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"I'm sorry, excuse me, can you tell me please where we are."
I looked down to see the young girl, perhaps 7 or 8, who was addressing me. "Ma'am can you tell me please where we are?" She grew slightly taller, becoming a bit older and more mature in appearance.
We came to a street light and the girl took my hand. As I looked down at her it seemed she had gotten taller since the play yard.
When I turned the young girl had become a teenager.
Her figure grew taller still, into a more mature form. In the girl's place stood a young woman, her black hair extending almost down to the back of her knees.

I watched in shock and amazement as Nicole's body got longer. No joke, she was growing bigger right before me. As suddenly as it started, her unnatural growth stopped. Not believing what I just saw, I leaned forward and picked up Nicole. Sure enough, not only was she heavier, but she had grown inches in size.
She doesn't seem to have any discomfort or pain from the growth as she just hangs in my arms. She also looks older. I have no rational reason behind why or even how it happened but it is obvious: She's growing up.
I placed the child down on the ground and lifted her up again, taking note of how tall she was: three feet and a half. I'm guessing she was just a little over three feet two minutes ago.
"Wait, I'm not done yet."
The Nicole I see is not the Nicole I know. She is changing, making herself older--in only seconds, it couldn't be longer. No longer do I see a small child. Instead, I see a young teenager with Nicole's face. She's maturing, her figure long and strong, taller--taller than me, her body having quite broken through the confines of her clothing.
"What will you wear, Lilly?" Nicole asked. "When you get old again, you'll be taller, and differently shaped. You don't want to be caught in these clothes."
"I think it's too late."
Lilly let the blanket fall to the floor and she pushed her head through the neckhole and her arms down the sleeves.
Despite her still-diminutive size, it was immediately obvious that the nightgown belonged on a much younger girl. The sleeves barely reached past her elbows and the hem was already creeping above her knees. Although Lilly was by no means a busty girl, she would feel very constricted in the garment.
Nicole, noting the poor fit, apologized and commented that the cotton would "stretch a little" as she got big.
Lilly's hair grew dark, long and thick. She grew taller, and the gown fitted her tightly in the shoulders before splitting up her back. Her arms were pulled together until the shoulder seams broke. She and Nicole embraced, holding each other close.

The Glooksparm Tales (a segment)
by Chanti
It always amazed her when the transformation happened.
She could hear the cracking of her vertebra
as they slipped sharply into place,
feel her legs lengthening out
and watch as her skin appeared to iron out magically.

"My body wants to become a woman before I do," said Nancy, fidgeting with her favorite shirt, with the big pockets on the front.
If she grew any taller, the shirt wouldn't even cover her belly button. She towered over everyone else in the fifth grade. It was too bad her grades were headed in the opposite direction.
Nancy's nipples were behaving naughtily. Whatever the indistinct stimulus, there was no mistaking the very distinct results. Nancy's nipples had swollen so hard that her pocket flaps were bent up into two little 'v' shapes, and the straining buttons could not keep sealed the split gapping slits nor contain the engorged areola still swelling underneath. Her nipples themselves where squarely under the thick false pockets padding but still managed to raise two quarter inch tents in the center of her shirt, she could only sigh and shake her head, nothing could be done about it.
Nancy fell across her daddy's lap, her long brown hair falling on both sides of her face restricting her vision to the floor. Her dad was surprised as he pulled the 10-year-old girl across his knees: she was growing taller, wider and heavier than the last time that he spanked her. He felt her chest swell up on his lap, and her bottom was almost out of reach. He lifted her legs a little and pulled her up by her bare waist until her middle was squarely on his lap, and her bottom was directly under his hand.
As he looked at his daughter's cute round bottom straining the tight fabric of her too-short pants, he realized again that Nancy was no longer a little girl.
He certainly knew that 'daddy's little girl' had been growing up, but seeing the fullness of her bottom, barely contained by her outgrown pants and accentuated by her trim waist and long legs, there was no doubt that Nancy was almost a young woman.

Eating Faeries
by Sighter
Alex marched into the girl's bathroom. She had a smile on her face as she checked the stalls for nobody else. No one should see what she was going to do.
"Good, its empty."
Alex was relieved a little, to not have to continue to pretend. She pulled off her sweatshirt and grabbed the bag she had stashed earlier. It still had her adult clothes.
She sat down in a stall and began to unwrap her breasts from the tight wrap that had been holding them down. Although 'being' a kid again was neat, some of the things to get ready had been a bit painful. She had tied her breasts down tight; as to make her appear more flat chested, as well wore the big sweatshirt, which made her look cute. She had an urge to go surprise the hell out of her younger cousins, and scare them straight with her size... but no.
Alex had finished her job.
She quickly entered a nearby stall and tried to strip her smaller pants and clothes, which she had 'borrowed' from her younger cousin Hannah, off in vain, it was too late to remove the small clothes before she quickly outgrew them. She was too slow, as she already had grown five inches. She felt pain as the small shirt tightened and the pants grew painfully small. Over the next minute her body grew and grew and soon she was her normal size- accompanied by the loud rip of the clothes shredding from her body's growth. She took the rags off her body and got dressed quickly. She checked her crimson highlights, now more visible now that she was her normal size again.

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