed that now she could barely keep the right shoe on as well. When we sat down I saw why Ė the top of the shoe was splitting from the middle toward the little toe! This time the show was incredible, but as you can guess, Nanís black skimmers never made another appearance in school.

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