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Jacob was walking home from school with his friend Hannah. He noticed the 10 year old girl sulking along ahead of him.
"Hey Hannah! Wait up!"
Jacob could tell that she was terribly troubled by something. He desperately wanted to help his best friend but, she was obviously not in the mood to talk about it. All he could do was hug her.
She then leaned against Jacob by pressing the top of her head into his abdomen.
"I hate my body!"
Hannah lowered her head. The completely unimpeded view of her feet triggered another torrent of tears.
"So, that's it" Jacob whispered.
Hannah told him in the clearest ways she was praying for a significant growth spurt. Jacob just stood there slack jawed.
Suddenly Jacob felt both helpless and incredibly awkward. When standing erect, Hannah's head barely came up to his neck. Now, with her leaning against him like she was, Hannah had a close-up view of Jacob beginning to stand erect. Hannah quickly lost sight of Jacob's feet.
"Jacob, I can't believe it! I've never had this effect on anyone before!" Hannah whooped.
"Um, er, uh, well."
"Can I touch it?" she asked.
"Hannah, maybe you, um"
"Does it hurt? It looks awfully swollen!"
"Well, um, it is kind of uncomfortable, Hannah."
"Goodness! When we went swimming two years ago it was nothing like this!"
Hannah continued to lean against his abdomen transfixed on the biggest compliment that she had ever received.
Jacob had a dilemma. Hannah was his best friend and he would never do anything to spoil that relationship but, he now had a huge problem on his hands (actually, against her hands) and he thought that he would die if that problem wasn't relieved SOON!! He did nothing to encourage Hannah but, he couldn't do anything to discourage her either.

... Hannah scurried about looking for something to wear. Without thinking she put on one of Fannie's tops. Once dressed she looked in the mirror. She was a sight standing there dwarfed within Fannie's clothes.

... Almost on cue Wendy approached. "You know, when you iron a shirt you should be sure that you're not wearing it. You did a good job though. I don't see a single wrinkle or bump on your whole chest!
... she kept thinking about how unfair and ironic it was that Fannie had already grown to be so tall but didn't care; and how Hannah hadn't grown yet. She thought about how much bigger Fannie was than she was and how ridiculous she must have looked wearing Fannie's clothes Friday night. Hannah started to daydream about what it would be like if, instead of still being a kid, she had a 5'6" hourglass figure like her big sister. If only she could make herself older...
Would having her breasts and her whole body growing up in seconds hurt her, Hannah wondered to herself.

... Hannah noticed that she was starting to catch up to Stevie. She slowed her cadence but still seemed to be going a bit faster than she expected. She was feeling extremely strange and decided to rest against a locker. She slowly became aware of an overall tightness.
She had started to gain days, weeks, then months of age without realizing it, her body tricked by her perfectly focused mind into adjusting its apparent age.
She looked down to see why her feet hurt so much but, instead of feet she was greeted by a modest bosom straining against her shirt. The linoleum also seemed further away than usual. She saw her toes were bent double, straining against her shoes.
Did any other girl literally burst out of her clothes while she was wearing them? Maybe while sleeping?

... the moment she stopped thinking about being like Fannie, the age shift ceased and she shrunk back to normal, leaving a few puckers in her clothes.

