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Katie's already too small shirt slowly split down the center of her back as her abdomen pushed upward. Her sleeves popped and tore into ragged strips as her arms grew longer and wider. The buttons on her shirt popped off one by one as Katie's breasts budded to early teen size, and then continued to develop normally. Her head rose higher and higher...
Katie's shoes broke apart as her toes painfully struggled their way through the front, and her socks ripped. Her hips, buttocks, and thighs noisily separated the seams on her jeans.
The cheerleaders began to scream and pushed back against the opposite corner of the elevator as they watched the little girl grow up before their very eyes into a young teen closer to their own age.
In a delightful process, Katie felt her whole body getting heavier and taller and curvier (though not as much as she would have liked). Her pert breasts swelled more with each inhale, her bare waist and lower ribcage fully exposed as the shirt was now too short to reach down Katie's 13-year-old torso, a patch of pubic hair visible below.
She sat down hard in the elevator, and her bare legs lengthened across the floor, her slim toes brushing up against the shrieking cheerleaders.
The bellhop was in heaven as the cheerleaders squeezed tightly up against him as they watched the former child grow into an adult woman older and bigger than they were.

Melissa felt the aging begin at once, less than a second after she'd completed the trigger thought. No going back now. The process hit her whole body, nearly overwhelming her. She felt every her bone begin to grow inside her body, deep under her skin, under the clothes which already seemed to be shrinking as they pulled tight against her.
Melissa focused on the stretching sensations inside herself, trying to control the process as much as she could. She stared down, smiling as her shirt grew too small, waiting for her breasts to appear in front. Her pants were already splitting loudly down the side seams, making her glad that she'd worn an old pair. Then the rest of her clothes came apart.
A few seconds later, she tore off the remnants of her pants and shirt, as well as her too tight panties. She stood straight and stretched, marveling at the new sensations from her teenaged body, smiling as she did so.
"Like the new me?" Melissa sweetly asked her classmates, twirling around and gesturing down at her older form, making sure that both Kelly and Sabrina got a very clear look at her.
Their mouths hung wide open and they didn't move. They began to cry.
Melissa took a look at herself, smiling in satisfaction that the aging had worked perfectly, just as she'd practiced alone in her room. She was now 5'4", a full 9 inches taller than before, and a hell of a lot more developed. Her body was firm and curvaceous enough. The type that most boys drooled over and that many girls wished for.
Even her hair and fingernails had changed, growing slightly longer and more feminine. Her brunette locks were now down to her mid back, while her fingernails were no longer the short stubs they had been.

Friedl Kubelka: Portrait Louise Anna Kubelka, Fotohof 1998.
...a headshot photo of her daughter every Monday from the first day of her daughter's life until her 18th year. This act of "Monday photo," as her daughter Louise came to call it, is part ritual, part performance, part obsession.
Arranged in grids of 52 photographs and starting in 1978, we see the passing of 18 years and how it shapes a young woman's face as in a time-lapse film. The framework of photographing Louise's head in close-up against a neutral background accentuates the seeming difference in her moods although photography is too slippery a liar for a true reading.
...her "seriousness" seems to be something she grows into as she ages into her teen years.
By 9 or 10 Louise seems to be shaping her own identity and self-representation apart from her mother. Her hair styles vary and blank spaces appear in the grids where a Monday photo was missed. By the last year, the 18th, only 12 images appear in the first few months until finally the ritual is broken.
In some ways, this work is a display of a coerced collaboration that even Louise has questioned. "I have asked myself whether my mother had the right to use me as an object in this way."

Debra Tomaszewski
Growing Up Girl Project
"These environmental portraits capture poetic metaphors in everyday moments. In this series, "Growing Up Girl", I examine universal themes of childhood as viewed through the female lens.
These portraits capture the confusing emotions and developing gender identities of girls as they come of age and glimpse into their inner lives. We discover ambiguity, fear, embrace, confidence, awkwardness, childhood freedoms, vulnerability, innocence, and coming into your own..."

I've created this character called "Tae Adora", she is a Chronomorph, which basically means she can change her age at will. does open up some cool possibilities ... her transforming (clothes not fitting for example) or her as a business woman, then teenager goth, then cute kid with a teddy, then 35 year old super hero, then perhaps a granny, or a mom, or whatever.
So here is Young Tae, in her more or less final facial form.
I haven't designed her 20-something year old version yet, I'm working on that, as well as both of their main outfits.

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