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He looked once more at the girl. Her innocent large round eyes fluttered as her mouth opened to release undistinguishable words. He watched in shock and almost horror as she grew a few inches in height. Her hair became longer, her body became fuller and her face was transformed from childish warmth to a womanly beauty. She sat up, almost falling over with her new body, but was able to look back at the man.
Her own voice must have been astonishing to her, for not only could she speak his language, but she obviously could now hear. The man began to weep at the revelation and he reached out a hand to the woman, who was once a little girl that he held in his arms to woo to sleep.
She grasped the hand and laid a kiss on the burnt flesh, she blinked her now long eyelashes.

Some took pity on the unfortunate, inexperienced child. The lower ranking among them occasionally drew pedophile dreams as well, and had learned to shift their bodies into the form of children. She'd learned by now how to shift her eye and hair colour, along with her facial features, to whatever her clients wished. She could look like their daughters, or neighbor's daughters, in order to please them. However, she could only manage to shift her age a few years in either direction, either as old as 15 or as young as 10.
This limitation actually benefited her somewhat. The clients who wanted girls as young as five or six had to be served by others who could shift their forms that young. The 12-year-old was promoted from pedophile cases to lolita complex cases.
This allowed her a little bit of leeway in how much she was expected to hurt for the men's pleasure. She was still required to become a virgin almost every single time, however. The pain of thrice nightly deflowering was an old companion by now.

She smiled a little sadly. She had grown another inch or two and now stood almost as tall as me.
"I think," she said firmly, "it's time". And her hands fell softly to her side, as she collapsed to her knees.
I caught the girl in my arms as she swayed. Her shoes were pushed open as her feet aged right out of them, leaving the girl barefooted, in shredded clothes now too small for her.

Molly Newman can manipulate her age at will. She can go to just about any age that would be possible. No matter what age she is at, she keeps her current I.Q. and all memories (so if she turns too old or too young, she can get herself back to a different age.
As a side-effect of her Age Manipulation, her true age is frozen at the age of 30. The same goes for all the body functions (i.e. her body, bones, functions, nervous system, brain, etc. etc. will all function the same as that of a 30 year old woman who is in good shape).
Due to being able to manipulate her age, Molly has gained a great deal of insight for what it's like being different ages as well as how people act around people of different ages.
Molly's younger life was uneventful. When she was 30, her powers came in, which was a shock to her. When she woke up she looked in the mirror before checking on her son, when she passed by it, she had the appearance of when she was 18. She shrieked, but in mere moments she was able to revert back to 30 years old.
Two years later, she was 32, and by now her age was frozen at 30, but with her powers she could manipulate her age to look however she wanted (she preferred to keep herself young though, so she generally kept herself at around age 30.

She read through the web page, and finally understood how she could actually age herself, and no one would be able to stop it.
She looked around again and went to the mirror, wanting it more than nearly anything, just so someone would play with her. Her desire boosted her body into reality.
She grew with a squeal of delight, even though her clothes instantly became much too tight. Her shoes just flew to pieces. The noise brought people running as she finished.
Bill looked down at the girl, then at Mark. "How did she do that?"
"The others play with me now."
"What did you do?" John demanded, trying to take his daughter in his arms.
"None of the older kids will play with me and all the younger kids are playing stupid stuff," she whined. "I was thinking about being bigger."

Tihun Nebiyu doesn't want to marry. She is adamant about this. But in her Ethiopian village nobody heeds the opinions of headstrong little girls.
That's why she's dropping magic beetles down her dress.
"When they bite you here -- it makes your breasts grow."
This is Tihun's own wishful brand of sorcery--a child's desperate measure to turn herself into an adult. Then maybe, just maybe, her family would respect her wishes not to wed.
Tihun kneels in the dirt, eyes closed: an elfin figure whose smile is made goofily endearing by two missing front teeth. She holds her small hands over her nipples. She is waiting for the bugs' enchantment to start. Seconds pass. But nothing happens. Eventually, she starts to giggle. The beetles have escaped.
"It doesn't work!" Tihun says, disgusted. She heaves an exaggerated sigh and squints out across the yellow-grass hills surrounding her world: "I will just have to run."

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