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12 going on 21
"My turn!" called Leo. "I wish that I was big and strong with a really well toned body! Yeah! That sounds good! Not too big though."
At this Leo was suddenly grabbed by a sharp pain which caused him to hold his stomach and fold double on the bed. Suddenly his arms and legs began to grow in size, starting with his hands and feet. As they began to grow his muscles began to swell and enlarge, ripping his clothes as they grew. His head was then flung backwards and his back began to arch as his body formed a tight and firm six-pack across his stomach and his chest expanded. Kim sat in silence at the end of the bed as she watched, worried. Finally the transformation was complete. Before he had made the wish he was just a normal 12 year old boy like any other, but now, now he was over six feet tall and had the body of a 21 year old who had been working out since his early teens!
"Oh no!" shouted Kim "Look at you!"
"I know. Isn't it awesome?"
"But what will mum think? What will she do when she sees you?!"
"Why should I care? I look awesome. I'm so buff!"
"But you're only 12!"
"And you're 11. So what?"
"This is madness!" Kim retorted.

Michelle's 4th Grade School Journal
1993, Age 10
If I'd been changed into an adult, I would first wonder how I'd turned into an adult. But I would want to become a child again, soon. I hadn't finished childhood. I know my mother would be surprised. She probably won't be expecting me to be an adult so soon. But I'd be excited. I could drive places, go on walks by myself, and other things. But my room would be a kid's room. I would sort of miss being a kid. I know I'll become one next week.

Her body ached a lot, especially her head. She felt her bones aching from top to toe.
After being unconscious for several days, she woke up in the middle of the night.
She had changed totally from head to toe. Her chubby face from before had changed into a mature oval shape. Her eyelashes were longer and her hair straighter. Her female structures had taken form, with an hourglass-like body shape. The clothes she wore were extremely tight and small holes had opened along the seams. She looked at herself in the mirror. She has grown taller. She looked like a twenty-year-old young lady.
Her hands had grown longer and slender. She felt more powerful than before.

Teddy closed his eyes. Age changing was easy, but this would take a bit more work if he was going to be unnoticeable. He broadened his shoulders, thickening the muscles in his arm, making his neck wider and his nose and jaw broader. The height was different--he didn't just grow in his legs, but his whole body stretched higher. His bones ached at the stretch, especially in his feet, where they pressed against the leather. The hem finally pulled up the boots, then exposed their tips. That was the best he could do for now.
He checked his reflection in a mirror on the back of the door, and the boy who looked back at him seemed almost sixteen.

I looked at Madeline. She was sleeping but she seemed different. Then I noticed that she was bigger.
Is she going to be ok??
Madeline seemed to sleep peacefully. Inside of her the upgrades where finished. Dr. Williard's design was that she would become a teenager faster than what was expected.
What did that doctor do to you? I have no clue. But I will do everything I can to protect you.
Madeline laid there. Her body seemed so peaceful. She opened her eyes lightly. They where just barely opened and she yawned.
Mommy... Where's daddy??
she raised up a little bit.
I am alright... Just really tired... I don't know what happened...
She looked down her self.
Mommy I look different... When did my hips get so much bigger???
Well you're a teenager now so your body is going to go through some changes..
Madeline looked at her. She then looked at her dress.
Oh my dress is ruined.... I guess that I have to get something else to wear... Mommy what happened exactly??
Well you got older really fast. You also got a lot taller.
Wow you're right.
She looked at her mother. Standing up she looked in a mirror. her dress had ripped at both arms and around her waist. Her hips had stretched out the material and she seemed a little annoyed...
This doesn't seem right... I mean I was happy being like I was. I don't want to be like this.... I want to be small again....
She sighed.
Mommy... You still love me right??? I mean since I changed that didn't change did it??
Of course I still love you. That will never change no matter what.
Madeline smiled. she ran over to her mother and hugged her. Then there was a ripping sound. She looked at her mother and her dress had ripped again. She sighed.
I don't want anyone looking at me... Can we find something for me to wear... Cause I don't want to walk out there and them laugh.
I tossed a long white flowing gown.
I bet that would look nice on you.
she placed the gown against her body. It seemed like a perfect fit.
she then went into a daze thinking about wearing it and being a princess.
She liked the way it felt. It was tight and seemed to just fit enough so that it showed her shoulders and arms, but it covered her. It came down to about a little less than Mid thigh.
this is nice... But I would like some jeans too.
Madeline was changing again and I caught a full view of her unclothed.
You're supposed to knock and not look when a lady is changing!!!
I'm not finished yet!!!! You walked in on me while I was changing and talking to mom!!! We where having a heart to heart talk and you walked in!!!! Plus I don't like the way I look and you had to come in and look at me!!!!

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