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Wendy's eyes grew wider as she pushed her friend down; pinning her to the floor.
Kristina squirmed. Her still flat chest heaved as her breathing became erratic, she could feel the layers of fabric becoming tighter as they stretched over her. It could no longer cover her growing legs as the hem crept higher. The laces that hooked across Kristina's shoes gave way in a series of snaps.
Wendy watched as her friend's toes squeezed though the hole in the leather and forced it wider.
Kristina screamed and the front of her dress burst open. Her budding breasts bounced into the air as the black fabric split around them and fell to her side. She lifted her elongating legs and wrapped them around Wendy and squeezed; her still slim calves working their way over Wendy's back. One side of her dress split, and the force of its release flitted it off of her no longer childish torso.
Wendy could feel the denim on her own shorts pinch into her waist. After a few seconds of increasing squeezing, she heard and felt the shorts split in many places. Her now less girlish thighs broke through and spread the fabric apart. As she continued to age, the seam continued to split. It sent soft rips into the air mingled with muffled gasps until the waistband burst with a loud snap.
Wendy rose to her knees and let the ruined shorts fall around her. Kristina looked up at the taut cotton of her shirt. The sleeves were bunched up around her shoulders and the neck was stretching forward to make room for her rapidly developing breasts. Tears were opening on the front as they inflated like small water balloons. She looked up to see Wendy watching her with wide eyes. The shirt gave up its battle and ruptured. It hung taut around her neck as her now teen-sized torso pushed right out of it.

"I don't think they were planning on it affecting his age-changing like this." John nodded to the boy. "Take a close look at him."
Jennifer and Kayla both leaned over the boy. His face did look...a little different. "His clothes don't fit anymore." Jennifer noted. "They're too tight."
It was true. The green outfit his mother had neglected to throw away for years looked about a size too small for him now, tightening around his arms and legs in particular.
"Exactly." John noted, chewing on the end of his pen. "He's aging rapidly. He's gotten about a year older in the four hours he's been affected. If he continues like this, he'll be back at sixteen years old by 10 o'clock tomorrow evening."
She kept a caring watch over the boy through the whole time as he grew gradually older.
He looked to be 13 years old, the clothes Jennifer and John had changed him into earlier were starting to fit much better than they had.

At the time, the bracelets had meant little to her, but they meant quite a bit to her now that she had nothing from home - not a photograph, letter, or keepsake. As she had grown older and taller, the bracelets tightened on her wrist. It would take a contortionist feat to get them off, and she begged the jailer not to make her do it. But Cynthia was an official U.S. Alien now and those were the rules. One bracelet broke. The other they bagged with the rest of her personal effects.

Lohan sighting:
we see this pretty brown/orange haired girl, around 5"4 (or maybe more/less it was a yr ago), thin... walking around with a whole bunch of clothes. My first impression was she was buying for her younger sister, because the clothes were like 3 sizes too small. But now I see her in pap pix and that. They must have been for her.

We wore our oldest clothes, in Reese's case a pair of tatty old jeans that were already too small for her slender but developing hips, with a small rip just under the swell of her teenage bottom. She was growing rapidly now, I thought, ending her tomboy days, no more playing rough with the boys, preferring jeans to a skirt.
Trying hard to ignore both the tightness and the gleam of her fresh skin visible through the rips of her jeans, my eyes held hers, my smile fixed as I felt her flesh begin to rise under my fingers. Her trembling grew. I noticed the firm studs of her nipples as she strained and cried out.
Reese's entire body grew and filled up, she looked completely different. She had curly brown hair and fuller lips for her heart shaped face. She suddenly got taller and thinner, Reese looked more like a 20 year old than what she had looked like before - 12 years old.
Lucas also went through a change, his hair became longer. Muscles started to show, and his hands, legs, and fingers became longer.
Phoebe was the most embarrassed by her changes. She was maturing quickly, her figure was changing in all directions at once. She gained a few inches in height, her hair lengthened, her bust expanded, and her waist narrowed. Her hips became wide and womanly, no longer the slender, boyish hips of a 13 year old. Her now exposed nipples instantly darkened and expanded, and a sudden short orgasm, as compared to the few weak ones she had known previously, deepened until she felt deeply affected. She was still a virgin, however.
As for little Angela, on my immediate left, she had shot up halfway to the ceiling as her breasts suddenly developed and swelled like melons and burst right through her dress. Her face was serene, almost beatific; one wanted to bury one's head in her bosoms.

But now, as a middle-aged man, I look at that photograph of me as that little boy five years old,
I feel myself drifting out through the back picture window, down past the weeds, to the three weeping willows.
I feel the picture's fading, a strange wind comes up and blows away my hat and I lose it. I outgrow my outfit and it turns into rags.

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