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   Alice got up without bothering to change out of her 
pajamas. She hurried to the living room.  After turning on the TV, she 
saw that the show hadn't begun yet, so she went to get her breakfast.  The 
8-year old poured a bowl of Captain Crunch, then went to the 
fridge for milk.
   As she pulled the milk out, though, something caught her eye.  Alice 
was startled to see a little glass bottle hidden behind the milk carton.  
Curious, she set the milk aside and picked up the bottle, staring 
curiously at the blue liquid within.  she didn't remember ever seeing 
anything like that in the fridge before, and wondered what it was.  
Turning the bottle in her hands for a moment, Alice stared at it, trying 
to guess what the liquid was. MITOCELLERATOR it said. "10-year bio-
activation test sample" "4 hour effective dose". 
After a minute, she decided that she had the answer.  It was some sort 
of Kool-Aid.
   Alice pulled the stopper out of the bottle, and cautiously sniffed at 
it, wondering if it might be like that prune juice her dad had insisted 
on trying a couple weeks ago.  Yuck.  she scrunched her nose and stuck 
her tongue out at the memory.  However, the smell that came from this 
bottle didn't smell like either of those.  Instead, it smelled really 
nice.  Just like Kool-Aid.  she just couldn't help but wondering why 
there was only such a small bottle of it, then decided that it must be 
one of those free samples that the stores always gave out.
   Once again, Alice sniffed at the bottle, then looked to see if there 
was some sort of label or name on it, but quickly saw that there wasn't.  
Shrugging, Alice decided that no one would mind if she drank it.  After 
all, neither her mommy or daddy liked Kool-Aid.  Then Alice raised the 
bottle to her lips, and took a cautious sip.  It was delicious.  she 
licked her lips, then gulped the rest of the bottle down, disappointed 
that there wasn't any more.
   "That was good!" she grinned to herself, depositing the empty bottle 
into the garbage can.  "I hope mommy buys more of this stuff!"  Then, 
Alice turned back to the milk, and her breakfast.
   Several minutes later, Alice was back in the living room, and eating 
her breakfast off of the coffee table.  she was disappointed that the 
show had already started while she was in the kitchen, but was glad that 
she hadn't missed very much of it at all.  Nervously, she glanced around, 
just to make sure that her parents hadn't snuck up on her.  After all, 
if they caught her eating in the living room, she knew that she'd really 
be in trouble.  Fortunately, though, she saw that she was all alone, so 
went back to her breakfast and show.
   When Alice had finished half of the cereal in the bowl, she started to 
feel warm.  It was like some strange heat was beginning to fill her body.  
Alice frowned, nervously touching her warm skin, and wondering if she 
was sick, though she didn't really feel sick.  Instead, it was more like 
when she was soaking in a hot bath.
   Then, Alice was startled to realize that her pajamas, which had been 
loose, were now beginning to get tight on her.  Tighter and tighter they 
became, until they were pinching Alice painfully.  "Ouch," she whined, 
trying to get her pajamas off, and not caring why they had suddenly 
started to shrink on her.  However, her pajamas were on too tight, and 
she wasn't able to even budge them.  Then suddenly, Alice heard a 
ripping sound, and the pinching started to go away.  she stared down at 
her pajamas, with her mouth open in surprise, saw that all the seams had 
burst open.  In moments, most of what was left of her shredded, torn pajamas 
fell to the ground in tatters.
   Alice stood up, noticing for the first time that not only had her 
pajamas gotten smaller, but so had everything else in the living room.  
she stared around, with her mouth and eyes both wide open.  Then she 
looked down at herself, not completely naked.  Alice's eyes widened 
even further at the sight that met her, and the realization that 
everything else hadn't shrunk, but it was she that had grown.
   she looked so big.  her legs were so long, and they looked so 
different.  Alice's butt started to feel big, and fat.  she shifted 
uncomfortably, seeing that she was still growing.  Alice held her hands 
out, surprised to see that her arms were so much longer, and that even 
her hands were changing.  her fingers seemed so long, and right in front 
of her eyes, she saw her fingernails slowly growing out, longer and 
longer, stopping only when they were nearly an inch long.
