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My pajama tops now came down to only about the top of my belly button, and the bottoms were so tight that my thighs were starting to strain them. There was a loud pop.
I turned and looked in the mirror and saw that the holes framed my swelling cheeks as if they had been painted on, the bottoms were far too small now.
Deborah gave out a meek, come in and I entered the room.
Her pajamas now looked like they would have fit her two years ago. I almost laughed she looked so silly.
I maintained my composure, though I confess my mood was lightened by the humorous sight of my little Niece in those tearing pajamas. She looked almost eleven years old now and was growing fast enough that I could see her head move. I was sure that the fabric could stand no more pressure but somehow it did.
I noticed a new split in the fabric of the pajama bottoms. It was small at first, just a slit right along the seam that ran up the side. Then all at once they began to give way on both legs, and split as clean as they could from the hem of her waist most of the way down.
Her widening fanny seemed to slide out of what remained of the protective covering and I was looking at partially exposed buttocks. I suspected the tattered remnants of her bottoms were too tight to remove even if she wanted to.
I didnąt hear the fabric give way, and I couldnąt feel it except that all of a sudden I screamed. I reached over to push the last bit of the pajamas back as the fabric fell away. I felt much older now, about twelve, I knew from ample experience.

Whatever Alice eats in Wonderland has her either grow or shrink considerably. It is fortunate for her that her clothes change size with her as well! Also, her hair and clothes never get wet or dirty or have red paint sloshed on them despite all her adventures. I guess liberties need to be taken with cartoons.

Mel came back as promised, every five days, carrying the scents of the outside world with her. Sometimes she was covered in dry summer dust, sometimes dripping with spring rain or melting snow; she brought seasonal candies, leafy branches, flowers from the garden. She grew taller with surprising speed, filling out into an attractive young woman...

If “13 Going on 30” wanted to rip off “Big” (which it does right down to some amazingly similar details), it should have gone all the way and used the same scenario in which the child wakes up as an adult in the time period during which her childhood is taking place.

The child looked down at herself, and saw her body begin to rise. She felt very strange, a mixture of nausea and jangling nerves, as she smoothly grew taller and her body increased from a child to a late preteen.
She could feel the pressure of her clothing which now didn't fit anymore.
Unable to withstand the stretching, the bodice of her dress ripped at the seams. Buttons popped off and skittered across the floor. Horrified, the fast-aging child clutched the shredding fabric to her ever-more exposed skin.
Her shoes started falling apart as her toes pushed out, the bows popped off her socks, her dress came apart in pieces, and the belt on it broke with a loud snap.

At once, she felt herself slowly stretching and laughed.
It worked! She gazed at her stubby fingers in wonder as they became piano fingers. She felt her body started to stretch and she grew taller. Her tummy narrowed and lengthened. All the while, the buzzing white noise at the edge of her consciousness became louder, more urgent.
She stopped laughing. Something is wrong. Her piano fingers kept elongating and thinning. The stretching seemed endless. Her belly button is starting to hurt now that it’s a long long oval. She saw that as she grew, her shadow got bigger too underneath the lamp light.
With horror, she realized that her wish won’t let her stop growing. Her body and her shadow fed off each other like 2 mirrors facing one another.
See? Her shadow gasped. Make it stop! It hurts!
In fear, she turned and ran towards the light, her long skinny feet covering the distance easily, until her shadow became slightly squat. She felt the blood starting to pool around her bones as the fingers start to shorten. Her feet began to ache less and her head didn’t feel so heavy, but within a few seconds, she is back to the vicious cycle. Her shadow mimicking her short body and her wish mimicking her shadow.
‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry’ the little girl sobbed as she became shorter and shorter. There is no way to end the wish. If she ran forward, she’d grow impossibly tall and never stop, if she ran towards the light, she will be a squat flat round thing the circumference of her tummy. She had made the grievous mistake which her shadow had been trying to tell her.

Long ago, (I must have be 8 or 9) my parents bought me a book about biology... it was almost like an educational comic book.
The chapter i kept going back to was about puberty, and how girls would grow bigger breasts and wider hips as they got taller. There was some kind of two page time-lapse sequence of illustrations... first, she's a skinny girl... next frame, she's a budding pre-teen, then a curvy teenager, and finally a voluptuous adult. I had it open to that page so much that the spine was broken between pre-teen and teenager.
when I was really young I used to get a stiffy to the puberty pictures in the family medical guide. Especially the breasts.
I've always had an eye for detail and would notice changes in the bust sizes of girls in my middle-school classes over the period of months. It's really quite exciting to see a girl go from virtually flat to a C-cup in around a few months.

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