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She is blonde and drop-dead beautiful with legs that seem to go on forever. You can call 15-year-old Maria Sharapova the new 'wunderkind of tennis' or the 'next big thing'. Sharapova is like a gazelle, all long wobbly legs. It's the result of a 'growth spurt' which has seen her shoot up 6 inches to 5ft 9in in the past year. She looks almost fragile at times but, on court, she dominates players twice her age with her power and speed. She needs a couple more years to grow into her legs and her body. And then - watch out, world!'

A friend and I were talking about different myths and stories. And we talked about immortals (to us there are 2 main groups, the eternal immortals and the false immortals). The types of this topic are eternal youth immortals, youth draining immortals, and age progression immortals.
Eternal youth immortals are people and things that never age past a point. For example if you are an eternal youth immortal and your immortally turned on when you were 8 years old then you'll stay 8 years old forever, no matter how much time has passed. Your mind and spirit can still grow but your body stays the same. How would you feel about fighting and killing someone who is over 600 years old but still has the body of a child?
Youth draining immortals fall under what we call false immortals because they can't stay young on their own, they have to take it from someone or something else. In some myths there are vampire-like things that drain the life force from other living things, turning them old while at the same time turning the monster young again or keeping it young. Would you have any problem killing something that looks like a child, if just moments before you had seen it turn someone else old to get younger?
Age progression immortals (ok, truth is we are not even sure if they count as immortals, and if they do we don't know if they are eternal or false.) are people and things that can more or less change their own age at will. They can become older or younger when they want to, sometimes it is by a magic spell but other times it is not. In theory, as long as they change into a form that is not too young or too old, they can live forever by the method they use to change their age. So would you fight and kill a kid if you knew it was the same adult that attacked you moments before, and you saw them change from adult to kid in an attempt to escape you?
P.s. Age progression immortals are one of the most common types in modern stories, most often seen in the Magical Girl and Magical Boy sub-genre in anime and manga, where kids use magic to transform into an adult or late teenager, both to fight and to keep their true identity a secret.

Wearing a black T-shirt, black jeans, and tattered black Converse All Star, Liv Tyler plops down cross-legged in a velvet wing chair.
"I know I shouldn't smoke. but they're so yummy", she confesses. "I started at 15. I'd hide them in my pantie drawers."
"It certainly hasn't stunted your growth."
"My major spurt of growth happened the second I stopped modeling," she says, remembering that couple of years between 14 and 16 when she graced many magazine pages.
"Are you still growing ?"
"Goddamn it, I hope so. I want to be an amazon. My hands are bigger than most men's."
"You do seem to have filled out since Stealing Beauty" - in which she and everything around her seemed a bit overripe.
"What do you mean ?" she asks, taken aback. "My breasts? I'm wearing a pointy bra. I'm wearing my white pointy bra from Inventing the Abbotts, actually," she says, in which Tyler plays one of the wealthy Abbots sisters.
"You've just summed up Liv Tyler", I tell her. "A white 50s brassiere under a black 90s T-shirt." she smiles, and pulls on her cigarette.

AT THE tender age of 14, Lucy Shropshall was plucked from obscurity and thrust into the spotlight after being named Look of The Year '97.
"I just decided modeling was not for me," she tells today's Daily Mail. "As a model you have to develop a very thick skin. When a designer says you're too fat or too tall, they don't see you as a person. They just see you as a commodity to show off their product well."
However, it seems that Lucy's decision to quit the industry may have been less than voluntary. According to Carol White, Shropshall's former booker at Elite, she literally outgrew her job.
"When we picked Lucy she was 5ft 10in. But she grew taller, eventually reaching 6ft 2in," White tells us. "She was so tall that her work started to dry up and eventually we decided that it simply wasn't going to happen for her."

Gaia Journals
The Story of Delilah Jamie Cruiz
Delilah is an Aging Character, she will be at some ages longer than others But I started her at 3 years old.
Blonde haired Blue eyed age 6.
Going on to age 6 caused my black hair to all fall out and grow in blond, who would have thought? I have now gained a little sense of fashion and make more decisions on my own, though I'm still a kid, I've grown quite handy and Brave. I'm now starting to realize there is something very different about me and that I'm not a normal child. I've also found that I can somewhat change my age at will, but I still have no control over my powers so that's something that I will have to master later on in life. But this morning I woke up as a two year old, and then after a few hours of wandering around I shut my eyes again and went back to my normal age.

It was then she noticed how tight her shoes felt. The canvas slippers were bulging at the sides, her foot was pushing hard against the wall of the shoe. Again, she was struck by a dizzy spell. She slipped them off and saw a red ring around the top of her foot, were the ankle part dug in. She must have put on her little sister's, Bethany thought.

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