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As always Rebecca Black tried to extinguish the anger before her body could respond, but this time she couldn't control her emotions. She had known this moment would come, but had hoped to be inside with someone she could trust.
She felt the familiar sensations in her body. Within seconds her clothes were tight, and Rebecca's feet were squeezed inside her snow boots. She looked down at herself. Her hands felt as though they would pop out of her gloves. She was getting taller and taller by the second.
Georgina was just hypnotized by the show. She couldn't believe what was happening to her little daughter.
Rebecca's short form began to fill out. The blue pants now hugged her longer and more curving thighs. With each breath she took, she felt as though she would rip out of the constricting clothes. But that was the last thing she wanted. She loved her new red jacket, and did not want it to be ruined.
Her body kept on growing and she was sure she would destroy it anyway. Rebecca was already almost five feet tall, but somehow her clothes held up. She felt the back of her heavy sweater give way. Although it hugged her body like a second skin, the jacket wasn't tearing but became smoother as it tightened.
Suddenly the front began to curve as her breasts developed. Her jacket and the thick pullover underneath were pushed outward by her swelling bosom, the synthetic material as taut and shiny as a balloon and somehow still stretching. She tried to raise her arms to cover the huge bulge, but her jacket was too tight for her to lift them. Finally both shoulder seams ripped all the way around, exposing insulation as the sleeves pushed down her mostly exposed (and increasingly frigid) arms. Her toes curled in the snow.
Her blouse rose high up her pale waist. Rebecca Black felt stronger now, but the feeling of suddenly growing up in this way, while her mom and who knew who else were watching, was incredibly embarrassing and awkward for her. She lost her balance and fell in the snow, causing her aging to stop at once.
Her mother was in shock as her eyes gazed at her now 14 year old daughter, her bare breasts out for the whole world to see, naked arms and legs blushing in the cold.

Kim finger painted in the sky as she lay in the grass, swirling the clouds around with her fingertips. She watched herself as she caressed her flat chest. She could feel something swelling in her hands, becoming fuller and rounder. "You know, I think I'm finally feeling the flow of time" was her sudden realization.
Sitting upright, Kim shook her head trying to clear her thoughts. "Got to keep control!" she sternly told herself. ...For a moment the world became flat again, the air was silent and the sky was still.
She took a deep breath and as she exhaled the world sighed, and everything grew soft and happy again. "Just go with the flow of time," she thought to herself. Kim's breasts swelled again, soft and full in her hands like bread dough rising between her fingers. Kim was delighted at the way her elbows seemed to move away as her arms extended.
Kim spent a long while examining herself, giggling with delight as she fondled and played with her older body. She jumped up and down and watched her breasts bounce and jiggle. The sensations were new and exciting. Her nipples had become very sensitive and as she gave them a squeeze, a shiver swept over her body. Her breasts tingled, and to her surprise they began to swell more, not really growing this time because the rest of her body didn't change.
"Oh, my!" Kim gasped. Letting go of her nipples the swelling stopped. Her breasts were noticeably big and full. Kim ran a finger around each nipple, somewhat hesitant to squeeze them.

She opened her eyes slowly. Her eyes... probably the only part of her body that remained from the "old" Hilary... the young girl that she had -only a few hours ago- been.
She stood up, extended her arms in front of her and looked at them in amusement. Then she looked down. Her clothes no longer fit her, her pants covered her knees, but down there her white skin was visible.
"I'm fine..." she said. "It's just that these clothes are too tight" she added, trying to smile.
She slowly cut the borders of her clothes, feeling her blood flow easier. She also opened her jacket and breathed deeply. She hadn't realized it, but she had been barely able to breathe.
Rummaging through her pack, she brought out something with an 'Aha' sound.
"I thought some of our clothes would be destroyed or damaged upon the journey."

Emma Stone decided she would be much taller as an adult, with long hair and a refined-looking nose.
Her teeth adjusted slightly in both coloration and size, causing her parents to marvel.
The major body changes that would occur along with her age change, would make her existing clothing both impractical and uncomfortable, as her still 11-year old form had not finished developing in many areas. As her father attempted to explain this, his face turned red and mom had to come to his rescue. Emma understood her explanation quite readily. She excused herself to the downstairs bathroom with the appropriate clothes to maintain propriety.
Finally, she allowed the change to pass through her. As an 11-year old, Emma Stone had been pretty in a quiet way. However, the 20-year old Emma was striking in her appearance.

Instead of two wimpy 11 year olds, there stood two quickly-matured teenagers that looked almost 16. Natalie's limp hair had grown glossy and long, and she had quickly swept it up in a no strand or bump ponytail. Her small baby blue eyes had grown more piercing.
The school uniform she wore was now much too small. The top used to go down to her skirt, but now rose up three inches above her bellybutton. Her skirt used to go a little above her knees, but now was a good 20 inches up.
George used to be the shy, timid boy, with neatly groomed hair. But now, his hair had grown out and looked wild.
His uniform had torn in many places.

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