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The first time I split my pants was when I was 12, in my sixth year. I'd been wearing the same uniform for 2 years, and it wasn't worth buying a new one when there was so little time left. The uniform was black trousers, white blouse, and blue tie. There were jackets, but this happened in the Summer so I wasn't wearing mine.
If you have old clothes that are too small, and then have a sudden growth spurt, destruction is inevitable. I think I grew in class that day. My legs had been aching, and my skin felt tight.
The first rip happened as I was working on an art project during my lunchbreak, and lost track of time. It was only when the bell rang for the end of lunch that I realised how late I was. Actually, at that time I was aware how tight my trousers were getting, and as I was alone working on my project I had been sitting there with my button and zip undone while I drew.
I did up my trousers, probably pulling them too high up and adding more strain to the seat area, and then grabbed my bag. I was rushing down the corridor, when a book flew from my hands. I skidded to a stop, dashed back, and quickly bent to get it.
It took me a second to realise what had happened. I felt the seat of my trousers. It was torn open, I could feel the edges and the loose bits of thread that used to be stitches.
I thought quickly. No, nothing to change into. I would have to ride it out for the afternoon.
I leaned in, holding the door open with my bottom and thus hiding it.
I was able to hold it over my bottom without attracting too much attention.
My bright pink knickers were fully exposed.
Unfortunately, they were the chairs which have an opening at the back, where they could easily see my predicament. Shortly into the lesson they passed me a note which read "Nice knickers!"
When the bell finally rang for the end of school, I forgot about the split and force of habit made me just stand straight up.
The row behind me exploded with laughter.

I dropped my fork as Carol entered the kitchen. There she stood in a frilly pink satin and chiffon little girls party dress. Amazing as it was one of her old dresses and she was still squeezed into it, although now it barely covered her hips. Her hair was done in high set ponytails on either side of her head tied with pink ribbons with long tendrils hanging down. Her feet were in tight white Mary Jane style shoes and she was wearing little girl style pink lace top anklet socks. The short dress made it apparent she was wearing pink ruffled panties.

A half hour later Cora still wasn't dressed. She was standing in the middle of her room, quite naked, looking around in perplexity at the piles of clothes scattered about. Nothing seemed to fit. Her pants were all too short in the leg. How could that be?
Her reflection looked back at her dubiously. If all her clothes were too short at the same time, didn't that logically imply that she had grown taller? It seemed to be the only explanation.
A few minutes fussing with a measuring tape confirmed the implausible. She had gained rather more than two inches in height. She sat down on her bed, more perplexed than ever. She had grown taller overnight. The doorknob was lower.
She realized she had hips now. She wiggled her hips back and forth experimentally. Her hair looked longer too. It needed cutting. She was grinning.

Cam had used her innate ability to age herself. When she finally woke up she was no longer underneath the rose bushes but beside them. Her clothing was torn because what she'd worn had been made for her child body. Now that she was grown she needed older clothes. She felt lucky she'd hid away some of her sister's clothes to put on. She threw the clothes on, looked at her new body and smiled.
She looked to be around sixteen or seventeen. She could deal with that. She started ravaging the refrigerator. She was starved. She had a piece of ham hanging out her mouth and a cupcake in her hand when she heard someone coming. She peeked around the Fridge door.
"Um...hello?" She said with a mouth full of food.
Cam was relieved to see it was her sister. She hadn't had a chance to tell her mother yet and was a little scared of what her mom would say. She smiled and hopped out from in front of the fridge to face Gloria. She smiled.
"Yeah it's me sissy. I made myself grow older."
She smiled and turned quickly showing her sister she was all grown up.
"I borrowed some clothes by the way. I kinda tore mine."
She smiled and scratched her head. "I'll give em back all clean and nice and pretty. Soon as I get mommy to buy me some more."

Yet another variation would be the human body from birth until death. One could take a series of pictures at 6 month (or 1 year) intervals of a person throughout their life. I envision rather clinical photographs where the person would be standing in their underwear (or nude) against a plain background. The pictures would be full length & include front & back views, left & right profiles. Perhaps one would just photograph the face, hands, or feet, etc. Having members of the same family participate would add yet another element. If this has already been done, I'd like to know where I might find this work.

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