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I even had my first real kiss from a boy who attended Tufts. I met him at the school and told him I was seventeen. I was actually thirteen. He was very handsome and charming. We had our first kiss on an Amtrak train. He kissed me with his tongue and I could feel my breasts sprouting on the spot. I thought, "This is what it feels like to be a woman?! I like it!"
I don't think I ever spoke with my first kiss again and that didn't matter. He fulfilled his purpose in my life.

"Big" movie Nitpick Details:
when Joey suddenly wakes up as a grown up, we see that all his clothes are way too small for him, but what about his underpants, he is still wearing the same pair as he wore when he went to sleep, but in a mysterious way they have grown to fit a man instead of a child strange ehh!!!!!!!!!!
Would this film be a PG, or 12 or whatever if he woke up completely naked and started wandering around the house with no clothes on?
Josh's underwear didn't grow, they just stretched. As he became 'big', his pajamas became much too small and were ripped apart, but his underwear didn't rip because they are much more stretchy, or whatever.

...a little girl somersaulted backwards and stood up, looking around at the others. Long black hair that was once smooth and elegant like her mother's was in tangles to her waist. Her skin was pale. She wore a dark red dress that went to her ankles and had short sleeves. Her body was still that of an 8 year old, she had obviously seen no need to make her appearance older. (Mara was capable of making herself age at will, though she could not make herself younger at will.)
... Mara whimpered now, the pain so strong, and all of a sudden it faded... She opened her eyes. The 13 year old girl sat up and looked down at her naked body. She'd taken off all her clothes before transforming; she was no idiot to keep herself in 8 year old clothes when she planned to change her size. She was still thin, but little buds were beginning to form on her chest, she already had a graceful air to her; her legs long and her fingers delicate. She looked down, first with a tinge of surprise but quickly accepting the hair that had appeared.... (rofl, had to..)
Mara looked up to the mirror, her face was beginning to mature, but it was still full of innocence and joie de vivre. She smiled, perfect. As a child she appeared innocent and vulnerable.
Mara grabbed a towel, wrapping her body and running down to the rooms that had all the clothes. She quickly pulled on a loose light blue silk summer dress that echoed her eyes perfectly. Now while her body was older, she'd have no problem getting 'creeps'. It was unmistakable she was young, but many hesitated to try and take an eight year old, she'd noticed however that girls who were just starting to mature.. they.. they were targets.
She doubled over suddenly--she was hungry, so hungry in fact she felt her insides were eating away at herself. Growing 5 years in 3 minutes was no easy feat, and it left her quite empty inside....

fan character
Gaian Name: Catzandbirdz - Perenne "Eeny"
Age: Good question. Normally appears to be no more than 7, 3'5", 45 lbs.
Her varying ages are merely older or younger versions of the same person, but still with a degree of cheerful obliviousness about her. At 22 her personality begins to noticeably harden. She typically wears the same frilly, pastel pink and white dress she woke up in.
While she may look cute and innocent one moment, she can easily be 25 and looking downright murderous the next, or even vice versa. Eeny can change her age appearance (usually) at will, in something of a shapeshifter fashion. She tends to stay within the range of 6 to 30 for her own reasons, and stays even more often in the single digit ages where she's more comfortable. Weaknesses: Sugar and alcohol. Sugar, because what kid can turn down such a treat, much less sit still and pay attention. Using big words can also do wonders at confusing the younger side of Eeny's mind.
All she remembers is that, one day after waking up, she "tripped" through a high window in an even higher building, and yet landed safely on the ground in a body seven years older, and with the uncanny ability to look whatever age she wanted. By night, she huddled into whatever shelter or onto whatever secluded rooftop she could find, using her age-shifting to avoid any questions about a child seeking refuge within homeless shelters. She learned early on that her thinking methods changed depending on what age she took the form of, and that her moods switched way too easily for her liking when doing so. Even after four years, however, she's still very much a child, and still no closer to learning of her origins.

She grew taller, until she was the age of the other women in line, and her chest inflated and rose up like a tire being filled with air.
She was wearing her uniform, but it looked like she had grown too fast for some of her clothes. Her skirt reached the middle of her thighs, showing off long slender legs. Her white school shirt was obviously meant for a much smaller person; the sleeves barely came past her elbows, the top unbuttoned to show a slender neck.

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