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As a teen, almost overnight at 14/15, I developed wicked curves that were more appropriate for say, a 25 year old woman and sometimes wished I ... could look "perfect" in a size 2 or something. As opposed to a size 10.
Mischa Barton is a frickin' shapeshifter.
There are pics of her at The Skinny Website where some of the sets are just 2-3 days apart and the weight difference appears to be more than 20-30 pounds.
Similarly, there are pics within the same photo set - taken on the same day - where she alternates between looking simply gorgeous and homeless.
The pic posted earlier where she looks fat -- check out the full pic at the above link (at Harrod's event) -- she looks rail thin. You can tell it's the same date because of the dress.

Stacy barely noticed her clothes were tightening. She felt a tickling on the back of her neck and turned around to see no one there. She grabbed her hair and pulled it around in front of her face. It was longer! How could that be, she thought. Her hair was growing, right there in her hand.
It streamed down and pushed through her fingers, long, straight and dark brown.
She saw that her hands were getting bigger too. Her nails lengthened and her fingers grew. Her nails curved. A cheap ring she wore suddenly popped off.
"What's going on?" She said aloud.
Her shoes groaned and one by one her toes popped their way through the front. She could see her pant legs riding up her still thin ankles, then to the middle of her calve.
A calve that was a bit too smooth for a small girl. Her heart was pounding, like her chest was getting tight and ready to explode.
Indeed it was. She looked down to see two small mounds. She could see her nipples rising up like small thumbs. She felt the shirt she was wearing pull tight as the buttons on her blouse started pulling at each other in a tug-o-war to stay together.
Stacy looked down at her budding breasts in shock, unaware of the changes that were also happening to her face. It was getting more mature, more defined, and much more beautiful.
The top button on her shirt gave way and brand new cleavage popped out, boiling through her tearing undershirt. It looked like her school shirt would hold, but only after the next two buttons let loose. Her blouse now showed off an extremely bare midriff. Her pants almost looked like long shorts, but then they split down the outside seams. She could see part of her round butt looking down.

Ava, a young female of about age sixteen, lay in her four poster bed under a mess of blankets and bed sheets, early on an overcast September day.
Her feet hung bare over the end of the bed, the result of a sudden growth spurt that had stretched them to impossible lengths.
The mile-long things crashed into one of the two bedposts they had been lying between.
She let out a yelp at her stupidity and pain, grabbing her legs to evaluate the damage done. The spots of contact were bright red; she hoped they wouldn't bruise.
She walked towards the closet, grabbing the first pair of sneakers she could reach.
She stuffed her feet into her sneakers, again reminded of her growth spurt as they fit less than comfortably.
"Ava-" she heard her father call.
She stood up, the sneakers bulging unforgivingly. She winced. The sneakers were from before her growth spurt. Her mom had bought them for her.
Her shirt buttons strained over her new breasts.
"Ava-" he called again, and she heard his footsteps as he left the kitchen.
No time to change them now. She opened the front door and said "Bye, Dad."
The air outside was cool, and Ava wished she would have taken a sweater.
Not like it would have fit anyway, she thought sardonically, the tightness of her sneakers an unpleasant reminder of how much she had grown.
And it's not just my appearance, the voice in her head continued.

Yearbook of the National Reading Conference
USA Education, 1973
As the child watched herself in the mirror noticing how she had grown out of her clothes, she felt sad. Her mother told her that growing older was ...

Lore of faith & folly
Folklore Society of Utah, Social Science, 1971
... admittedly eleven when the season began, was well on the way toward twelve when it ended and had nearly grown out of her clothes, costumes and all...

Fourteen days seem fourteen years,
Sunlight and moonlight sweeping overhead
Until one fog-draped night.
She comes.
In the distance, a child comes through the mist:
A maiden, growing with every step,
Aging years in seconds. Soon she is a woman,
Her belly rounded like she is with child.
When she stops before him, she is a crone,
Wizened with age, but standing tall under her cloak,
Which billows in the wind with her white hair.
Her black eyes have no light in them.

