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Deirdre looked around scared. She gasped as she realised that she would probably end up naked as an adult.
Deirdre's body was growing by the second, going from age nine to ten, to eleven, to twelve, her clothes splitting and sliding over her pale, freckled skin...
Deirdre herself was blushing, squirming in embarrassment.
Then, casting glances around at the others, she found to her surprise that everyone ELSE was growing too.
Matthew was TALL! Almost a head taller than everyone and even the muscles on his body seemed to be thickening, as with Bart, Tracy, James and Richie. Tracy was just a few inches shorter than Matthew, his face starting to loose a bit of the youth that he still retained.
Richie, on the other hand, was about as tall as Bart, but showing signs of stopping in a few more inches. James was taller, and seemed to be more muscular. Justin was getting taller and more defined in his build as he almost matched Matthew. In fact, they were all growing visibly.
"My little boy! All grown up at ten!" Dora smiled and cocked her head to the side. Then, she turned to Dorothy and blinked in surprise. "Dorothy! You look fabulous!"
"Huh?" Turning to look in the full length mirror, she noticed herself for the first time. She gasped as she took in her reflection. From a slender young eight year old, she had grown at bullet speed into a pretty adult. The shreds of her clothes were bunched up around her waist and shoulders.
It was a miracle the other boys hadn't gotten nosebleeds as Amanda's ripped yellow coat was barely holding her chest in place. But then all the blood seemed to have gone elsewhere, as their now torn pants showed all too clearly.
Ripped snow pants restrained Amanda's legs. She blushed deeply and crossed her arms over her chest. "I think... I need new clothes..."
Tracy slapped a hand each over Matthew and Richie's eyes and shut his own as well. "Come on, there's nothing to see here, move along people."

One idea I've had (here'a a freebie, folks!) would be to take a series of snapshots of a young girl (10-12) rising up from a seated position and spinning around, then repeat the process every year for a dozen or so years. Afterwards, you could select the images to make a collage of the person literally growing up in front of you! As you alluded to, though, it would take a tremendous commitment, but WOW! what a finished product you'd have.

the blossoming of Natalie Portman
- She would be far less sexy today if we'd not seen her then, in her preteen manifestation, and you know it. What I mean is, if you think she is hot today, it is most likely in part because you think of that "cute" girl who became the sex goddess she is today. Same with all these child stars/bombshells--they retroactively imbue their early careers with a sexuality we aren't able to recognize until later, when they grow up. Jodie Foster is another good example--as the 14 yr old hooker in Taxi Driver she was nothing special, but then, after she came of age and made a few more movies, she really became something in Taxi Driver. Ask John Hinckley, he agrees.
- you're talking about fake intimacy.

- That underage kiddie thing might be real. There was testimony during the Heidi Fleiss trial that Sheen liked his hookers to dress up as high school cheerleaders and pretend to be jailbait. He wouldn't be the first non-pedophile with a taste for that sort of thing. "Barely legal" porn is wildly popular after all (and is legal, unlike child porn). Hell, I asked a girl to wear her old school uniform for me once - she didn't, but only because it didn't fit anymore ;)

A violent spasm shook her body. She grew hot, and began to sweat. The pounding of her heart against her ribs was torturous. It felt as if her bones were melting! Through her eyes widened with pain, the young woman could see steam slowly wafting from her skin with a soft hiss...
An hour passed. The young woman sat up from her sprawled position on the floor. The pain had finally stopped, but she was still alive. Exhausted and wet with perspiration, she put her hand against her throbbing head…then gasped. Her right hand, the hand that was handcuffed, was free. Not only that, but the sleeve of her labcoat was two times too large for her arm, and was now slipping down to her elbow. In fact, all of her clothes had grown bigger, as if by magic. But wait…She looked back at the handcuff hanging from the pipe. How...?
A shock of realization passed upon her. Shakily, she put her hand to her chest, and to her horror, felt nothing.
“H-how can this be?” she cried. “This is impossible!” But there was no denying it. The young woman had shrunk into a little girl.
Everything had gone wrong. That drug was meant to kill her, not- not this! Why? What was it that made her body react in such a way? The girl collapsed to the floor again in confusion and despair.
The young woman-turned-little girl closed her eyes once more.

Her eyes widened as she watched the little boy increase in height. His face also lost the baby fat and became older, about her age if she wasn't mistaken. His limbs swelled as his clothes tightened all over his body. His erection popped up against the front of his pants and grew hard, pushing out the fabric until the button flew off. His hair grew in length and reached below his neck. The only constant in his look were his blue-gray eyes ... the eyes of a teenager now.
"You grew. How did you do that? You grew up from being a child into that firm body." His erection began to break through the zipper with a loud ping.
Her eyes widened and her cheeks reddened when she realized what she had just said.
"That... is a bit harder to explain.
You see, I really am at this body's real age. I was reverted to a child's body. My friend taught me how to alter my age and appearance so I may not feel too bad about being transformed into a child."
"can you like, turn adult right now?" she asked with a hint of hesitation and embarrassment.
He looked mystified, but nodded and grew even more in size. "Uhmm... why did you ask me to?"
She marveled at the change. She trailed her hands across his chest and felt the muscles as the last torn clothes fell around his naked feet.

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