"I'll bet he wouldn't treat a 'babe' like that." She concentrated and concentrated. Slowly it began, the first month of the age adjustment passing in seconds.
Jacob had been looking for Hannah and turned the corner just in time to watch the show. For Jacob time seemed to slow to a crawl as he watched.
With each step Hannah's young body stretched and tightened against her clothes, beginning to bulge in interesting places. Jacob could see her skinny legs lengthen. Inch by inch they grew; almost half an inch with each step.
At first her armpits were even with the height of the doorknobs that flanked her path. Soon her chest was at that level. It kept rising. As her inseam approached adult width, her belly approached the doorknobs.
Her shirt was becoming completely untucked from her now obscenely tight jeans and riding up her exposed lower back.
Her impossibly tight jeans and shirt couldn't hide her limbs and torso growth as her thighs bulged through early puberty. The denim strained under the unexpected force. Jacob could see womanly curves bouncing in a cycle that repeated and intensified with each step. He could see her hips and whole body widening.
At first she had to scurry along to keep up with Peter. Soon, however, she matched him stride for stride.
As her gait gained speed and her body grew older, Hannah began to resemble a young woman.
Hannah must have decided to give her clothing a break because she stopped at about 14.
Just as Pete reached the door Hannah caught up with him.
"Hey buddy, what's your rush?" she purred.
As she turned Pete clockwise, she pivoted counter-clockwise to face him. Although she had planned on growing up to Peter's age, she now noticed that she had overshot the mark a bit.
Hannah had planned on confronting Peter eye-to-eye. Instead Hannah found herself looking down at a younger boy on the verge of shock. Peter thought he recognized this teenager, but it couldn't be.
Hannah's bust now extended almost five inches out in front of her. The opened shirt front exposed the edge of her areola.
Hannah had never before held the upper position when dealing with a boy.
"Wh-wh-who are you?" he stammered.
"God, he's cute," she thought as she slowly stepped closer to him, backing him against the door.
"I'm new to school," she teased. Hannah positioned both of her hands at the top of the door and leaned slightly forward.
This brought her young bust closer to Peter's nose, and unfortunately placed more pressure on the outgrown sleeves and buttons of her shirt.
POP! POP! RRRRIIIIIIPPP!!! Her shirt finally split at the side seams, and she fell forward in utter shock.
It sent a shiver down both of their spines when her breasts pressed against his upper chest. As she held her position Hannah could feel Peter's nervous panting.
She then leaned into him just a bit more and whispered, "I'm looking for a big boy to hang with".
Peter's entire body shuddered as he felt Hannah's teen breasts gently mash against him and her whispered breath sweep along his forehead. As she spoke Hannah could feel the tempo of Peter's panting suddenly quicken, and then slow.
Hannah's arms extended as she grew to her adult height, pushing herself up and away enough so that she could again see Peter's face.
One breast finally popped out and bumped against Peter's chin. Hannah then leaned over a bit further to see the size of his hard-on. She was curious to see how Peter compared to Jacob.
Hannah leaned in on a glide path toward lip-to-lip contact. Peter was agog.
She then stopped short, leaving Peter puckering and un-puckering like a grounded flounder.
Hannah shook her head, and ducked into the girl's room just as the bell sounded.
Jacob went off to find some private space for awhile.
Hannah quickly returned herself to normal before anyone saw what she had done. Time to change her clothes again.
Growing into an adult had made her extremely tired and hungry. Luckily, it was lunch period. She usually ate with Jacob and Louis but neither was around. She was ravenous.

... She stepped into the girls room and aged herself extremely fast, almost exploding into her 5'6", 34-24-36, 16-year-old body. She then further raised her age to look about 25 years old, gaining another ten pounds in body weight.

... Hannah introduced herself as a new teacher who was hoping to get to know him better. She pointed out that she had witnessed his outburst in the cafeteria and wanted to help him control his temper. Coach didn't care who she was. He was not going to take unsolicited advice from anyone; especially not from a woman.
Hannah found herself in a position that was not part of her plan. She only wanted to talk with him about being a bully to his students. He did not want to hear it. When she protested, he bullied her. He then threw her onto the couch and hopped on top. He soon had one of her arms and both of her legs pinned.
With her free arm she slapped his face. That really angered him. Now he had all four of Hannah's extremities pinned. He hovered over her; grinning. The whistle just hung from his neck, swinging back and forth, mocking her.
Hannah did not know how far he had planned on going with her, but she was not about to wait and find out.
"You're pretty tough when you're up against someone smaller than you," she chided.
Hannah could of course not grow any larger than her full adult height of 5'6". Now she had done it. She was trapped. All because of her own stupidity!
She had never tried to age herself into an old woman yet. Since she could not outsize him, she figured that she had better try to outshrink him.
She felt her clothes loosen and drape over her younger form as Coach's weight seemed to increase. She made herself even younger than her true age, shrinking back to her 7 year old body. The coach's weight was enormous now.
"I'll start shrieking if you don't get off of me," she whispered with a smile. He turned deathly pale and hit the floor with a thud.

... Since she was a girl, she devised a typically logical plan to test him nonetheless. She stepped forward and embraced him. She was considerably shorter than he was but, she was able to encircle his waist with her arms and lock the tips of her fingers together behind him. She then waited. According to the rules of her test: If Stevie did nothing then, there was no hope and she would just leave after espousing ignorance.
If he gave her a wooden, emotionless hug then, she would briefly enjoy the moment but, still deny everything. If, however, he hugged her back like someone who really cared then, she would spill her guts and take her chances.
She literally glowed when he hugged her torso with one arm and gently placed his other hand on the back of her neck. She could feel Stevie's groin begin to morph in its own way.
Hannah became very happy. The third time a boy was saluting her and only her!
I'm not going to lose him now! Not after I just told him everything! If an adult body is all that he wants then that is what I shall give him!"
"Was it my hug? Was it the revelation of my age changing ability? He nodded.

