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"What's wrong, Jana?" her mom asked.
"I...I'm not sure," Jana said. "It's my legs."
Jana started to shake... and suddenly she started to... stretch out. In just a few seconds she grew to almost 5 feet tall, her toes popping through the front of her shoes and snapping the laces. Her changing body knocked over the chair.
"Jana, what..." Her mom stopped talking as she saw her child was now at least 4 years older. Her growing body had popped a few of the seams on her clothes.
Jana fell down on her (somewhat expanded but still childish) butt. "Ow, that hurt," Jana said. Jana realized she was much bigger than before. She opened her eyes and saw her arms had gotten longer. "Ahhhhh!" Jana screamed.
"Jana, calm down, we'll figure this out,"
"Calm down!" Jana shrieked. "I'm getting older. I can't go to school like this, the fast growing freak!"
"So what do you want to do, stay in the house the rest of your life?"
Suddenly, Jana began to feel queasy. Then she grew another few inches! This time her clothes were badly damaged, beyond any hope of repair.
Jana grew taller and developed... breasts. Her entire body expanded until she reached her adult height of 5'5". Still her thin body kept getting wider. Suddenly she began to shake.

During the summer of 1980, Charles found 5'10'' (1.83 cm) Diana sitting on a bale of hay. The prince had met Diana in 1977 when he dated her oldest sister. He noted how much she had grown up from the 16 year old girl he remembered. "No more puppy fat," he said. Diana blushed, lowered her eyes, and looked down at her long legs. "I'm just taller now," she joked. "I've stretched the puppy fat."

- With Leelee's star rising fast - not to mention her height (just while shooting Deep Impact, she grew 2 whole inches)...
- Is it just me, or does the girl who plays Teri Hatcher's daughter seem a lot taller this season?
- watch the show, she is looking way taller than 5'4'' and taller than teri hatcher, who i believe is 5'6''.
- If you mean, Andrea Bowen, she's 15 and is listed at 5ft 4.5in tall.
- Oh, I concur, she did seem both taller and more mature in appearance. But that is a function of the age she is supposed to be playing. At 13 girls often mature more rapidly then the boys. Thats why you might see a 13/14yr who looks 18 or even alittle older...
(Growthspurts Group)

She fought back the terror that was slowly creeping up. The dreams seemed more real than ever, and she felt she had grown, her clothes were tighter. She almost cried but fought it back, then forced herself back to sleep.
Irina's eyes burst open just as she heard the knocks on the door. She looked at herself. She was drenched in sweat, and her breathing was heavy, as if she had run a marathon. Another dream.
I woke up with the sudden thump. I got up and looked around, "Irina!" I found her on the floor.
I moved to pick her up when she began to grow again, much like that night at the hospital.
Her limbs pushed out, getting longer, and her cheeks fuller. Her hair lengthened as well.
Her clothes were suddenly much too small for her. When it was all over, I shook her softly to wake her up.
Irina's eyes fluttered open.
"Wha... What happened?" She looked at me groggily. "Did I...? I took a deep breath and nodded my head slowly. When Irina hugged me tightly I felt... breasts that hadn't been there before.

20 Minutes later the little girl's shoes were very tight, you could see the outline of her feet trying to push through. Then she started to hear a stretching sound, oh no she thought, her shoes were about to give from the tightness. Soon her toes ripped though her right shoe and her heel ripped out also, the same with her left shoe, then after about 5 minutes more, her shoes could no longer hold together, and her feet burst out of them. Her feet were wiggling like crazy loving that it wasn't hurting anymore, but that was about the only good thing happening for her right now. Her clothes were much too short and too tight.

Charles and Nellie: a Little House on the Prairie
She was the one who would act smug when you fell down. She was the one who would laugh when you were down. She would put things in your way just to trip you up. She was hated by most. Feared by many. But known to all. But, there was something with her. Something about the way she skipped down the dirt road. Something about her sneer. Her laugh. Her talk. No one would ever think she was worth loving. But 11 year old Charles Ingalls found her one day when she was swimming in the local pond. He watched her. An unfamiliar feeling in his crotch... there it was again. He put his hands against his pants and felt his erection growing in his pants. It began to rise up as he stared at her. She had just turned 12 and was fast becoming a woman. He tried to stop his cock with his hands but it kept pushing out past his straining fingers, growing almost like a tree branch. His shoulders strained. Charles couldn't stop it anymore. He began to sweat. She noticed him. She saw the look in his eyes and slowly swam over to stare at him, pulling herself out of the water and walking over to him, her hips swaying under her tight dress, her long legs moving through the reeds. She looked down at his immense bulge, now swelling out of control, and tilted her head. There was sweat on his brow. The first button popped off his workman's pants and splashed in the pond behind her, but Nellie's eyes never moved. Instead her nipples thickened and grew longer. Her budding breasts swelled and became rounder, slightly straining her dress. She took his hand and put it on a firm mound. His pants couldn't take it anymore and gave way with an explosive rip, fabric flying into the sky, a few pieces draping over the tree branches. His penis slammed against his shirt, still thickening and stretching with each heartbeat. She reached out and moved her finger half an inch from its length, never touching the rock-hard flesh. From the side the shadow looked monstrous. The sun glistened off of her shoulder as she touched his face. A look in her eyes said "You need to stop milking cows and let me milk you." She touched him like only a woman could. Charles took her hand and led her to a blanket he had put down for his afternoon nap. Laying down in the summer heat He got on top of her. He didn't know where to put his immense cock. He thought about telling her how he always found it arousing when she pushed "half pint" into the mud. He told her it always made him happy. He was going to plow her wheat field. Sweat pouring down. Dripping off Charles' brow and running down the side of Nellie's breasts. On the bank of the pond, the two had become one. She was satisfied. And he was too. (PE Group)

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