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- This advert freaked me out when I was a kid! I thought that if you ate too many sugar puffs you would turn into a honey monster! Though I also thought that, if you could control it, it would be quite a useful power....I wonder what the girls mum and dad thought afterwards when their only child became a honey monster? It's a little known problem...society just thinks it can sweep it under the rug...but not for long!
- yea, i agree with you, freaky stuff, like the incredible hulk. as a kid i wondered if there was some sexual underlay there, imean, the jeans popped open, i wondered if they could see her knickeres.
- WOW!! What a blast from the past indeed!! but wasn't one of the ads in this particular series set in a school?. I'd really love to see that one again. Thanks for putting this one and the boyscouts one up again.

Step By Step (1990s sitcom)
The Growing Daughters:
Staci Keenan (Dana), Angela Watson (Karen), and Christine Lakin (Al).
- Suzanne Somers oldest daughter was supposed to be the pretty one, unfortunately after a few seasons, Duffies daughter, the Tomboy, hit puberty and turned VERY hot while "the hot one" went to the point that her appearance on the show became a rarity.
- I was happy to see Christine's character, Al, grow from rebellious tomboy to awesomely beautiful teen-age dream to budding actress. She ended up being far more popular than her two teen-age co-stars Staci Keenan (who was nice-enough looking) and Angela Watson (also nice-enough looking but resembled Shannen Doherty too much by the end).
- I got really pissed off when the writers made it seem like Karen was the only pretty one there, when they were all hot! Towards the end actually, Al gets to be the hottest of all. Dana gets that blonde makeover....And Karen gets blinding bangs and she's all pale. Karen bounces back to normal for the last few episodes...but Dana keeps that blonde thing to the end.
- Speaking of beautiful- Christine Lakin near the end of that series was a nice thing to look at too.
- Dana was the hottest girl on TV, she wasn't exceptional when the show started but she became a 10 in the later years. I am going to wake my darling little sister up for school, but to my surprise she is already awake and getting dressed. She is wearing a skirt so short and tight that it hugs her hips quite comfortably. It also shows off her beautiful long legs and gives them the credit they greatly deserve. She also insists on wearing her favorite white blouse that is now too small around her breasts. As she struggles to do up those tiny round pearly white buttons her breasts heave out of the gaping holes in between them. She is thirteen years of age, but has the looks and body of a twenty year old woman.
She has got her hair pinned up and make up plastered all over her face.

The other rule, is to not display your power, if you get one. We had a member that died about one hundred and forty years ago, that could change her apparent age overnight by about eighty years. You could go to bed with a beautiful woman and wake up with an old crone.
She loved doing her age swap and became a legend in England. She was the model for the current concept of witches.

Megan was dressed in an outfit she hadn't worn since she was ten years old. She had let the black and red plaid skirt out a few inches in the waist, but she left the length the same so that it barely covered her bottom. And the white blouse was so tight that she had to loosen the first four buttons to even breathe. This, of course, would let anyone who wanted to observe her budding breasts. She had spent her allowance on a pair of new patent leather black Mary Jane shoes, and her long slender legs were encased in white cotton stockings that came just below the knees.
She smiled at her reflection. Her blonde hair was set in wavy ringlets down to her shoulders.
Suddenly she had an idea. She quickly undid another button.
Megan closed her eyes and placed her palms together as if in prayer and concentrated...
Slowly, her twelve-year-old features began to stretch into her thirteen-year-old ones. She bent her toes inside her shoes so they wouldn't be ruined. She grew taller, her hair longer, and her curves became even more visible, until she was a teenager.
Opening her eyes, she asked herself, "Did I do it? Is it over?"

"Depends how long she keeps on growing." In only minutes Britnee had grown at a remarkable rate, catching up with lost time. In the ride back, she had looked like a ten-year-old girl: now she appeared almost fully grown. But her bones and muscles ached from the strain and the pressure. Kevin tried to make her as comfortable as possible. Britnee had blossomed into a beautiful woman in much too small kid clothes.

Laura took advantage of Mona's subsequent absences to try on almost everything in her mother's closet to see what would fit her and what would look best on her. She found the breast forms that Mona no longer needed and moved them to her own room. She bought makeup and hairstyle magazines and spent many hours selecting various looks and practicing them with Mona's cosmetics and curlers.
Fearful of depleting her mother's cosmetics, she began to buy her own when Mona sent her out on grocery shopping errands. She soon became quite proficient at making herself look any age between ten and twenty-one.
With makeup and hairstyling conquered and with Mona's closet thoroughly explored, boredom and dissatisfaction returned. Laura could make herself look her age or several years older, but she could only do it for her own amusement.
It was no longer that amusing, but she aged herself whenever Mona was away because she could no longer bear to look 10 or 11. She couldn't share her accomplishments with Mona and she was nervous -- she knew she was pretty enough to attract males, and she also knew that she didn't know how to deal with them.

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