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Then a young girl dances on the other side, her feet drumming. She whirls, transforming herself from girl to woman. Falling down, she realizes the change, both within and out of her body. I am all these ages; I dance with them in my heart, opening up, without any trace of fear. Ettie's dismay all she could find to wear was last term's green gingham school dress.
It was far too short and since giving up gymnastics, too tight.
Ettie had suddenly grown breasts, 'At last!' she'd sighed, and the tiny buttons down the front of the little green dress kept popping undone, much to the delight of Cody.
...he whispered mockingly close to her face, running his finger down the oval buttonholes suspended almost an inch over her freckled skin.
In horror she locked herself in her room and waited another hour, until she'd heard him leave.

As she walked down Main Street, she was aware of a group of teenage boys whistling. She paused, glancing around to see who they could possibly be whistling at, but she was the only one on the street. Blinking, Emily shook her head and continued on. As she passed a nearby shop, she glanced in the window when something caught her eye.
Her jaw dropped and her eyes widened.
"There's no way..." she whispered. "I could not have been gone that long..."
... "What state is this? What country?"
Becoming increasingly confused, he answered almost defensively. "This is California, in the United States, miss."
Noticing the odd look he was giving her, she let go of his sleeve and turned back to study her reflection in the window.
Messily cropped red hair, the roots golden. Bright, baby blue eyes filled with something that she had seen in her Mama's eyes - a strength. She was taller too, just over five feet. She hadn't even noticed as she was walking that her point of view was higher than before. She still had her cute button nose, though it had grown along with the rest of her body. Her clothes had most definitely not grown with the rest of her body. They were more than a little snug, especially in the chest area, and she sensed her flimsier undergarments had ripped in the back and at the side of her hips, which had widened. Her breasts had grown to aching bullets under her shirt.
"How did I age like this in only a few minutes?" Her voice was a whisper, soft and unbelieving. "I need to get home. Maybe Mama will have an answer..."
Starving, yet determined, the new teen started down Main Street again, then, once out of town, she stepped off of the road.

Dollhouse (series)
Iris was the identity assumed by an unknown adult personality in the S1 episode "Epitaph One".
Iris' body was that of an eleven-year-old girl.
The circumstances which led to her inhabiting the girl's body are never explained, nor is the fate of the body's original inhabitant. Iris' age, gender and purpose are left largely unexplained, as she was quickly discovered and wiped. Nevertheless, she had time to attempt to steal the Dollhouse's imprinting technology.
After exposure, Iris was forced into the imprinting chair and her personality overwritten with that of Caroline Farrell. As there was no backup, it is assumed this spelled "Iris'" death.
Inhabited by Caroline, the body is reunited with the original Echo/Caroline body, and is restored to its original personality in Topher's heroic act in S2: "Epitaph Two: Return".

Future Primitive: The New Ecotopias
Kim Stanley Robinson, 1997
"And this," she smiled tenderly down at the baby she carried, "is Mary Pink Butterflies. I called her that because of her little hands, you know."
Pink Butterflies: green-eyed infant daughter of Seven Girls Waiting, an abo Sandwalker. She will metamorphosize into an adult woman. Seven Girls Waiting will morph into Jeannine Wolfe.

The Blown-Ups
A long time ago, when children were taken seriously, there were no adults.
The boys and girls picked fruits and berries and spent all their time playing and exploring the mountains, the forests and the rivers.
As you all know, the only thing to do on a hot day is to go for a swim in the river, and that is what the five children did.
Montgomery found a long bamboo stem and fiddled around with it.
Edna broke off a little piece and put one end in her mouth and the other one in her nose. Then she blew through it, and every time she blew she grew a bit taller.
'Look', she said, 'you can blow yourself up with this thing.'
Montgomery broke off another piece and did the same, and soon he and Edna were twice as tall as the other children.
Michelle and Jovana looked at them in disbelief, and Michael said: 'I don't believe it!'
'Go on, try it yourself!', replied Montgomery and gave them the stem.
'No, thank you', answered the others. 'We'd like to stay the way we are.'
Edna and Montgomery enjoyed their new size and found out a lot of things they could do now. For example, they could jump across the river without getting wet and pick fruit from trees they weren't able to reach before.
'We're sorry', said Edna to them, 'but we can't play with you right now. We have to collect fruits for dinner.'
'Here are strawberries!'
'Don't eat before your dinner', they said and dragged them away from the strawberries. 'You won't be hungry tonight if you eat now.'
'But we are hungry now', answered Michelle.
'Don't contradict blown-ups', said Edna and brought them back to the tent.
'Stop that', shouted Montgomery, 'this is too dangerous for children! A fire has to be lit by blown-ups.'

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