... Slowly it began. Hannah was 4'6". She had already explained she could not "age" her clothes along with her body. Girls grew. Clothes couldn't.
Her childish legs stretched and stretched, causing her jeans to gradually ride higher up her thin calves.
The small circumference of material at the cuffs soon became uncomfortable. Before long she could feel the top of her head brush against Stevie's chin. Hannah continued to grow up in small spurts, delaying the process as much as she could. Longer and longer stretched her limbs, until the sleeves of her shirt became almost half-length. She again hugged the still transfixed Stevie and noticed that their noses were about even and that instead of barely reaching finger-tip to finger-tip, she could grab both of her still skinny elbows while wrapped around his chest.
With that, Hannah's breast nubbins stirred. Hannah's preteen growth had already placed a strain on her old shirt but the buttons were still intact. Hannah took Stevie's right hand and placed it on her shirt directly over her right nipple.
"Here, feel this!" she offered.
"I think I feel something hard, Hannah," Stevie reported.
"I-I-I can definitely feel something. It's growing really fast!" he announced.
"God, this is great! I can barely cup my hand over it now!" Stevie exclaimed as his pulse quickened.
Hannah, or at least her now developed breast, had his full attention.
Hannah's inseam was now more than even with Stevie's.
Hannah held Stevie tightly around his chest.
Hannah's entire body convulsed as she sneezed. Without realizing it, her increasingly stronger arms tensed so hard that they squeezed Stevie's chest. Stevie was obviously startled.
He then followed the contour of the torso that had taken its place against his chest. Stevie's gaze continued slowly upward until it was met by Hannah's baby blues.
Stevie repositioned his hand slightly so that his middle and ring fingers were on either side of her nipple; tenting the overstretched material over it. He continued to feel a firm pressure push out toward his palm as she passed through her teens. He responded by softly and rhythmically squeezing both fingers together against her nipple, thus sending pleasure through Hannah's B-cup breast. This was actually the first time that anyone had ever stimulated her chest. She decided then and there that it would not be the last!
Stevie could no longer cover her almost adult breast with his hand. Her shirt was stretched taut.
As the buttons reached their limit Stevie clutched the edges of the shirt and held tight. He wanted to delay the inevitable and thereby maximize the effect.
Hannah's burgeoning breasts grew along the path of least resistance and, therefore, welled upward.
Hannah tried to rest her chin on top of her breasts.
Stevie was having greater and greater difficulty holding the edges of the shirt together. The pressure within the shirt was building. Hannah could tell that Stevie would probably give out before her shirt did.
Stevie looked at Hannah, smiled a sheepishly mischievous smile, and brought his left hand next to his right over her now womanly mammary mounds. Stevie now had his thumbs on her hard nipples. He began to gently roll the cotton material of her shirt back and forth against her nipples, causing them to engorge more.
This also caused Stevie to engorge more and more. A fact not unnoticed by Hannah. She placed her hand over his straining member and tried to see if she could help it along a bit. She was thrilled to feel that it wouldn't need much help.
Stevie's unexpected size increase down there almost pushed Hannah backwards. Pop! Poppitty-Pop! Her seams were really tearing now.
The sleeves and side seams stretched, then puckered, then gapped, and then came apart.
He simply stared slack-jawed at the young woman stuffed into the remnants of a preteen shirt.
Her adult breasts buoyed forward, no longer restrained by anything. The magnitude of the sudden tittie-surge startled both of them.
Hannah was initially proud and then embarrassed to be standing topless in the park.
Stevie quickly offered the adult shirt to Hannah. He even offered to button the buttons. Stevie thoroughly enjoyed the feeling as his hands brushed against her breasts as he tried to force each button through its hole.
The shirt looked a lot better on her now that she could fill it out. It was still a bit loose, but curved nicely over her chest.
Hannah could tell that busting the buttons off of her child-sized shirt had really floated Stevie's boat.
She decided that a much better effect could be had if she could bust not only the buttons but also, the sleeves and yoke as well.

... She decided that she would grow back up, just enough to move him and then see how things went.
Hannah concentrated and she again started to grow: four-ten, four-eleven, five foot!
The age change widened her back, shoulders, chest, and arms.
Hannah could now pull the still unconscious Jacob. Unfortunately, it was difficult for her to safely position him for carrying.
Jacob began to stir as they passed a storage shed. Hannah ducked inside, gently laid him onto the floor, and propped his feet up above the level of his head. He still was not fully conscious. His brain needed more blood! Hannah had a plan.
Hannah decided that the only way to help Jacob was to reverse the process that caused the problem; i.e. the engorgement of his penis.
She assumed that his penis would remain engorged until there was a release. Hannah tried the safest and most efficient way to affect a release that she knew.

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