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Novel outline
As a teen, she ... developed the ability to change her physical age very convincingly, and for long periods of time without extra effort expended.
Because she was wary of further physical abuse, she chose, as a young woman, to dress, act and appear as a crone. She does this for many years, living in a forest and begging travelers for food in exchange for advice/predictions of their future.
Then one day she ... realizes that underneath it, she has actually become old. And she hasn't ever really lived. So she decides to make the most she can of the rest of her life, so she changes her appearance again, this time to appear young. She meets and falls in love with a man, and they marry. She doesn't reveal her secret, and he doesn't find out.
At some point later, they're having major marital issues. She can't have children because of her true age and she still has a hard time trusting men. He is dissatisfied and looks outside the marriage - (Kore)

Does anyone else find it hard to watch "7th Heaven" now that.... Ruthie/Mackenzie has boobs? I know it happens to every girl but the show has been on since she was 5 so it seems a little weird seeing her grow up LOL. Does anyone else feel the same way?

"Chrissy, I must be tripping something wicked, cause I'd swear you look as if you've grown a few inches taller," I said. "Really?" she asked. The expression on her face was hard to explain, half surprise, half a hidden smile.
I stared at her, and she must have noticed, because she started to blush. Then I realized that when I had seen her as an adult the other night, she had completely outgrown her clothes, and was completely naked. At that thought, I could feel my cheeks get a little hot, too.

This girl has the power to change her age at will, but the oldest she can turn is age eight. So when your family must relocate, she can change into an infant.
"Do you want me to change into infant form?"
"I'll need more clothes then, because they don't change with me."
"Alright Vera. There are a few outfits from when my niece was little." Momma led me to a closet full of clothes for a little girl. It was full of bright pinks and yellows. Momma chose a yellow shirt with a gigantic blue butterfly on the front and sparkly black pants.
"Do you like them?" she asked me.
"I think that they are absolutely adorable, mom!" I said clapping my hands together.
"The size is six months. Can you do that?" she asked me.
"Of course mother, anything for you." I took a deep breath and chanted the same thing over and over. 6 months old, 6 months old, 6 months old.
Suddenly I began to lose my height, and everything in the room seemed much bigger and mysterious. Except the face of my mother. Her face seemed like the sweetest thing anyone could ever imagine. My clothes just became a small pile on the floor, and I was tangled up in it.
"Mom-a" I choked. Talking became much harder, now that I was younger. She untangled me from my clothes and held me in her arms. "You have your daddy's eyes." She cooed. "The biggest hazel eyes anyone could imagine."
She began to dress me in the clothes she had picked out for me. Once that was done she picked me up carefully and held me delicately in her arms. She began to sing to me, and right then was when I realized how tired I was, forgetting that the transformation drained me of energy.
"She really is our daughter!" She said. I turned my body around and reached for him.
"Dad-n." I attempted to say daddy, but the sounds came out all wrong.

Steph began to get taller.
"You dufus, look what you did!" she said, snarling at her brother. He was just stunned at the transformation and was starting to doubt what his retinas told him. Steph was outgrowing her clothes extremely quickly, and her body was taking on a whole new shape... a more womanly shape. Her hips began to widen as her hair grew longer and more dense. Paul was now shorter than his little sister, a disturbing feeling to be sure. The tie-dyed shirt she had on was being unmercifully stretched and contorted as Stephanie's breasts began to develop a few years ahead of schedule.
Her undershirt was also going through its own crucible of sorts, barely containing all of Stephanie's new chest. It soon became a necessity to take off her pants, so she yanked them to the floor, trying to escape the growing tightness. Her panties were becoming one size fits all; handy that she liked them loose.
"Steph--" Paul started but couldn't think of anything past that.
Examining herself, Stephanie was quite pleased with what the mistake had done to her. The world had gotten smaller but she, much to her pleasure, had gotten bigger. Easily 16 or so, Stephanie could now gaze down at her brother like an adult (or at least it felt that way). The progression slowed, and she couldn't help but chuckle with glee.
"This is so cool! Check me out!" she sang as she pranced, pantless around the room, her new breasts bouncing along with her.
"Stephanie, calm down. It's obvious this is an age changing device, all right. Now all I want you to do is change me back into an adult, all right honey?" It sounded comical coming from a child of six.

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