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Sasha bounced up an inch, and then another, and another.
I watched as she tried to look herself over. I started feeling my head spin again. I struggled to maintain my balance as I looked down at Sasha.
It was subtle at first, but it looked like her stomach was pulling back from her top. After only seconds, there was tight fabric over her chest. I then noticed the child's legs, or more accurately her ankles, as the hem of her pants began to rise up her calves. As this was going on, my eyes were drawn to her upper body which was pulling her top out of her pants, revealing her stomach. Her arms were also lengthening.
She pulled her shoulders back and put her arms out, surveying her unfamiliar length as best she could, when I noticed something was happening in her blouse.
Very faintly, I could see something rising, and expanding underneath. Quickly, the apex of her blouse was taut, and I watched her budding breasts under her child size undershirt and vest. She had been flat before, but now it looked like she needed a training bra.
She lifted up her arms, and with a look of discomfort on her face, I could see her trying to re-adjust her shirt. Then I heard a loud snap, and saw her shirt pop open in the front as she took a deep breath.
The sides of her breasts muscled their way through the gap. She began to blush, and I heard another, louder rip. She tried to pull down her blouse and undershirt, revealing white flesh, and then a crescent of pale breast the size of the underside of an orange. I saw her tugging at something, and she pulled out what was obviously a shred of her undershirt. The force of her puberty had broken it in the front.
With all of her painful obstructions removed, I could see she was embarrassed by the changes her body was going through, breasts and legs still growing. I was stunned, as she grew taller, her legs matched by swelling buttocks.
Her fuller figure made her lower body look like someone had painted tearing Capri pants on it at a carnival. Finally her growth topped out.
She looked very uncomfortable. Her skin was tight and pale. Her hair was a tangled mess, as if she had slept ten years. Her torn blouse was now completely open, and revealed her ribs, and possibly the most torn undershirt in the western hemisphere.
Even as she breathed casually, her breasts visibly expanded and pressed again the fabric of the ruined shirt. Her nipples werenít erect, but I could make out two lumps where Iím pretty sure they were located.
As she sighed and surveyed her older body, she walked over to the mirror, bent over (as her cleavage was now at her former eye level) and began to strike poses.
Iím not too proud to admit that as I watched her study her reflection, her still thin body doubled over, breasts freely swaying from side to side, ass gyrating erratically Ė I began to respond.

The marketplace was crowded with people buying foods of all kinds. The red-headed child was squeezing her way through the crowd. She saw some really nice pottery. Each piece was large enough for her to hide in. She looked inside and saw a void of nothingness.
She fell in the pot since she lost her grip on the thing and fell into a seemingly infinite void. She stopped falling after what seemed like a minute and seemed to be floating.
A roar was heard and the girl felt a strong pain in her back. She screamed until the pain stopped. She was gasping for breath and eventually fainted. When she came to, she was back outside of the pot. In fact, she was right next to it. Only thing though, she had gotten a growth spurt (she was, like, five when she fell in), and her clothes were too small for her.

Wardrobe Malfunctions
Olivia has several new outfits in her dresser that she won't wear. She insists on wearing her old familiar clothes. Don't we all do that? The only problem is that she's growing. Her old familiar clothes are getting way too small. Her jeans are starting to look like capris. Her long sleeve shirts could almost pass for 3/4 length sleeves. And three year olds should not be allowed to wear midriff bearing sweat shirts! She's starting to complain about her clothes getting uncomfortable but still doesn't want to wear the new stuff.

In one part of the dream there was a child who was 'mine', but I had not brought her up. (I do not have a child in reality.) Her age shifted a few times. People were asking me, "Is she yours?" implying that I was too young to have daughter of teenage age. Next part I remember, she was younger, about six or seven and she wanted to go into town on her bicycle. I was in her room looking for what clothes etc. she would need.

The Bone
She'd suddenly gotten taller, her breasts became full and her body had taken shape.
She now looked like an attractive young woman. The young boy called Efe, who had been sitting next to her, was a kid from the tennis club whom she hung out with. Like most of the kids around her, he flirted with her and wanted to reach her soul and especially her body.

Females from 15 years old on look very very sexual. This has always been the case and always will be the case.
I was fully developed the month after I was 10. Literally had almost the same body I did back then (very very freaky experience btw). Would it have been okay to fark me because I had a C chest at age 10?
Younger women have nubile bodies and unblemished skin.
Most women don't clear up till 16-18ish when puberty is over (yes you still go through puberty after you get your period. your body is still changing)
I understand that men find young women sexual (trust me, I had many experiences with that) but the point is a young woman's mind needs to catch up with her body before she starts to act responsible sexually, IMHO.

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