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An Alternate History of
The Together Again Universe
Chapter Three

Hold!" a harsh sounding voice snapped. Taylor turned to look in the direction from whence it came. A little girl stood there, her short red hair seeming to... extend? The girl lifted her left hand up. "Get a load of my ability!" And in an instant, the girl became a woman. Her hair streamed out to a greater length, and the kid clothes she wore stretched, strained, and tore into shreds of fabric -- a few of which still clung to her now teenaged body. "Hope you're not getting turned on," she smiled. Then she continued to age herself, until she was about 25 and stood fully naked.


"I trust the experiment worked?" Giovanni commented.

Oliver nodded as he brushed his daughter's now bright red-faded to black at the end hair from her face. "It worked on the physical level," Oliver pointed out. "But there's no way of knowing if it worked on a psychological level.

"Either way, I'm pleased that you've made so much progress in this area of the field."

Oliver nodded as Giovanni left. He then turned to Will and picked her up in his arms. "I can't believe I did this to you.."

Oliver kissed his daughter on her cheek and laid her back down where she was. Already half naked, she looked almost nothing like she had. Before she was eight, and looked it. Now, she was eight but heading for 16! Oliver hadn't thought that this alleged ability existed, but it seemed he was proven wrong. Even Gary looked older then he was supposed to be. He seemed to be near 17-18 now, and looked almost like a man now. With a rip, the front of his pants gave way, and all doubt was removed.

Oliver laid the second paper back down and left the room, not noticing one of the "experiments" was waking up.

"Where? Wha'?" Will groaned as she sat up accidentally knocking Clara off her onto her lap. Will didn't know what question to ask first but knew she felt horrible. What the hell happened? she thought, rubbing her throbbing head, only to stop dead still and looked at the "hair" flopped over in her face.

"Red...? Fire...??" Will asked holding a lock of it further from her face so she could see it better.

She began to look over her body to see what had changed but closed her eyes as she looked down and began to blush. "I'm dreaming.." she declared, petting Clara and feeling around for something to cover herself up with. Her chest was so different... and bare! Where had these enormous... things come from?

When she had aged she'd also out grown her clothes leaving her almost naked with nothing to wear to replace what she'd lost. Clara climbed around on Will's lap a bit then laid up against her, trying to cover up.

Will blinked twice, noticing his voice seemed to have changed and he looked older, like she guessed she did too. She felt older. "Gary?" she asked, making sure it was him.

"Yeeea- what the hell?" he started to reply then stopped as he laid eyes on Will and looking like a mess. "That's the final outcome of what they did?" A few straining shreds still covered his body. He flexed, and they ripped right off his thick arms.

Will was tempted to slap Gary knowing where his eyes were staring even if the lights weren't on at the time. "You're not exactly 'normal' yourself, or clothed for that matter," she pointed out, crossing her arms and legs as she turned redder.

Gary grinned slightly and walked over to Will, wrapping his arms around her, freaking her out completely. She even felt his... "I can't help what happened." He smiled, taking the whole thing overly lightly Will thought. "I'm not the only nude freak here so I don't mind."

Gary pulled Will against him and kissed her. The hot steel she now felt against her belly left no doubt he was fully man.

Will pushed Gary away as he tried to kiss her again. "Don't.." she whispered keeping him an arm's length away from her. "Just cause we look older doesn't mean we have to... well, you know."

- (FF) - Under US Federal law it is a felony for any American to have sex with a woman under 18 anywhere on the planet, but in Colombia (if he doesn't drug her or get her drunk, or lie to her and tell her he will marry her then back out) any girl over 14 is fair game. So the men are shooting the shit, or a line of high school girls comes walking by, then they talk of "meses" (months) as in "Cuantos Meses quieres?" ( How many "months" do you like?). There is a lot of change in a girl across a year, so a 15 year old is not the same as a 15.5 year old. So thus the desire for increased granularity. So the system is, multiply the years since the birthday times 12, then add the months since the birthday, then throw away the "100?, leaving some number like "68? which would be a 14 year old girl on her birthday. The conversation can get quite animated as the guys compare the virtue of an "80? vs an "85?. I don't recall there being a problem with the system once the number would go over 99, meaning a girl about 5 months shy of her 17th birthday. The general thought among the Colombian men is that they get too bitchy around 95 "meses".