   "What's happening to me?" she started to cry, terrified at what was 
happening to her.  But still, she saw that it hadn't stopped yet.
   A tickling sensation at her shoulders made Alice turn around, half 
expecting to see someone behind her, though there was no one there.  
Then she noticed her hair.  It had grown longer, and she could feel it 
still ticking her back as it continued to grow.  Nervously, she grasped 
some of the hair, and held it out in front of her eyes. 
Alice gulped, then looked down at herself again, only to notice that 
she'd changed even more while she was looking at her hair.  Her 
eyes widened as she saw her crotch.  There was a little bit of blonde
hair down there. Alice just stared at it for a moment, then was distracted
by another strange sensation.
An odd tingling was beginning around Alice's chest.  she saw with 
amazement that her nipples had gotten bigger.  A lot bigger, and turned 
darker.  But that wasn't all.  The tingling sensation occurred, though 
it didn't feel uncomfortable.  Just odd.  Alice felt her chest beginning 
to swell, watching it beginning to get bigger and bigger.  Slowly, two 
lumps began to form around her nipples, pushing them out further and 
further from her chest.  Two mounds developed, and in moments, Alice 
gasped to recognize what they were.
   "I've got boobies," she whispered in awe, "just like mommy's!"  Alice 
just cupped them in her hands, amazed at how strange it was to feel the 
unfamiliar weight on her chest.  she stared at them for several more 
minutes, not noticing that her new breasts were bigger than her mother's.
   Releasing her new 'boobies', Alice looked down at her tattered 
pajamas that lay scattered on the floor, and then around her for anything 
that could have caused her sudden unexpected age change.  she frowned, 
not seeing anything that she thought could have done that to her.  After a 
minute, Alice shrugged and gave up, deciding that it wasn't really that 
   Then taking another look at herself, Alice saw the floor and gulped 
nervously.  It looked so far down.  she couldn't help but feeling like 
she was going to fall down and get hurt, especially with her balance as 
off as it was.  Alice nervously took several steps, trying to get used 
to the alien feel of her body, and the completely new balance.
   Suddenly curious about what she looked like now, Alice started 
walking towards the bathroom.  she didn't even notice that with each step, 
she grew just a tiny bit more used to her body, and a tiny bit more 
graceful.  When Alice got into the bathroom, she immediately turned to 
and stared at herself in the mirror, hardly able to believe that what she 
saw looking back could possibly be her.
   "Pretty lady!" she gasped in surprise.  "I'm a pretty lady!"  The 
woman that stared back at her from the mirror was the prettiest lady 
that Alice had ever seen.  Even prettier than her mommy, though she'd 
never tell her that.
   She looked about 19 or 20, and she had long, wavy, golden blonde hair 
that went almost to her back, a fact which she confirmed by turning 
around and giving the hair a slight tug.  her eyes looked really big, 
and a real pretty blue.  And her lips were sort of big and puffy now, 
which seemed sort of strange for Alice, but not nearly as much as the 
perfectly grown breasts on her chest.
   "Wow!" Alice whispered, then looked down at herself again in 
renewed amazement.  Then after a minute, she giggled.  "I'm a grownup 
now!"  The very thought made her giggle even more.
   Alice smiled at the lady in the mirror, then waved back, laughing 
when she did too.  she knew that it was her own reflection, but it seemed 
almost like there was another person hiding in the mirror, who was 
waving back at her instead.  A strange lady who'd taken her reflection 
from her.  But at the same time, Alice smiled.  This was the most 
exciting thing that had ever happened to her.
   Then, after waving goodbye to the lady in the mirror, Alice giggled 
again and returned to the living room, hardly noticing that her balance 
wasn't bothering her too much anymore.  Alice nearly danced around 
the living room, looking at everything with cheerful glee.  she was so 
excited that everything seemed so much smaller to her.  It was so fun 
to be bigger, and she even felt stronger.  However, once she noticed that 
her favorite show was still on TV, she rushed back to the couch, not 
wanting to miss another minute of it.
   While Alice was watching the show, she couldn't help but look at her 
own body again, curious at the changes.  However, she still wasn't curious 
enough to stop paying attention to her show at the same time.