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He found the concept of aging fascinating. When Chelsea told him that she was eighteen, he thought it was a foolish daydream, product of the overactive mind of a child. Chelsea shrugged it off because of a thought that grew in her mind, grew and grew and would not let go as each minute passed beside this devastatingly handsome man.
It had felt like being reborn. She had let go of the tight control she kept over her age, the Peter Pan words, one whisper each morning of "I'll never grow up." One whisper and she stayed a child - or to be specific, in between, at the brink of adolescence.
She watched as her body reformed, her hair grew longer until it brushed the small of her back to make up for the growth that it never had, her breasts swelled full and her legs lengthened. The first thing she noticed was the heat in her loins against the lapping water. The hormones of the past eighteen years had caught up, and made waves in her mind, dark thoughts. She wanted to experience, and she stepped out of the bathtub, trailing water behind her with each step.
He stopped her with one touch, fingers gently prying her own away.
"I don't sleep with children," He said, eyes heavy lidded from sleep.
"Do I look like a child to you?" She was the one who made the first move, driven by desire. She kissed like a little girl, lips pursed and closed. It was Damon who taught her the art of frenching, Damon whose hand drifted up her thighs, Damon who made her back arch in release.

fan character
Valyn Annick Wyatt
17 y.o. Lyn has a particular specialty known as Age Alteration: ability to change her age, the age of others, or the age of an object through touch. She cannot alter the appearance in any other way. The exception to this rule is people who have altered their appearance through the years. If a woman dyed her hair blonde but was naturally a brunette upon the age alteration, her hair would revert to the state it had been while the woman was a child.
Eventually her talents were noticed by a generous man who offered to house and educate her.

I was waiting in my father's sitting room when Kendra came in. I was so happy to see my sister it took me five minutes to realize she didn't know who I was. That was when Daddy came in. I suppose I must have looked like Kendra, for he knew who I was instantly.
"What in the world... no, no that's impossible," Daddy whispered, staring at me in shock.
"Daddy!" I exclaimed. "Daddy, it's me, your daughter!"
"Kayla... my God it's Kayla," he whispered. "But how?"
"I'm an age-shifter," I explained, giggling. I closed my eyes, and when I opened them, Daddy was a lot taller than he had been a moment ago. "Dada? Huwwo Dada. I'm Kaywa. I'm fo' now." I held up three fingers. "Fo'."
"Kayla... it is you. How remarkable." Daddy laughed oddly, and I smiled at him.
I returned to my natural age of eight and giggled. "Hullo Daddy. Nurse told me where you was, and I wanted to meet you so I tooked a ship."
"Indeed..." He thought for a moment. "This might be useful..."

... like the growth spurt currently groaning, crackling through Leighton's body as she started to grow almost twenty centimetres in the space of that many seconds. Each one agonising, excruciating, as her bones lengthened and finally stopped being so awfully compressed.
Her organs inside finally released... and reminded her happily that now she'd be able to eat a little more than before now that her stomach was adult sized again. Weight too was packed on, not too much though, considering Leighton was trying to look like a fashion model after all... but a lot on the chest to separate her from her rivals, a little less fat on the cheeks while retaining a certain youthful pudgyness... well... as much as Leighton considered appropriate.
She rose up to her full one hundred and seventy centimetres in height, massing only about sixty kilograms with her slim form that she figured most people would estimate around fifteen or sixteen... too old really to play any of her child roles.
Her long tangled hair of light brown still with the remnants of darker highlights beneath came down to her back, and the dress covering her body was now far too tight and too short around the hem, simply due to her growing twenty centimetres in height... not to mention irreversibly damaged along all the weaker seams.
Her shoes hung in pieces from her still dainty but longer feet.
The dress was now backless as her growth had torn the two back seams while popping all but the lowest front buttons. This time her breasts weren't exposed after her growth spurt, but she feared her hard nipples might actually tear the fabric.

fan characters
Tom Pendleton/Daniel McTaggert
Alternate Earth, early 1800s.
Age 65 in appearance
Height 5"7'
Weight 240 lbs
Age 25 in appearance
Height 5"8'
Weight 180 lbs
Born the son of some western frontier couple, Tom was raised as a normal child for almost all of his young life. Then, at age 8, the full manifestation of his powers revealed itself to his frightened parents, who watched their young son suddenly age 10 years and back again in front of their eyes.

She fell to her knees sobbing. This was just another twist of the knife it seemed....for her to lose everything and become a child again. Now she was a kid and her marriage to Scott seemed doomed.
"Seems you need to fill out that swimsuit better.", Michelle said while appearing behind her.
Before Jane could say anything, she felt herself growing taller, her breasts swelling, her hips widening back to their former status, her body maturing a decade in moments.

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