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She was immediately hit by a series of violent convulsions which caused her eyes to roll back in her head and sweat to fly from her face. Her clothes strained, ripped, and then disintegrated as her body stretched taller and then wider with the years. Her curls turned shoulder length. The convulsions eventually stopped and Lisa lay in the split-apart remains of her clothing, struggling to catch her breath as perspiration continued to roll down her body.
She felt so different. She glanced over at the mirror to look at herself and screamed.
Her face was no longer that of a child; it has been replaced by someone who looked to be in her mid-teens. Her hands drifted down to her privacy and she was definitely a woman down there, with medium-sized breasts up top.

Now, imagine yourself growing older and focus.
That wasn't quite as easy as it sounded. I focused and morphed.
Morphing into an adult-me turned out to be no big deal. There was hair growth, but not in places I didn't want it. No big deal.
Congratulations Marco. You have done an Aging Maneuver with one possible problem.
"Possible problem? What?"
You have outgrown your artificial fur. You are naked.
I looked at myself. When I saw that he was right, I responded as any other rational human being would have.
O.K., maybe it was a big deal. I quickly started to de-age. I glared at Ax, who just looked at me for moment. Then he got the idea and looked away. There's a disadvantage to dealing with a guy from a species who never developed clothing.

Ella May Stewart
Age: 7-15 years old
Based on her behavior and knowledge, her age changes.
Ayvenne Harley
Age: She will forever be 12 years old.
An "Abnormal" girl who was supposed to die.

Inga no Kusari wiki
Sachiko Haribou was once an underdeveloped child no older than eleven years of age. She has since accelerated her growth, and now takes on the appearance of a woman in her mid-to-late twenties. She stands at a height of 170cm (5'7") and weighs in at 142lb. Long flowing hair extends down to the small of her back while slightly parted bangs decorate her forehead.
Her original clothing, an elegant dress, has torn into rags. Her accelerated growth has caused the dress to tear at the seams, revealing far more skin than it was intended to, but still keeping her more sensitive areas shielded from sight. Her dress now only falls to the knees, showing off much of her legs, including her feet which have outgrown her boots which are now nothing more than scraps of leather.

its kinda like 13 going on 30 and Big...
~TRU DREAMZ~ by melster!
"oke doke!" It was FINALLY MY 13th BIRTHDAY!
*yawn* I awoke "man what a party" i whispered to myself in the dim early morning light of my bedroom. I looked to the right of me. It was Brent! SERIOUSLY Brent in the flesh laying right next to me! I was gonna scream! what the hell is goin down here, i thought.
I walked into the bathroom and splashed some cold water on my face to see if i was still asleep. Obviously i wasn't. I looked into the mirror and saw myself I LOOKED SOO DIFFERENT! My hair was longer, I was about 5' 10" and i DEFINITELY wasnt flat no more! I kept thinking something strange is going on this is so surreal. I had fallen asleep in my clothes, and they had... well let's just say they didn't cover me anymore. My birthday wish came true?!" i asked myself... "whheee!" i exclaimed and tiptoed back trying not to wake anyone.

Just then there was a knock on the door. It was not very loud and I was wondering who it could be at this time of night. I quickly put on some shorts, damn, they didn't hide my erection. The door knock came again. I took them off and threw on a bathrobe walked to the door. As I opened the door I couldn't believe what I saw.
"Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies" the young voice said. She seemed too young to be pushing a sweater out so far.
"What are you doing out so late" I said stuttering slightly. She moved her shoulders from side to side and said "I'm selling cookies." She looked up and down with her eyes.
"Aren't you too old to be a girl scout" I asked?
"I just turned 13 today. My old outfit (she squirmed) is way too short and too small now."
"I can imagine" I responded. "Where is your Mom?"
"Home asleep" she replied.
"Seems to me you should be in bed too" I said.
She squeezed by me, making sure to brush her back against me. She turned and took her sweater off. I saw a tight white buttoned top stretched hard, nipples clearly outlined and rising by the moment. The buttons looked like they were going to pop off in all directions and the top two had already come undone.

Indeed, the flesh of her hands seemed to be soaking up like a sponge, and everywhere it happened, lines disappeared, the flesh firmed and plumped. Her nails shone and grew at least a quarter inch each.
One by one the liver spots faded away and were gone. Her arthritic knuckles straightened and shrunk. She held her hands out in front of her and examined them in amazement. Oh my God, it works! She couldn't believe it, but the proof was right in front of her eyes.
Then like an electric shock, her body twitched and writhed and she felt a wave of euphoria sweep over her. In the mirror, she watched in amazement as her flesh firmed and lifted in defiance of gravity, like time lapse Jell-O melting in reverse. Her hair thickened and grew, a wave of fresh natural black washing over the strands like an airbrush. Her spine straightened and she grew three inches almost instantaneously. She ripped open her blouse and gasped when she saw the healthy pink flesh of her belly. Firm breasts threatened the seams of her bra with annihilation. She cupped them and giggled.

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