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Suddenly her body started shrinking, till she looked like a child.
She screamed as she shrank, her voice changing tone as her clothes loosening on her. When she stopped, she looked like a normal 11 or 12 year old girl in ridiculously oversized clothes. She jumped, pulled them up and staggered to the bathroom, and came back crying a bit.
Jeb comforted her, reminding her that it would wear off.
"Oh no!" Jessie muttered as she started changing age again. A few seconds later a second little girl sat next to Lisa. "Cool", Lisa cried out, "I always wanted a sister", and laughed at the look on Jessie's face.
"Growing is part of living". Jessie noticed that Lisa was now several inches taller than her, and still growing. She started to rip out of her clothes as she grew older. A minute later she was nude, and looked down on me and Jessie. She ran to the bathroom and saw that she looked at least 17. Her breasts were big and generous. "Cool, I've turned into an adult".

A young girl kept coming up to me and placing my hand upon her breast. She was just developing her breasts, and they felt so very beautiful. -- Les.
In this dream Les is not holding back from being involved with the young girl. The dream, any dream, is a full surround experience of virtual reality. While in the dream it usually seems totally real to us. So as far as Les is concerned, while he is dreaming, he is actually experiencing what it would be like if a young girl came up to him and put his hands on her developing breasts. This means that dreams are a wonderful gymnasium of the soul, a place where we can play, experiment, try new things, in fact allow ourselves areas of experience that we or others might forbid in waking life.

Was she getting bigger? No, that's impossible, he thought. Jamie then took a big drink from her water glass. Sure enough, her chest pulled tighter and tighter against the top as her breasts began to bud. She seemed to be *ballooning*, and becoming taller, too. She didn't seem to notice though and set the glass down. Ted had an uneasy expression on his face. Ted didn't want to complicate the situation any more than it was.
Jamie felt better and was still hungry, so she continued to eat. And eat. Her body was becoming slightly bigger with every bite. Jamie felt her clothes becoming tighter and realized how large she was growing. She realized she had small breasts now, squeezed inside her too absurdly tight top. There was a nasty rip as she underwent another growth spurt. She felt big and strange. New self-conscious feelings came to haunt her. The child-sized chair snapped under her adult weight and broke, Jamie fell onto the floor. Ted rushed to help her up, but Jamie was too big and ran out into the night.
when Jamie got home she went to her room and pulled off the remaining shreds of her clothes. she then measured her boobs, a C cup, then she measured her height at 5 feet 5.

Fuck it .. i`ll Send U To HEaVEN WiT GREaT SPEED
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Growth Spurt
Just before the summer ended, my oldest was just under my nose (sometimes literally, too). I thought I could handle it. She's only 12. She certainly will be a tall girl. I've always known that. My youngest is going to be tall, too. In fact, they are each the tallest girls in their class.
She's growing. Just too fast for me.
We were standing in our stockinged feet. She is up to my eyeballs!
She just sprouted another two or three inches on me within the last four months!!
I tell her, "You can't get taller than me. You are supposed to look up to your mom. You aren't supposed to be looking down at me. No way."
She giggles at me. "That's what Grandma M. says. I am taller than her already." Then she points out to me, "Mom, you are taller than Gramma A."
I retorted, "Oh, that doesn't count." I am taller than my mom.
She will always be my "little" girl.
I guess I am going to have to accept the fact that she may end up taller than me. After all, she's not even 13 yet. She still has some growing left to do.
What's ironic is that when they were toddlers, I was happy that they were tall for their ages. I didn't want to trip over them if I didn't see them.

