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I am a heroine to a generation of girls, ages 9 through 15.
Who is Barbie, really? Who will love me for me?
Barbie, with her head in her hands, slouches just a little. She crosses her legs and feels an unfamiliar tug around her hips. They appear to be expanding. Her clothes are straining at the seams. She must leave at once.
Mr. Byle reaches over and puts his large side-of-beef arm around Barbie's shoulders. The other hand explores the gentle pleats her magenta linen skirt makes around her knees. My wife, I tell you, he grunts, she's nothing like you, Barbie. He seizes her and she springs from his grasp, indignant and splitting a seam.

It was working. She looked down at herself, and saw her body beginning to bulk up. She felt very strange, a mixture of nausea and jangling nerves, as she grew and her body changed from that of a child to that of a young teenager.
He woke up with the sudden thump. "Katrina!"
He found her on the floor. He moved to pick her up when she began to grow again. Her limbs were longer, and her cheeks fuller. Her hair lengthened as well. Her clothes were suddenly tearing apart.
When it was all over he shook her softly to wake her up. Katrina's eyes fluttered open. "Wha... What happened?" She looked at him groggily. "Did I...?"
Katrina wanted one of them to stay with her.
... Once back at the garage, he gave teen-Kat a lecture on what and what not to do with her car. It bugged him and Jake to no end how badly kids treated their cars these days.

Sarah watched in fascination as the fast-aging boy began to burst through his rising jeans at the sides and then at the front -- his underpants, white briefs, were exposed -- revealing a growing penis already almost five inches long. It was the first she'd ever seen -- well, the first on a boy this age anyway. She knew boys had them. She had changed her younger brothers when they were babies, and sometimes their little penises would get hard like this boy's was, but theirs had been only a couple of inches long. Sarah didn't realize a boy's penis could grow so large.
"Oh fuck," Brad said. He quickly covered his six inch erection as it broke through the kid-sized underpants, and trembled suddenly.
"Man," said the boy, "talk about premature ejaculation."
Although he'd ejaculated, his penis was still half hard. He touched it again. As he did, it grew, instantly stiffening until it almost touched his bare stomach. Once it was hard, he lay on top of her, scooting up until his face was level with hers.
His hands found her no longer flat chest. She realized her budding breasts were threatening to break the top of her dress. The buttons had already popped off the back, and she hadn't even noticed, fascinated as she was with the boy's growth. She could feel the hardness of him, pressing against her abdomen.

Laura's changing body fills her "with a tentative optimism," and once, when Laura remarks that her dress is getting too small, Sorry responds, "Not so! It's you that's changing, not the dress." The image is as much a powerful metaphor for the body's development and for sexual awakening as it is for the amazing possibilities of imagination.

fan characters
tribaltitans: Bumblebee is the Goddess of Growth and Change, and is also known as the Goddess of Puberty.
Her powers have expanded to accommodate her new role of ushering children through adulthood... The effects usually wear off after a while, but special circumstances may make them permanent. Aside from natural aging, she may change her own age - or those of her followers - temporarily, largely for recreational purposes.
Bumblebee is a nursemaid and counselor.

fan characters
Alison Scott is the identical twin sister of Alena Scott (Green Lantern II).
Alison's appearance is highly variable, but in her 'default' form, she is a 15 year-old girl with blonde hair.
Alison's features are highly mutable; she can alter her physical dimensions to a great degree. She can increase or decrease her mass; she claims to be able to grow or shrink in size no more than 6" in her narratives, however Alison can be an unreliable narrator- she can alter her apparent age, and become at least as young as a ten year-old girl, somewhat smaller than her stated limitations. She can also alter her internal biology; as a preadolescent, she no longer menstruates.

fan characters
Theo Dorez-Theophania
Preferred style of clothing: She likes to wear Pea Coats, and she has many Italian designer dresses and pieces of clothing in her closet. For MANY different sizes, adult, child, teen and elderly. Why? You'll see...
The real Theo was once a cheerful little girl. Being a popular gall, she likes to go to people's parties. Since they're all troublemaking teenagers who drink at their parties, they usually make her go get the alcohol since she has a knack of being able to get it with no problem. She ages at will. If she wants to be an old woman, she'll be an old woman.
Age: She can look to be any age she wants.
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 125lb
Figure/build: She is naturally beautiful (soft, milky, skin, no blemishes or acne). It's one of the reasons she became so popular so fast in high school. She is slim, has pale features when she isn't tan. (she loves to go to the beach)
She has a license for her 18, 20 and 30 year old selves and she owns a Porsche.
House/home: Fairly small. It is a one bedroom apartment that she takes care of with her age changing abilities. She has a weekend job as a nurse, and a summer job as a teacher for those who have fallen behind in elementary school (this is where she gets the money to pay off her bills)

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