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Fibonacci Time
The news arrived in chunks.
Lull in solar wind proves baffling. Child ages years in seconds. Desert turned into jungle. Tropical snows.
There was a rupture in the skin of chronology and objects transformed without meaning. Time had become ostensible and was described as amphibious.

When she started to notice her ever developing curves she changed so quickly, he couldnít help but notice her, she was like an orchid blooming in fast forward. Her body had begun to change before she noticed it; to her it had just been a sudden tightness in some clothes; where her widening hips were spreading relentlessly and her thighs were becoming more shapely. Her breasts had appeared suddenly. One day she was sulking and moaning at her friends because they all had heaving bosoms that all the boys were transfixed with and she didnít and the next she had her own pair of deadly weapons. It was overnight, they just appeared. That was when Elizabeth became popular.
He wanted to bite her bottom and see what she looked like beneath that uniform. The uniform that had shortened over the course of the past year and gotten so much tighter. Her breasts literally strained against the thin white cotton of her shirt.

I had gained weight over that summerĖI went from 105 lbs to 115 lbs. and it mostly went to my hips. Suddenly, I had a figure where I did not have one before. This was the year that grown men were ogling me in the streets. Big boobs, big hips, slender rest of me. It was creepy, I didnít know how to handle it, thus began me hunching over in an attempt to hide my chest. I continue to sport bad posture as a result.

Annette stomped up to him, grabbed his shoulder, and whipped him around. She was deceptively strong--and amazingly tall. She had grown six inches so that she was almost at eye-level with him. Her clothes seemed too small on her as well, as if she had matured several years within a few seconds.

Alyson Stoner
Sunday, February 25, 2007
wow, five days seems like forever now!
anywayz tomorrow, i finally get to take some new pictures for new headshots! i need them sooo badly, because in my last photo, i had shorter side bangs...woops! haha, and also, im finally starting to grow, so my body doesn't even look the same!

Lacey continued to put on the red dress, because some of the younger men bought bottles of her father's remedy while they were getting up the nerve to proposition her.
Over the years, the red dress had been replaced several times, first because she had grown taller and filled out until the dress had crept up to her knees and her breasts threatened to spill out of the neckline. The other red dresses had simply worn out.

Eldest Child woke up yesterday to find that, rather bizarrely, overnight she'd grown out of all her clothes, nothing fitted her anymore. She must have grown in the night as, without (much) exaggeration, all that remained that fitted her from her somewhat vast wardrobe was her school uniform and PE kit, the latter will fit her even if she grows to the size of a 6'6" prop forward! So it was with much excitement we headed off to the shops waving at a rather pale, anxious looking Father Of The Children.

"Doc, growth hormones don't make it. We all take twenty years or so to mature. Unless you like 'em young."
"It won't take that long."
"Why not? You can't grow an adult any faster."
He looked at me, smiling broadly. "I can."
So I stood around for two hours taking vids of Doc doing his thing right? I made sure I recorded it.
He whispered in a hushed voice. "She's ready to Wake Up."
"Two to three hours? Eighteen years? Time doesn't work like that." I felt my face. It was smooth. No weeks or months had passed.
"Tiny?" I took a vid. She was covered, except for her head, with a blanket.
"Yup. That's her at sweet eighteen. Maybe a bit younger, but that's her."
"She's beautiful." I took another vid. All I could see was her head and the outline of that marvelous body of hers.
"Can I look?" I asked as I plucked at the edge of the blanket, cam at ready.
He slapped my hand away. "Of course not! That wouldn't be proper."

Her narrow chest throbbed with a life of its own, and again that burning, fiery sensation on the flat skin marked only by a tiny mole.
Lia's eleven year-old frame pulsed with tension, pulsed with growing strength. A new sensation emerged into the miasma of sensory overload: The feeling of clothing grown far too tight. Flesh rippled and expanded. Bones extended like pistons. Her child-size jeans became taut as the legs within them stretched and lengthened. Her shoes soon became open-toed sandals before the pressing demands of her feet.
Lia arched her back as her shoulders and arms expanded. Bones lengthened while her flesh crawled, danced, and rippled. She had already grown half a foot. Limbs quivered and twitched uncontrollably as the fibers multiplied and expanded. Her skeleton continued the age transfiguration by way of Lia's tomboy hips. Her lower abdomen spasmed wildly as the expansion smoothly passed through puberty. Her child-sized jeans, the threads already taut, could not withstand her increasing measurements. The seams split with audible rips, revealing slim coltish legs turning more feminine by the second.
Lia whirled and twisted, flailing her lengthening, swelling arms. Her smooth skin rippled with the explosion of cell division. Her thickening arms were tearing her sleeves, as a cascade of hair writhed through the air. Daddy watched with an unreadable expression; his face a jumble of emotions as inscrutable as the wild, confusing sensations pulsing through his child's body. And that's when the buttons of her plaid shirt began to fly.

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