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Unexpected Progression
There was once an eight-year-old red-haired girl who lived with her parents.
Josie was sitting at her desk in her bedroom, looking at her homework and the vial with clear liquid sitting beside it. She thought that she should drink the vial right now, so she drank the clear liquid. The liquid tasted just like water. After a few minutes Josie felt a warm sensation and her clothes got tighter every second, two bumps pushed out of her chest and became breasts.
Soon her clothes ripped out of her growing body, her hips widening, hair growing longer, freckles dissolving...
The ageing process stopped at 18. Josie just sat, confused and dazed. The world looked smaller.
Suddenly she realized she had grown into an adult woman with still a child's mind. So she stood up and walked around her room, peeling her ripped clothes off to see her now-adult body.
She liked it but she thought mom and dad would freak out when they saw her like that.
She sneaked out of her room, yanked the cordless phone and returned to her room immediately before her parents could notice.
When the call was answered a few minutes later, Josie said: "I drank the vial of experimental liquid, something has happened to me so I am now an adult but I am scared that mom and dad will freak out when they see me like that. I need to go back to my own body that I have been minutes earlier. Please get help!"
"Josie? is that you?" asked the scientist.
"Yes," sniffled Josie.
"Well, I must explain that we need to find an antidote to get you back to normal. As the experimental liquid has Age Progression so you have to be careful so we wanted you to be the first test subject. I will send someone with an antidote later so please do not leave your room until then. I advise to put the phone on the floor by the door so your parent can take it back. Is it clear, Josie?"
"Yes," confirmed Josie.
"Good," said the scientist, "We better get off the call as I have the work to do so I cannot stay on the line longer. Goodbye."
"Bye," said Josie.
The scientist hung up the phone and Josie carefully opened the door to put the phone out.
When done, she walked to the bed and sat on it and looked at the mirror and the image of an 18-year-old college student staring back.

Some fellow did that--took pictures every year at their beach vacation, of the kid bare nekkid, same place, same pose. Educational, yeah, except it was his daughter, and the pictures were published in Playboy magazine, IIRC. I think they pretended it was artistic, but it was at least 15 years ago.

April 1, 2008
A mystery
by shamleybildebrandt
Tags: being weirded out, mysteriously aging Asians |
I'm in the prayer room right now. For the past several hours there has been an Asian girl sitting next to me of about twelve or thirteen years of age. I just looked over at her seat about five minutes ago to see what appears to be the same Asian girl...only she's about 20-years-old. Could it be that it's the same girl and she's somehow aged eight years in the past half hour? If so, what could it mean? I have earplugs in so I haven't been paying attention to the intercession. It makes me wonder what they've been praying for. I should look around the room and see if it's a widespread phenomenon. I'm a little weirded out right now...

Sweetie had her own concerns. She was fascinated with the way her legs were lengthening, and with the way her ordinary face seemed to be getting pretty. She was even more fascinated with her swelling breasts and their hard protruding bits. She let her hair down and stood naked in front of the big mirror in her bedroom, imagining herself astride a white horse, touching its warm flanks ever so gently with bare heels, getting it to gallop madly across tracts of land so vast that she rode for hours and hours, clinging only to the horse's mane, until eventually she became nothing but a beautiful speck burning in the distance like the core of the sun.
Her developing mind and body began to strain, mostly against her own will...

Age: Appears 9
Appearance: Her dark hair falls a couple inches above her shoulder and she has bangs. She wears a short sleeved black top with a few rips on the sleeves and a long black skirt that falls shortly above her ankles to reveal her simple tennis shoes. Often she has a long black coat. She also carries a black satchel with various objects in it.
Height: 3'9"
Weight: 75 lbs.
She can only shift into one form, her adult self.
Weaknesses: Her physical body is weak for the most part, unless she is in her adult form.
(Her adult form)
Age: Appears 20-25
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Weaknesses: This form can drain her of her energy very quickly. The longest time she can stay in this form is usually 20 minutes to an hour. Then her body begins to revert back to her true form without her control over it.

Amy settled back into the lawn chair for a little nap after lunch as it isn't wise to swim right after eating. The Sun noticed this and glowed a soft brown for an hour while she was sleeping. The Moon, looking a little cheesed off was peeking over the Western horizon as she drifted off to Lala Land.
When she awoke Amy yawned and stretched. Darn, now her P.J.s were too short. Oh well. She wore a smile as she waded back into the pool.
"Wow." smiled Amy, "I sure am glad that my day off is over. I hope Mom doesn't mind my stretching very much."

Bailey Thompson
While having all girl friends was fun, Bailey naturally became interested in the opposite sex by the time she was in 9th grade.
Not one to give up, Bailey started to observe older women; the way they dressed and acted. Such confidence and radiance had fascinated her, and she suddenly wished that she was older. Those were the type of women boys liked, right? Her parents had always spoiled her and indulged her dreams that she decided to try talking to her mom again. So she wasn't allowed to go to a public school, but couldn't she at least go on a date? The answer was still such a firm no to their daughter that it left Bailey crying. Later that night, she flipped admiringly through the magazines she kept, wishing that she was at least in her 20s. Her desires heard, she unconsciously aged a few years. Looking into the mirror, she screamed, and a nervous Bailey ran under covers when her parents came running in. But to her surprise she changed back to normal.
Shrugging it off as a dream, she slept off that strange occurrence. It left her tired the next morning though, and she decided to test her ability. It was hard enough with her parents around, but she managed small tests in her bedroom at night.
An evening out with her friends at Old Town Pasadena furthered her exploration with this ability. After a little flirting with a high school senior, Bailey decided to lie about her age, claiming to be 18 as well. Running off to the bathroom, she felt a little guilty about lying. What if she had to prove it somehow? Biting down on her nail she gave her situation some thought, she suddenly remembered that strange night where she aged herself. Repeating the sensation, she went from 15-18 in a matter of minutes, and freaked out, bolting straight home.
After testing it by herself at home, and learning how to control it, Bailey decided to take advantage of her newfound power. It led to her cutting school, aging herself to go out on dates with older men. She never let go of her dignity though, and when things got out of hand, she usually fled.

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