The spark begins tracing out a figure eight, and suddenly a change erupts over the little girl. Sweat pours down her brow, as if she had just realized that it was hot. The fine hairs on her head blur, along with her nose and hands. Her mouth sags open.
The spark is now gone, and the girl is silent again. But, she is changing. A slimming of the waist, a widening of the hips, and a slight lengthening of the nose happens simultaneously. Within another few seconds, the bound figure has grown an inch. The girl speaks gibberish rapidly, as though she has never been introduced to language before. Then, her speech stops, and picks up again. This time, it is sensible:
"…and Beth Ann is such a bitch! Jimmy told her to tell me he’d meet me a five forty, but she said seven twenty! And by then, I had already made out with Frank, and…"
He lowers his hand, and she stops. The speaker is silent.
"I can show you life."
The girl begins to grow taller, her breast becoming fuller, and more pronounced. At some point she stops growing, and her hair begins thinning, graying, and falling out. Her body shrinks into a mound of wrinkles and puckers. Suddenly, she is a mass of flesh, pink and raw. Then, the girl is a baby, swathed still in the clothes of the middle-aged man who sat in the chair only moments before her.
Then, the baby grows, its face widening, toes lengthening, and hair growing. Soon, she reaches maturity, and Gabriel stares at her. The weird growth ceases... the girl in the chair turns to him, staring through him into the darkness of the void that is behind him and all around them.

A couple of minutes after I masturbate, I usually take a digital photo of myself (from head to toe) in the nude.
This is some kind of a lifelong art project, if you will. I got the idea when I saw a time-lapse film in biology class of flowers and trees growing. I thought it would be incredibly cool to do that with a nude human being you could see grow and develop and age. So I started taking these photos regularly, always in the same position in front of the same background from the same navel-high point of view, so I can animate them on the computer.
One day I could probably sell it to the BBC for one of their science shows — but I prefer to keep it for myself as a remembrance of "how fabulous I really looked," to quote the Sunscreen song. I do it shortly after an orgasm for vanity's sake, because then my penis is nearly as big as when it's erect, only it is pointing downward as though it is flaccid.
I'd like to remember myself as well-endowed. So sue me!

...a small girl walking on the street... she stopped and persuaded the girl to sit in the car next to the two.
"Hi my name is ti..fanny. Umm why are you two nakee." she giggled.
Then her transformation began as she grew taller. Then her breasts began to form until they ripped her shirt off. She was surprised by the feeling so much she arched her back. Her hips widened until her small skirt just ripped leaving a very tight g-string riding up her new round hips. She looked to be about 16... she just stared at her new breasts.
"ahh..i have boobies.Umm i feel good..eww what are you doing!Stop!I'll tell my MOMMIEEEEEEEE!"
The girl automatically felt a new sensation hit her from the moment they touched her. she then saw her nipples get hard and tried to touch them only to be surprised by another sensitive spot making the girl fall back, experiencing these new feelings. She began to feel a buildup of pleasure as it got faster and better. Then she arched her back from her first orgasm. When she got up she had a smile on her face.
"Wow i like being all grown up, can we play more?" she said.

Elle Fanning found a way to become older online, studying the technique in her room until she thought she could do it easily. She closed her eyes and concentrated.
"What happened to my body?" she stiffened. "Why are my clothes so tight?"
"I can’t breathe"
"Is this the side-effect of using the technique?"
She felt being squeezed. She thought her clothes shrunk. She touched her chest for air.
"I have breasts! They are so big!"
She rushed in her bathroom to look in the mirror. She took her clothes off quickly and accidentally ripped them. She let out a sigh of relief and went to the mirror to check on her body.
She was shocked. She looked like an adult between 18 and 20. She blushed furiously. Her curvy figure, her creamy skin, her long legs, her pretty face, her big chest and ass made her all so sexy.
"This is really me!"
This was not supposed to happen. She expected to grow older, but not this much.
"What should I do?"
Enough of this I must find some clothes and get out immediately before mom finds me here naked. She covered herself with a towel and tiptoed into Joy’s room for clothes.
She chose her mother’s favorite dress. Still picky even in this situation.
It fit her perfectly. The red dress reached her knee with a little slit showing her right leg. The dress was sleeveless showing her creamy white shoulder. She sneaked out of the window and took a walk to think about her problem.
She noticed men kept staring at her.

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