"Yeah right, Billy. I can just see it now. Day after day, her little blouses are getting tighter. She bounces around the house without a bra on. She sits in your lap and plants a kiss on your mouth. She grinds on your pants leg, making your big dick throb and pulse so hard you cum on yourself.
I couldn't take my eyes off Maggie's breasts. Her uniform had grown even tighter that day, and her tits simply OOZED out the top of it. She had to leave the top 3 buttons open she'd gotten so big.
"Daddy, I'm scared...I don't know why it's happening so fast...I gotta show you something...pleeeeze daddy." Suddenly no longer a child, she looked like she was almost in tears, so I stroked her hair and asked her what was wrong. She began to unbutton her sleeveless little white cotton blouse. I'd noticed it seemed tighter than usual - it was stretched so far out in front, you could see through the sides of the armholes - but I thought nothing more of it. I'd finally grown accustomed to her getting so big in the bust.
She peeled the blouse away from her chest then, and gestured toward her first bra. "Daddy, look at it...look what's happening to me. It hurts so bad - and mommy won't let me take it off."
Meagan had pulled the shoulder straps out as far as they would go - they were barely connected at the cups - yet they dug deeply into her shoulders, and the fleshy tops of her breasts. The cups themselves dug into the middle of her bosom, right above her areola, causing her breast flesh to literally burst out over the top. I looked beneath her breasts at the under-wire, and saw several inches of bosom oozing out there as well. That HAD to be painful. She pleaded with me then...
"Daddy, please help me...please unhook this's so tight, and I'm so BIG... it's HURTING me daddy." She removed her blouse completely then, and turned her back to me. "Pleeeze daddy...I promise I'll be good...just take it off me!"
I was trembling as I fumbled with the 4 hooks on the broad body band. I knew Peggy had bought her some new adult bras last week and altered the sides to fit snugly around her back. She'd outgrown the ones designed for busty girls - the ones we'd paid so much for.
I imagined what it would be like to watch her week after week - as her clothes got tighter - her supple young body blossoming.

Sharing a bedroom meant that I had seen her naked body often enough to watch it change. Her hips widened, her nipples and then her breasts swelled, and although I saw it less frequently, she sprouted hair in the V where her growing legs met.
She had seen me naked also and we had both been secretly curious about each other's bodies. Lately though, I noticed Carol trying harder than normal to catch me. One morning, as I stumbled to the door still half asleep, my erect cock finally burst through the front of my outgrown undershorts. I heard a gasp from her and quickly turned away. That night I masturbated twice while remembering that gasp.
One night I awoke gently to hear the floor creeping. I opened my eyes just barely to see my sister, in her pajamas, oh-so-slowly and gingerly tiptoeing toward my bed. She was looking at my crotch, and seeing my semi-erection straining my old pajamas. I pretended to be asleep as she crept closer. I was scared, to tell you the truth. She knelt down next to my bed and watched it for the longest time. Needless to say this was stimulating to me and my cock began to stretch for attention. I could hear a few more stitches straining, but I was somehow able to bring my organ under control through sheer force of will. This time... After a while she crept back to her bed.
A few nights later I became aware of my sister beside me. My cock was already hard and this new excitement was too much, despite all my mental efforts. With every heartbeat I grew slightly harder. Before I knew it I was beginning to tear through my underpants and pajama bottoms. The tearing grew louder.
Carol stayed for a long time, waiting for me to break free completely. Finally the waistband snapped against my belly.
Suddenly but oh so gently I felt her fingers on my cock as soft as a cloud. I couldn't believe it. I didn't know anything could possibly feel so good. Her touch was light and yet at just the right spot. Her hand wasn't moving but it didn't need to.
I couldn't help myself and came spontaneously on the spot. My jism went all over her hand. She gently took her hand away and wiped it on her own much too small pajamas. As I thought back on it later, that night marked a turning point in our relationship. Always friendly and cooperative, we now treated each other with some warmth and tenderness. Carol was much freer with showing me her growing body now and made no pretense of modesty. We undressed in front of each other, if it didn't seem too forced to do so, and swam naked together in the creek.
She gently knelt beside me and without saying a word, put her hand on my pants. She stroked me slowly and I sprang to attention. It felt so good that I lay back and closed my eyes, but she stopped before I could break through again.
That night, as soon as we went to bed, she came over and knelt beside my bed. She reached for my pajamas and softly and tentatively stroked my cock through the fabric.
I began to get hard immediately and this time she didn't stop, but kept stroking my growing form until I was gloriously free once more.
I was amazed at how fast Carol's body had changed. Her breasts were now more than mounds. They actually sagged a little, although the cold tightened them up and made her nipples very prominent.
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